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Published: Thursday 26th of October 2017; Words Count: 1250

Warehouse and distribution facility managers look for picker and packer employees who can work hard, move quickly, follow instructions and make minimal mistakes. But while they appreciate efficiency, they also need employees who can prioritize safety and teamwork. If you’re searching for a position in this area, use your resume to show off these qualities. Draft a summary that briefly explains your background and your interest in the role, then create subsections for your education, core skill sets, and past relevant jobs. Review this picker and packer resume example and use it as a model and guide.

Picker And Packer Advice

A picker and packer professional works in a warehouse and is responsible for picking, packing and shipping products. We’ve created these resume examples specifically for picker and packer workers looking for work. Click on any of the templates below to see what our professional resume examples look like, then adapt your resume to fit your needs. Start now and get hired faster!


Resume Tips for Picker And Packer

Finding jobs as a picker and packer can be made easier by gathering information and developing an effective strategy to locate suitable openings. Use these tips to get started on planning your job search.

1. Make a comprehensive assessment of your skills and qualifications, and target your search accordingly. While slight deviations from the posted requirements may not always matter, it is a waste of your energy and time to apply for positions that are clearly not for you.

2. Not all job openings are advertised. Learn about potential opportunities by making and keeping up contacts in your field through industry events as well as one-on-one networking.

3. When few jobs are available, it can pay to think outside of the box. Consider whether your skills and knowledge would make you a good fit for a different type of position, or for a similar position in a different field.

4. Demonstrating confidence in yourself goes along way to convince potential employers that you will perform well. Do not downplay your achievements and abilities. On the other hand, be sure that you do not cross the line into arrogance, since that is a quality most employers will find off-putting.

5. Establish yourself as an authority in your field by contributing to professional publications, participating in online discussions or running a professional blog. In addition to bolstering your credentials, this will boost your name recognition in your industry and facilitate networking.

Picker And Packer Job Seeking Tips

A great resume is the most important part of getting interviews for jobs as a picker and packer. It is your one chance to stand out from the crowds of job seekers, so be sure that you make it count. Review the following points to begin polishing your resume.

1. Use concise and clear language to provide information. Unnecessary verbiage and lengthy phrasing will not impress employers; it will just make it harder for them to understand your qualifications. Remember that a typical hiring manager may be looking at hundreds of resumes and is unlikely to expend additional effort to understand unclear language.

2. On the other hand, be sure that you do not omit necessary facts. Include full descriptions of relevant job duties, knowledge and skills to give employers a clear picture of your fitness for the position in question.

3. While you should definitely put yourself in the best possible light, remember not to get carried away into stretching the truth. Especially in this day, references and credentials are easily checked. An untruth will count against you far more than any fault in your qualifications.

4. Your resume is not the place for explanations of work history gaps or career changes. Use your judgment to determine whether any of these should be included in your cover letter, discussed at the interview, or entirely omitted.

5. If your job search comes as part of a change in career direction or field, emphasize transferable skills from your prior experiences, as well as your flexibility and quickness to learn.

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