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Published: Thursday 11th of May 2017; Words Count: 1350

A great real estate agent resume can set you apart from the competition, but what should you include? Start by showcasing your experience helping clients buy, sell, and rent properties and any major successes you’ve had in this area. Since every state requires real estate agents to be licensed, be sure to include your licensing information on your resume, under the Certifications header. Include any specialized training you might have, such as a mortgage broker training program. For more ideas and inspiration on how to make your resume shine, take a look at our real estate agent resume example for ideas.

Real Estate Agent Advice

The resume examples below will help you create your own well-written mortgage broker resume. Our samples cover all the nitty gritty details about mortgage processing and real estate brokerage. Use our examples as you create your own resume, and apply to jobs with a standout resume.


Resume Tips for Real Estate Agent

Finding jobs as a real estate agent is not as difficult when you take the right steps. These tips can help you plan a successful job search strategy.

1. Enlist the services of a job center. You can work with a counselor who can help you locate job opportunities. In addition, you can utilize services that allow you to create resumes, search jobs, connect with employers, attend workshops and plan your career.

2. Read as much as you can. Get a hold of professional journals in your field because you can learn about employment opportunities with various companies and industries as well as additional career resources.

3. Pound the pavement. While conducting job searches online is convenient don’t overlook other platforms. For instance, local job fairs are an excellent opportunity to network and meet with prospective employers face to face.

4. Create a job search pan. It is a good way to focus your job search efforts and to help you keep track of all your job hunting activities. Establish a daily or weekly schedule. Include activities such as networking, taking career assessments and attending job search-related training.

5. Explore all your options. Consider seeking employment in another career field or industry. This gives you a chance to transfer your skills to your new occupation and opens you up to more job opportunities.

Real Estate Agent Job Seeking Tips

A top-notch resume can open the door to many employment opportunities. It is the key component to any effective job search. No matter what your career goals, skills and experience are these do’s and don’ts tips can help you create a winning resume when you’re looking for jobs as a real estate agent.

1. Do consider creating a unique resume design. You want something that will help you stand out from other job seekers.

2. Do include pertinent contact information. For example, provide a website link to your online portfolio, city, state, one phone number and one email address.

3. Do include a Profile or Summary of Qualifications section. These features are more common on today’s resumes, and they give hiring managers a quick snapshot of why they should hire you.

4. Don’t create a resume that is longer than two pages. However, if you’re drafting a CV a longer resume is acceptable.

5. Don’t justify the text in your layout. This creates gaps between words which makes the resume look unprofessional. Instead, flush the type to the left.

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