Real & Estate Resume Examples & Templates

Real Estate Agent Resume Example

A great real estate agent resume can set you apart from the competition, but what should you include? Start by showcasing your experience helping clients buy, sell, and rent properties and any major successes you’ve had in this area. Since every state requires real estate agents to be licensed, be sure to include your licensing information on your resume, under the Certifications header. Include any specialized training you might have, such as a mortgage broker training program. For more ideas and inspiration on how to make your resume shine, take a look at our real estate agent resume example for ideas. Real Estate Agent Advice The resume examples below will help you create your own well-written mortgage broker resume. Our samples cover all the nitty gritty details about mortgage processing and real estate brokerage. Use our examples as you create your own resume, and apply to jobs with a standout resume. Create My Resume Loading... $(window).load(function(){ addSalaryWidget(); }); Resume Tips for Real Estate Agent Finding jobs as a real estate agent is not as difficult when you take the right steps. These tips can help you plan a successful job search strategy. 1. Enlist the services of a job center. You can work with a counselor who can help you locate job opportunities. In addition, you can utilize services that…

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