Best Remote Software Engineer Resume Example

Published: Wednesday 7th of February 2018; Words Count: 1700

To gain attention as a remote software engineer, you’ll need to highlight your extensive education and your track record of successful system intervention and issue resolution. Use this remote software engineer resume example as a guide and create a document that makes one point above all others: you have the patience and expertise to solve any problem that comes your way, and you know how to learn from every experience and keep growing as an engineer and as an employee. Rely on your communication and formatting skills to make a strong case to your reviewers.

Remote Software Engineer Advice

Getting a job as a remote software engineer requires specialized skills, the right education, and a resume that displays your experience clearly and compellingly. The resume examples we’ve created can help guide you in creating your winning remote software engineer resume. Just pick any of the pre-written templates below, and use them to craft your own resume. It’s a fast and easy way to develop a resume that employers want to see. Start today and take the next step in your career.


Resume Tips for Remote Software Engineer

If you are interested in jobs as a remote software engineer, you must dedicate a significant portion of each day to your search. This requires both discipline and organization. The following strategies will guide you in today’s market and pave the pathway to success.

1. Do more networking in person. Recent trends indicate that online job posting is quickly losing steam as people revert back to concrete, physical connections. The internet allows you to bolster your reputation as you see fit, but only a face-to-face encounter can leave a true impression of your character.

2. Be creative. Many job-seekers rely on traditional newspaper advertisements or online discussion boards, but there are many other places you can look. Ask your local librarian for a list of job openings in your area or peruse independent publications, such as a community newsletter or trade magazine.

3. Follow up on every lead. In this way, the time you spent putting in an application is not wasted. If an employer contacts you after you find another job, politely inform them that you have already been hired elsewhere.

4. Accept responsibility for your actions. Minimal effort results in minimal opportunities. Work consistently toward your goals and you will be rewarded with more promising leads.

5. Investigate the possibility of freelancing or contract work. For some people, this could become a long-term career, while others see it as a chance to build experience in a specific field.

Remote Software Engineer Job Seeking Tips

To qualify for jobs as a remote software engineer, your resume must be a perfect reflection of your skills and qualifications. These simple do’s and don’ts will help you avoid common errors and clarify confusing details as you write.

1. Do use white or light-colored paper. Studies have also shown that printing your resume on heavy paper communicates a more serious attitude to employers.

2. Don’t use more than two different fonts. Resumes are easier to read when they display a consistent pattern of headings and text.

3. Do keep your resume as short as possible. However, do not omit valuable information in the interest of reducing your word count.

4. Do express your desire for confidentiality. If you don’t want your employer to know you are applying for other positions, include a professional request for privacy in your cover letter.

5. Do outline any plans to relocate. This can be discussed in your objective statement and your cover letter.

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