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Published: Thursday 16th of February 2017; Words Count: 1650

Writing a standout assistant manager resume is a sure-fire way to stand out from the competition when you apply for your next job. Start by detailing your experience in the restaurant industry, including customer service and any operations and previous management experience. Use the highlights section to shine a spotlight on valuable skills, such as inventory management, scheduling, and staff training. Since assistant manager positions don’t typically require a formal education, only include yours if you have a college degree or higher. To make your resume shine, see our assistant manager resume example for more ideas.

Assistant Manager Advice

A restaurant assistant manager does all the things that help make a restaurant run smoothly, including scheduling, training staff, and maintaining safety standards. You’ll need some restaurant experience and a solid resume. Our resume examples for restaurant assistant managers are designed to help you create a resume that will improve your chances of getting hired by the restaurant you want. Just click on any of the resume examples below to get started today.


Resume Tips for Assistant Manager

Searching for a job can be complicated, regardless of the location in which you’re looking or the career field in which you’re hoping to find a job, However, a few good choices can simplify the process of finding jobs as a assistant manager. Here are a few helpful tips.

1. Take assessments to help focus your search by identifying your interests, strengths and weaknesses. Having a firm grasp of your talents and how you would like to use them helps you identify the best targets in your job hunt.

2. Mentally prepare to spend more time looking than you would like. You may get lucky and find a job in no time, but it’s psychologically valuable to remember that looking for jobs as a assistant manager may not show immediate results. Admitting this to yourself could help keep you from getting discouraged if your search begins to drag on.

3. Make full use of your connections. Call on colleagues, family and friends to assist you. People in your network may have information or access that could help you find work much faster.

4. Follow up. Until you hear an absolute no, you should commit to re-contacting companies to which you’ve applied every few days to a week. Impress them with how much it matters to you.

5. Schedule your job hunt. It’s important to keep time organized when looking for work. Making daily or weekly agendas helps maintain your forward momentum.

Assistant Manager Job Seeking Tips

The quality of your résumé makes a big difference in your job search. Regardless which field or position you’re prospecting, there are some common traits shared by all good résumés. As you look for jobs as a assistant manager, keep the following tips in mind.

1. Stress transferable skills. These are the capabilities you have developed from prior career experience that are applicable elsewhere. For instance, if you’re applying to a courier service, knowing how to drive a big rig would be a transferable skill, despite not being exactly the same.

2. Skip the controversy. Mentioning things like your religious affiliation is a big no-no. Take special care not to even include material that could allow a hiring manager to deduce such information.

3. Focus the structure and content of your résumé to produce a direct document that quickly conveys exactly what you bring to the table and why you are perfect for the job. Hiring managers have to read a lot of résumés, so it’s important that yours grabs their attention and doesn’t let go.

4. Keep your material’s structure parallel by presenting information of the same type consistently. For example, if you say, Responsibilities included, in a job entry, don’t switch to Responsible for in another entry.

5. Proofread your document to catch grammatical and spelling errors so you don’t create the impression that you’ll do sloppy, lazy work on the job.

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