Best Yoga Instructor Resume Example

Published: Wednesday 3rd of January 2018; Words Count: 1550

Do you feel like you’re bending over backward trying to find a new position as a yoga instructor? A new resume can help! To boost your yoga instructor resume, start by listing all of your work experience teaching yoga. List all of your training and education in the sport, including any special certifications you have earned, such as first aid or CPR training. Finally, highlight the skills and qualities that make you a terrific teacher, such as being an encouraging leader, the ability to customize poses depending on skill level and patience. For more ideas, see our yoga instructor resume example for more details.

Yoga Instructor Advice

Searching for a job as a yoga instructor? The resume examples below can help. Yoga instructors are experienced yoga practitioners who share their skills with students. To get a job as a yoga instructor, you’ll need training and a great resume. Use these resume examples as a guide in creating your own yoga instructor resume. Start now and get your yoga career moving!


Resume Tips for Yoga Instructor

When you are looking for jobs as a yoga instructor, it is important to have good organizational skills, tenacity and the motivation to succeed. Follow these job tips to make your job search easier and more efficient.

1. Be proactive with your networking. With a combination of online and in-person communications. Join associations, job-hunter groups and online job boards.

2. Organize your applications in a file on your computer or in a notebook. It is important to keep track of your job applications to be able to follow-up in a timely and consistent matter.

3. Maintain positivity through patience and action. Setting weekly goals for applications and networking activities that are attainable will help you with motivation and determination throughout the duration of your job search.

4. Study the social media sites of potential employers prior to the interview. Become familiar with current trends and business interests in your industry for impressive talking points.

5. Dig deep for your job search. Check multiple job sites, network regularly, and don’t be afraid to cross industries. Your skill set may very well be transferable to companies you have not previously considered.

Yoga Instructor Job Seeking Tips

The primary source of information that hiring managers will review must be of excellent quality. Searching for jobs as a yoga instructor requires a competitive and visually appealing resume. Follow these do’s and don’ts for a polished and professional “calling card. “

1. Do list the information for your jobs in order of importance. The preferred format is this type of listing: title/position, name of employer, city/state of employer, dates of employment.

2. Do use numbers within your job descriptions. Quantifying your actions and capabilities by using phrases like, “increased sales by 25 percent” or “managed a team of 10. “

3. Do give your resume a sharp focus with targeted keywords from your industry and occupation. This is not only important for online resume screening programs, but also crucial to grab the attention of hiring managers.

4. Don’t use an inconsistent format or strange font. This can be very off putting to potential employers. It is important to maintain easy readability for a professional and seamless look.

5. Don’t list references on your resume. You can provide this at a later date with a separate document. These may also change depending on the particular position for which you have chosen to apply.

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