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People these days are aiming for success, and it is also evident to many students who want to get higher grades on all aspects of their study. They know that the key to success is education. Many students are not skilled in writing. As a result, most of the students and scholars all over the world are now subscribing to sites that will help them succeed.

Scammers are also aware of the students need, and as a result, the number of scammers is increasing as well. Many students are disappointed as they end up getting the service of scam and fraud websites. The ratings prove not all writing services are a scam. The company provides high-quality writing services to students. They have been in the industry for almost ten years now, and they are one of the best when it comes to writing.

Educational process these days is not the same in the past. Students learn to distinguish which requires more attention and which are least significant. Most of the students these days are burdened with additional extra curriculum activities or part-time jobs. Some are into getting two degrees at the same time or are busy with other things.

Online custom writing services have a lot to offer to these students who do not have the chance to take time off for an extended period in the library and at the computer screens looking for information for their research paper, or to those who are not confident with their writing skills.

About the company

According to their main characteristics is the ability to provide professional papers in every academic field of study because all of their writers are experts in all types of subject areas. We think that this statement is a bit exaggerated. How can someone be an expert in every field? However, this kind of promotions attracts more students. Their writing stuff is all written by English native speakers. It only means that they exclusively cater to English speaking countries. It also entered their mind to go globally, but then the quality of their work might not be as good as with English nations.

They also promise to provide the work at the shortest time possible without compromising the quality. We want to check if the company can give it in the fastest time with utmost quality. We think that we have to evaluate their papers and determine if they can provide it according to our instructions. Sending the work earlier is not the only indication of professionalism.

Services offered offered the following services: research papers, coursework materials, term papers, book reports, grant writing annotated bibliographies, proofreading, personal statement writing, and revision services.

But the mentioned services are not their specialties. The company specializes in writing customized college essays. With a team of professional, the quality of the work is exceptional. They are expert in following instructions and make sure that they provide a quality article.


Some maybe have some doubts in using their services because they offer their papers at a reasonable price. is not a scam, and we are sure of it. They set it at the lowest price possible to help students who are on a tight budget but with excellent quality. The services of GreenEssay are accessible to everybody so that many people will take advantage of their services including their affordable price.

Discounts and extra features

The company assures you that you will pay only a minimal amount on high-quality paper. is offering discounts to their clients based on the amount of royalty and subscription. If you place five orders, you will get a 5% discount, for ten requests it will be 10% discount and for 15 orders a total discount of 15%. The GreenEssay alternative is a perfect service since it provides a cut that will reward clients, whether you are a first time or loyal client. The discount is possible through the use of promo code and coupon codes that they launch regularly.

In case you are still not satisfied, other features contain options by students to choose from, top 10 company writing professionals and the top 10 specialists of the company will do the proofreading. They also included policies that protect their customers against vices, such as late deliveries, refunds, and plagiarism. It usually takes place when orders are canceled before the writing process begins, breach of trust, cheating in writings and late deadlines. To help you understand more about the services can provide, you can read some of their customer reviews.

Customer support

The testimonials found at the Green Essay site proves that the company has adopted the customer satisfaction based on the quality of the service delivered. Their job is to make sure that their clients are happy with the latter by providing timely customer care services. The company can show and prove how the process works.

For inquiries and questions regarding their services and concerns about your requested papers, you can contact them through their hotline, via their email address found on their website and in a live chat.


If you check out the different reviews about the company, you will notice that most of them are satisfied with their papers. One reason for this is because of their very experienced and highly qualified writers. When you order your article, you will surely get what you expect The Company would not last for ten years if their services are inadequate.


After reviewing the services and products of this company, we can conclude that it is one of the best esssay writing service today. With a high-quality paper at very reasonable price and submitted to you on time, who wouldn’t be happy. It only proves that is not a scam.

We highly recommend the site for students from high schools up to Ph.D. Just a piece of advice, when you order make sure that you have provided all the information needed for your paper. If you forgot to include some data on the order form, you might not be able to get the quality of writing that you expect to have.

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