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Helping Students Excel Academically and Socially in Middle School (607 words, 3 pages)
Welcome to middle school. The two years of an adolescence's life, thatthey either love forever, or hate with a passion. In the end though, onemust find a way to get through them. It may sound challenging, but thistask is quite simpler then thought of. Three key qualities to help childrenexcel ... Read More
How SCAD Summer Seminars Program Will Help Me Achieve My Goals (199 words, 1 pages)
Dream is a word thats always been my vocabulary since I was little girl. Imagine being able to pursue your dream without having the burden of financial hurdles. Thats one of my long term goals I would like to achieve. Giving kids with a creative voice the chance to express ... Read More
Writing an Appealing Academic Essay (441 words, 2 pages)
Throughout a students high school and college career they will havewritten over a hundred academic essays. Within these essays they willbe tested in a vast amount of areas, such as being able to writepersuasive, informative, and analytical essays. Between these essays,there is one similar area where professors have shown to ... Read More
Five Virtues that Create a Perfect Academic Community (929 words, 2 pages)
There are five virtues that create the perfect academic community. Thesefive are honesty, trust, fairness, respect, and responsibility. LawrenceHinman, an academic instructor, explains the five virtues to what extentthey have on the faculty, and students. These virtues when placed in mysurroundings, I expect that in a classroom setting the professor ... Read More
Writing an Academic Essay (941 words, 3 pages)
We are used to write in a very academic way, I believe is because we have learned that in school we require certain rules, structures, and appropriate language in order to express our ideas and opinions with the reader. In my previous years in school I still remember the time ... Read More
My Academic Struggles with Spelling and English (651 words, 2 pages)
Discuss the subjects with which you had difficulty. What factors do you believe contributed to your difficulties? How have you dealt with them so they will not cause problems for you again? In what areas have you experienced the greatest improvement? What problem areas remain?Spelling, English, My story behind my ... Read More
An Opinion on the Needs of the Pader Girls Academy (PGA) for Further Development (461 words, 1 pages)
A) How would you prioritize the needs of Pader Girls Academy for programming, strategic plan, expansionsuccession plan, fundraising, and organizational development? According to the given scenario, Pader Girls Academy is facing with the various aspects of sustainability challenge in its operation. I think the priorities urgently should be given more ... Read More
Students and Teachers' Perceptions about the Causes of Poor Academic Performance in Lagos State Primary Schools (832 words, 4 pages)
What are the methods of teaching?What are the Teachers perceptions on poor academic performance?What are the Students perceptions on their environment and poor academic performance?Methods that could be used to carry out this researchSampling method Teachers and students will be taken from different primary school for interviews.By data collection A ... Read More
Creating a Wonderful Thesis Statement: An Analysis of the Points Presented in the Book from Inquiry to Academic Writing (592 words, 2 pages)
While writing an essay you should feel free. You write with joy. The main point of your essay abides by the thesis. However, coming up with ideas for a strong thesis statement can be challenging in some cases. The body of the essay revolves around the thesis statement. Struggling with ... Read More
Why Did Cadbury Win a Bigger Market Share? (1595 words, 5 pages)
Cadbury won a bigger market share because they understood the need for branding and advertising before their UK competitors. Do you agree with this assessment? Use material from Chocolate Wars and at least four of the recommended sources on the reading list to support your argument.Nowadays, there are enormous numbers ... Read More
Soliciting Financial Support for Missouri Academy of Science, Mathematics and Computing (978 words, 5 pages)
Missouri Academy is a special high school institution which locates in the Northwest Missouri State University. Its students are enrolled in university courses. Its financial resources are directly related to the university. So because the universitys budget was cut, the Missouri Academy is being faced with financial problems.Missouri Academy is ... Read More
Effects of Extracurricular Activities on the Academic Performance of Students (3137 words, 11 pages)
AbstractStaying physically fit is important for childrens growth whether they are at school or playing with friends that is why it is important for children to engage in some form of physical activity during the day. The extent of childrens physical health involves how active they are during the day ... Read More
What is the Difference Between a Detective Report and a Journalist Account in Academic Writing? (1285 words, 5 pages)
What is different in a detective report and in a journalist accountantfrom other types of academic writing? In these two documents mentioned,more details are mentioned and the reader needs to make connections fromwhat heshe reads, in order to understand what is being said rather thanin other academic writings. Avoiding the ... Read More
How Can Relevant Career Theories Help Define and Comprehend the Career of a Graduate Working in Academia (5759 words, 14 pages)
AbstractThe aim of this report is to study the extent to which relevant career concepts and theories can or cannot help to define and comprehend the career of a graduate working in academia. In order to discourse this issue, literature has been observed surrounding the experience of graduates and their ... Read More
Cadet Discipline and Leadership from a Higher Power (670 words, 2 pages)
The Benedictine Corps of Cadets are a unique group of students that represent the principles that JROTC embodies. Benedictine College Preparatory was established as a military and catholic school. Therefore, the traditions that students experience at school are unlike any other. The military portion of Benedictine shows a cadet discipline ... Read More
Elizabeth Cady Stanton (290 words, 2 pages)
Did you know up until the 1920s, women didnt have full equal rights as men? Well, because of Elizabeth Cady Stanton starting of the first womens rights and suffrage movement in the United States, women today share the equal rights as men. She wasthe first women to ever run for ... Read More
Letter of Application for SCAD (844 words, 3 pages)
"Keep pressing forward Ashley. Never look back." my dad use to always sayto me, "No matter what happens make sure you continue moving forward". WhenI was younger, I had no clue what he was talking about. At seven, youthink, "Is daddy ok?" "Is something wrong?" or " Oh my God ... Read More
The Correlation Between Structured Classrooms and High Academic Performance (2396 words, 10 pages)
AbstractLearning, which is the goal of schooling, is a complex process. There are various definitions which are used in defining this concept. However, the important fact is that learning is a process of acquiring knowledge or skills through study, experiences or teaching. Quality learning is usually accomplished through effective classroom ... Read More
The Impact of Sports on Academic Achievement (1844 words, 8 pages)
The area that is played by the sports for students in their learningprocesses has been and still is a subject of serious interest and debatefor several decades now. According to the observations of variouscritics, students who are significantly involved in various sportsactivities, deflect away from their classroom time. However, those ... Read More
My Academic Experience So Far: Who am I? (612 words, 2 pages)
In my academic experiences so far, I would describe myself as a reader, writer, and learner, all with different variations. These are all key components as a student in school. Even though some of these characteristics are stronger or weaker in everyone, we all possess these abilities. I for one ... Read More
Parking at ICC and Accessibility to Academic Buildings (701 words, 3 pages)
It was a cold blustery Monday morning during finals week. Sleet was pouring from the sky. Due to the weather conditions, I was running late and was forced to park in the lot nearest the cougarplex. I finally reached the doors of the academic building to feel the heat of ... Read More
Severe Consequences of Stress on Students in Academic, Physical and Emotional Ways (1072 words, 4 pages)
We live in a time when the pace of peoples life is quite fast. There is practically no time to do things. Tasks, papers, exams, meetings, interviews, and appointments, are some of the many events that a student constantly performs throughout their learning process. However, when a student starts to ... Read More
My Academic Journey (253 words, 1 pages)
Growing up and going to school was very hard for me. I never did well in school when I was growing up. I was would be embarrassed every time my friends asked me what grade I had on the tests or quizzes I never tell them because I knew I ... Read More
Letter of Appliance for Advertising in Art and Academy University (714 words, 3 pages)
My career goal is ultimately to become a successful account planner that could work in different varieties of advertising firms and companies. Advertising nowadays is an ever-growing field that consists new advertising opportunities opening up all the time. Every career that involves advertising does require related experience or knowledge before ... Read More
The Aims of Academic Study (522 words, 2 pages)
Why is the popularity of cheating increasing fast nowadays? Students value grades more than learning and knowledge. Cheating is consider not only stealing someoneswork but also a cheater will not know hisher ability and passion, after gettingthe certificate with no experience and real knowledge.And this is what causes the community ... Read More
Challenges That College Students Face to Achieve Academic Success (740 words, 4 pages)
Two major concerns related to the academic success and graduation rates ofcollegestudents arecollege stress anddepression. (Depression and College Stress Among University412-424) Is college teaching valuable information on how to become successful, or, how to live with the daily dose of stress it provides? A deeper look into this issue shows ... Read More
My Academic Life History (194 words, 1 pages)
In August 2004, was a turning point in my academic life. My ardentambition to secure admission to the premier technology institution ofthe country had come to fruition after hours of studies in the 1 yearpost grade XII. The undergraduate program in metallurgy, whileinteresting could not captivate me for more than ... Read More
A Research on the Relationship Between Teacher Expectation and Academic Performance of Students in Schools (4368 words, 15 pages)
The relationship between teacher expectations and academic performance has been a topic of interest for the last 50 years. Teachers judgements often play a role in facilitating or inhibiting students academic performance (Sdkamp, Kaiser Mller, 2012). For example, females are generally perceived to be competent in reading, language and arts ... Read More
Roles of Student Athletes: Finding a Balance in a Busy Academic Schedule (4286 words, 16 pages)
A Balancing Act Transition and Life Role of Student-AthletesAbstractStudent-athletes are impacted by the time devoted to their sport and the multiple role demands of being a student and an athlete. Student-athletes decisions regarding how to spend their time depend on the importance of their various roles, how they identify with ... Read More
Statement Addressing Reasons and Non-Academic Pursuits for Transferring to USC (988 words, 6 pages)
Please provide a statement that addresses your reasons for transferring and the objectives you hope to achieve. You can type directly into the box, or you can paste text from another source. (250-650 words)Id love to transfer because its always been a dream of mine to go to school in ... Read More
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