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An Essay on Theoretical School System to Which Current Education Should Strive for (713 words, 1 pages)
Utopian County Schools This essay is my portrayal of a theoretical school system that our educational system should strive to achieve. This new system will be based on equality and every single child will have an opportunity to receive the best possible education. However, this system will never lower its ... Read More
Is the Current Education System Efficient? (773 words, 3 pages)
American journalist, Henery Louis Mencken explains how in 1924 how the aim for public education is too fill the young with knowledge and awaken their intelligence. Mencken points out that fallacy of public education, in the way that public education is doing the exact opposite. The harsh reality is that ... Read More
The Current Education Practices Are No Longer Relevant in Today’s Society (723 words, 2 pages)
Education systems all over the world are based on the idea thatstudents get and remember information from teachers and books. Thesesystems test this knowledge with standardized tests which compare studentsto each-other. They only test the kind of information which is possible tomeasure in tests. The goal is gaining information, not ... Read More
The Flaws of the Current Educational System (1987 words, 4 pages)
Attending college has long been hailed as the next great step towards adulthood, paving the way to finding a job and becoming truly independent. Even so, the assumption that getting a college degree will guarantee employment is a common, albeit overplayed, misconception regarding this stage of liberal education, which alienates ... Read More
An Evaluation of Our Current Educational System and Its Needs for Improvements (1338 words, 7 pages)
Over and Under Can We Find the Right Balance?Education is the backbone of society. We are judged on our intelligence from the moment we are born from when we say our first word, to learning our times tables, to getting into college, to landing a job, and all the steps ... Read More
The Disagreements of Paulo Friere with Our Current Educational System in The Banking Concept of Education (916 words, 3 pages)
Paulo Frieres The Banking Concept of Education discusses his disagreement with our current educational system. He thoroughly discusses how todays educators bank our children because they go through the same routine day in and day out and just spit out facts at them. He proposes that children should learn through ... Read More
Ways to Improve the Current Educational System in America (732 words, 3 pages)
Ways to Improve the Current Educational SystemWhen it comes to a better education, there are many different aspects to be taken into account. Our educational system is flawed in more ways than one, but there are some ideas that could potentially help to improve it. Educators may think that students ... Read More
The Current Educational Climate in the United States (682 words, 2 pages)
The Perilous Position of America's Universities In the article provided "On the Uses of a Liberal Education I AsLite Entertainment For Bored College Students" by Mark Edmundson, aprofessor at the University of Virginia, we are exposed to the forebodinganalysis of the current educational climate by a man with a uniqueperspective ... Read More
Rousseau Arguments Against the Current Educational System for Children (772 words, 2 pages)
Rousseau lobbies against an educational system that tries to teach children concepts and facts before such time, as they would make use of them. He believes that a child should not neglect those studies, which meet his present needs, in order to learn that which he may acquire in later ... Read More
An Analysis of the Issues of the Current Educational System in the United States (1586 words, 5 pages)
Are the 35 million Americans who fall below the poverty line there because they are lazy and have let all opportunities for social advancement pass them by? Or is there currently a social structure that successfully reproduces classes and limits upward social mobility in America? Certain institutions in American society, ... Read More
A Critical Evaluation of the Current Education System in the United States (2933 words, 4 pages)
Today, the way the educational system works in the U.S. concerns a large number of people in this country. "Only 25 of adults have a great deal of confidence in the people running education, according to the General Social Survey, down from 49 in 1974" (Russel 4). A lot of ... Read More
An Examination of Current Education Systems and What Needs to Be Improved on (1473 words, 3 pages)
In education, I believe I have seen it all. I have seen teachers who love what they do and would probably do it for free. I have seen teachers who, it seems, are punching a time clock and would not dream of working over forty hours a week. And lastly, ... Read More
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