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Dating for Women Made Easy (647 words, 1 pages)
Marriage games in the Tenretni or How Females Find Their Males. The most exiting world that I have ever seen in my life was the Tenretni. The individuals actively use the world of Tenretni in the personal purposes, - among these millions the couple of hundreds might be close to ... Read More
An Awkward Experience While Dating the Opposite Sex (824 words, 1 pages)
I have always wondered why people are so shy around or at the very least act differently towards the opposite sex. This reminds me of an experience I had once. What happened on my first date what I learned from it. Looking back, I remember many things about that night, ... Read More
Is Fluoridated Water Inundating Americans? (3547 words, 12 pages)
Fluoridating water is a widely accepted practice, and as of 2010, the Center for Disease Control claims that roughly seventy-five percent of Americans are served fluoridated water. The Environmental Protection Agency regulates fluoride in drinking water to protect public health, and pediatric dentist Michael Biermann promotes its use for dental ... Read More
The Impact of Social Networking Sites on Dating Relationships (1770 words, 6 pages)
Technological landscape has changed dramatically since dating and relationships were studied in autumn 2005. While first review was read by students on this topic, mobile release was two years in the future, Facebook is currently expanding campus in high schools, and only one out of ten adults have used online ... Read More
Dangers of Online Dating and Precautions That One Should Take (644 words, 3 pages)
While online dating may seem to be the easiest way to find a relationship it can be dangerous and there are some additional precautions one needs to take.Due to the anonymity of online dating, criminals have an easier time committing felonies.One of the risks of online dating is being robbed. ... Read More
My Experiences With Dating (694 words, 2 pages)
Finding true love and interacting with the opposite sex is an extremely difficult task. However, my dating experience has been mainly positive. In todays society, its extremely difficult to date let alone find a guy that treats a girl like a young lady. I had the pleasure of meeting some ... Read More
The Realities of the Dating World Described in Cosmopolitan’s Article “16 Things You Think He Cares About – But He Really Doesn’t” (556 words, 2 pages)
The title 16 Things You Think He Cares About - But He Really Doesnt in cosmopolitan hasemphasized the words think and doesnt are bold and eye catching and the emphasis of these words can suggest thatthey are trying to target the people especially women that are dating or married as ... Read More
Dating a Black Man in Modern America (494 words, 1 pages)
Dating a Black Man in Modern America I am dating a black man, and have been for over two years. When people first see a picture of my boyfriend its usually followed with, Wow, I didnt expect that. And afterwards the question is, Is it true that once you go ... Read More
The Factors That Contribute to the Prevalence of Teen Dating Violence (1407 words, 5 pages)
The issue of violence in relationships is something that can impact people of all different ages and from all different places of the world. Violence is particularly problematic for young teens, because young people are still developing their brains and bodies. Long-term damage can occur for people that are repeatedly ... Read More
A Personal Perspective on Dating, Marriage, and Family (847 words, 3 pages)
People in my generation see dating, marriage, and family differently then generations before us. Years ago you were to get married as soon as you could and start your family, having the wife stay at home with the children and the husband would be at work. While people still want ... Read More
A Guide to Dating in How to Date a Brown Girl, a Short Story by Junot Diaz (1518 words, 5 pages)
In the story How to Date a Brown Girl by Junot Diaz, instructions are given as to how to treat girls while taking them out. Through the main character Yunior, he is able to classify them in groups, which in turn, builds a stereotype. This stereotype on how to treat ... Read More
The Ethical Issues of the Use of Quantitative Methods in the Influence of Gender and Age on Advertising for Dating (805 words, 2 pages)
Using the pre release material and your wider sociological knowledge, explain and evaluate the use of quantitative methods to research the importance of age to people advertising for new partners.(20)A quantitative method is a way of collecting data using statistics and numbers. The method used to examine how age and ... Read More
The Online Dating Story of a Data Analyst in How I Hacked Online Dating, a TED Talk Speech by Amy Webb (1630 words, 6 pages)
How I Hacked Online Dating The TED talk, How I Hacked Online Dating, was an informative and extremely funny speech about the real world applications of data analysis. Amy Webb, the speaker, is a digital strategist who was an award winning reporter for Newsweek and the Wall Street Journal, and ... Read More
The Importance of Advancing, Updating, and Evolving Products for the Success of a Company (827 words, 3 pages)
There are roughly 45,000 formal companies across the world, but the most successful companies, are those that appeal to their consumers, and continue to advance their technology, and or product(s). If a company wishes to have success, it must continually adapt and evolve to meet consumer desires and needs, and ... Read More
The Benefits of Online Dating to Society (1331 words, 4 pages)
Love Has a New TwistThe technology nowadays has had a huge influence on our lives and it has affected pretty much everything in it. When this technological revolution started, we didn't expect that it would affect our emotions, feelings, and our love lives. All we expected is that technology would ... Read More
Christians of Dating Age Should Not Date Non-Believers in College (1188 words, 3 pages)
College is a time of discovery and independence. It is also a time of decisions, and those decisions have the power to affect the entire trajectory of a persons life. These decisions include choosing a major, choosing a job, and possibly choosing a spouse. Prerequisites exists for such choices. For ... Read More
Saying Goodbye is the Hardest Part of Dating a Military Man (1057 words, 4 pages)
Saying Goodbye College nowadays is known for a hookup culture. There are no strings, no feelings, and no attachment. Dating is almost nonexistent. There is a sense of freedom that comes with just being someone's hookup for the night. We see it every day, everywhere we go. That is not ... Read More
The Logical Errors in Curry’s Swipe Left or Right? Some Experts Blame Dating Apps for a Rise in STDs and Pinker’s Can Students Have Too Much Tech? (1020 words, 3 pages)
Logical Errors Within the Media A recent article published by Vice News titled Swipe Left or Right? Some Experts Blame Dating Apps for a Rise in STDs by Colleen Curry (Curry, 2015), presents multiple logical errors between her research and the argument she attempts to make. In this article, Curry ... Read More
Yuta Aoki’s Opinion on Cross-Cultural Dating (940 words, 3 pages)
Cross Cultural Dating One Blogs PerspectiveAfter poking around on the internet with searches like dating advice for japan and cross cultural dating japan, I came across a blog called Yuta Aoki, which boasts the subtitle, A blog about Japan, dating, social skills, and travel. Aiming to provide well-balanced Japanese perspective. ... Read More
The Differences between Genders in Relation to the Attitude and the Usage of Mobile Dating Applications (1805 words, 7 pages)
AbstractThis study was conducted in order to determine the difference between gender as it relates to the attitude and the usage of mobile dating applications. Our hypothesis that was constructed, proposed that there would be a higher usage and more positive attitude towards these dating applications in one specific gender. ... Read More
The Effects of Technology Through Cellular Phones, Social Media, and Online Dating on Our Intercommunication Skills (1347 words, 5 pages)
The other day I went out to eat at a local restaurant with a couple of friends. Our waiter came to our table and noticed that each one of us was captivated by our phones and not even conversing with each other. He grabbed our phones and suggested we play ... Read More
Online Dating as the Future of Finding Relationships (1743 words, 7 pages)
The Fate of DatingAs Millennials, we have acquired a very tight connection to the internet and social media which keeps us all in loop with one another. With the aid of social media a relationship is not hard to come by, yet a real solid relationship is just as easy ... Read More
Validating a Woman’s Position in the World and Her Quest for Knowledge and Freedom In “The Rainbow”, a Novel by D.H. Lawrence (1367 words, 4 pages)
In this passage of D.H. Lawrences novel, The Rainbow, Lawrence brings to life a woman and her current predicament in her household. He describes a woman confined to a rural community, yearning to explore beyond the world she currently exists in. Instead she views a metropolis, a magic land to ... Read More
A Discussion on the Negative Impact of Social Media on Today’s Dating Culture (2385 words, 8 pages)
The Negative Impact Social Media has on Todays Dating CultureImagine a much simpler time in the early 1900s when the term courtship was of the upmost importance. If a young man was interested in a girl, he would present a calling card at her front door. If the girl accepts, ... Read More
A Discussion on the Negative Impact of Social Media on the Dating Culture of Today (2385 words, 8 pages)
The Negative Impact Social Media has on Todays Dating CultureImagine a much simpler time in the early 1900s when the term courtship was of the upmost importance. If a young man was interested in a girl, he would present a calling card at her front door. If the girl accepts, ... Read More
A Discussion on the Negative Aspects of Online Dating (1238 words, 3 pages)
We can all agree that mass use of technology has caused people's social skills to decline. behaviors formed to where people act different online than they do in person, theyre in a comfortable environment and being who they are when theyre alone, which, let's be honest, we all act differently ... Read More
A Comparison between Two Studies on Adolescents Seeking Professional Help Due to Dating Issues and the Impact on Their Mental Health (1478 words, 7 pages)
Adolescence is often looked at as a time of exploration and experimentation to find oneself. In addition to trying to establish a sense of self and identity, adolescents also begin to experiment with romantic relationships in this stage of life. Romantic relationships serve a variety of functions from satisfying sexual ... Read More
A Study of the Impact of Dating Applications on College Students (1859 words, 10 pages)
Dating applications have been popularized by college students, and continue to become a more and more prevalent part of our society, but are these dating applications a beneficial part of society when juxtaposed to the happiness college students report in their dating lives. In order to accurately tailor these applications ... Read More
A Discussion on the 21st Century Trend of Online Dating (1457 words, 6 pages)
Who wouldve thought that there would come a day when one could order groceries to their doorstep and find hot singles in their area with the swipe of a finger? The twenty-first century has revolutionized technology and in doing so, has given rise to a new trend Online Dating. Be ... Read More
The Positive and Negative Effects od Updating Grades Online (385 words, 1 pages)
Modern day high school students have instant access to their grades. As soon as a teacher posts grades students can find out what they got with simply the refresh of an app. This access to grades is convienent but is concerning to many professional child psychologists. Updating grades online helps ... Read More
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