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An Analysis of The Emergence of Femininity in The One Girl at the Boys Party by Sharon Olds (591 words, 2 pages)
The Emergence of Femininity in "The One Girl at The Boys Party" by Sharon Olds. "The One Girl at The Boys Party" by Sharon Olds is about the personal journey of the discovery of feminine sexuality in the life of an adolescent female. In this confusing journey mathematics are used ... Read More
Concept of Slavery in Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, a Slave Narrative by Harriet Ann Jacobs (959 words, 2 pages)
The Atrocity known as Slavery Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl is a narrative that describes a young girls trails and tribulations while being an involuntary member of the institution of slavery. Jacobs, like every other victim of the atrocity we call slavery, wishes those in north would ... Read More
Analysis of the Film My Girl Directed by Howard Zieff (635 words, 2 pages)
The 1991 movie My Girl directed by Howard Zieff is a story of two eleven year old friends? last summer together. Vada and Thomas Jay show the special relationship they have and the love that they share even through death. Vada continues to demonstrate her love for Thomas Jay and ... Read More
An Analysis of the Novel Maggie, a Girl of the Streets by Stephen Crane (1095 words, 2 pages)
The novel, Maggie, A Girl of the Streets, by Stephen Crane, takes place in the slums of New York City during the 1890s. It is about a girl, Maggie Johnson, who is forced to grow up in a tenement house. She had a brother, Jimmie, an abusive mother, Mary, and ... Read More
Symbolism and the Motif of Death in The Little Match Girl by Hans Christian Andersen (1064 words, 2 pages)
In the snowy streets of the city, a pitiable young girl is selling matches on New Years Eve in a desperate attempt to appease her fathers violent anger. Alone with her matches and their accompanying visions, the girl passes on and is found later the next day with a smile ... Read More
The Role of Women and Changes in the Society in Jane Gardam’s Novel Crusoe’s Daughter and Carly Churchill’s Play Top Girls (2444 words, 3 pages)
Contemporary Worlds Two texts were studied, one being Crusoes Daughter a novel written by Jane Gardam set in the early 20th century, and the other Top Girls a play written by Caryl Churchill set in the early 1980s. The novel Crusoe's Daughter is about a young girl named Polly who ... Read More
Degrees of Isolation in Jamaica Kincaid’s Girl and Katherine Mansfield’s Miss Brill (545 words, 1 pages)
In Jamaica Kincaid's "Girl" and Katherine Mansfield's "Miss Brill", the protagonists experience different yet similar degrees of isolation. In "Girl", the isolation is subtle while in "Miss Brill" the isolated status of the character is extremely obvious. Both types of isolation involve the character's social liferole and stem from those ... Read More
A Review of Alice Munto’s Short Story Boys and Girls (497 words, 1 pages)
Boys and Girls Shes only a girl was a very significant statement within the short story, Boys and Girls, by Alice Munto. Boys and Girls was a gender-sensitive short story written in 1968. This story gave an example of the unfair treatment women received throughout that era. It also displayed ... Read More
A Report on the Painting, A Girl Receiving a Letter by Gabriel Metsu in the Timken Museum of Art (677 words, 1 pages)
My favorite painting in the Timken Museum of Art is "A Girl Receiving a Letter". The size of the painting is 10-18 x 9-58 in. The medium of the painting is oil on panel. The painting was created by Metsu, Gabriel in 1658. Metsu was born in January, 1629. He ... Read More
A Character Analysis of The Country Girl (1583 words, 2 pages)
In the year 1954, the United States was changing rapidly. President Eisenhower, a Republican, was in the midst of his first term. Eisenhower had just announced to the world that the United States had in fact developed and successfully tested the first hydrogen bomb some two years prior. Mamie Eisenhower ... Read More
Eating Depressions and the Chase for the Perfect Body by Young Girls and Runway Models (680 words, 2 pages)
As her heels touch the ground making a shattering noise, The Impeccable Detail of Her sweetly sewn Dress glued to her gaunt body Infatuates The minds of the snarky critics. A young girl aside her Mother appears to be the only one noticing each angular bone pop out of her ... Read More
An Analysis of the Main Character in Lives of Girls and Women (470 words, 2 pages)
Every person has exclusive things they do that help create who he or she is. Without these things, people would not know the reason of their existence. Throughout the Lives of Girls and Women by Alice Munro, the main character, Del Jordan, grows from a young curious child into a ... Read More
Challenges for African American Girls in the Juvenile Justice System (9223 words, 35 pages)
IntroductionJuvenile laws in the United States were heavily influenced by the common law of England lawyer William Blackstone (Dialogue on Youth Justice 2011). Blackstone work was read and admired by many nations including the United State. Blackstone made a distinction between infants and adults at common law. Two things were ... Read More
Girl Scout Gold Award (219 words, 1 pages)
I have been a Girl Scout since the first grade. I have completed my Bronze Award, Silver Award, and I am almost done working on my Gold Award. The Gold Award is the highest award a Girl Scout can receive. It entails creating a community service project based on what ... Read More
Analysis of the Film Showgirls (2544 words, 8 pages)
Showgirls has been described by Rita Kempley of the Washington Post as an overcoat movie for men who dont want to be seen going into a porno. Upon its initial release in 1995, Showgirls gained attention not only for its controversial NC-17 rating but also for dissatisfactory reviews from critics ... Read More
How the Media Negatively Influences the Image of a girl (1064 words, 4 pages)
The media affects people in many different ways and can negatively affect teenage girls and their health. The average runway model is estimated to be 5 feet 9 inches tall and to weigh in at 110 pounds resulting in a body mass index of just 16 (Klonick). A healthy body ... Read More
Safety Factors for Girls in Sports (582 words, 2 pages)
Since the beginning of World War II females have taken a more active role in our everyday society. They can be seen engaging in jobs that require brute strength, determination and skill. The younger generation of teens and young women are also giving a helping hand , having the ability ... Read More
A Girl Growing Up (1254 words, 4 pages)
As an answer to my constant complaints of not having the perfect melody of greens or the rich azure of the night sky after a sunset, my parents gifted me with a Crayola Crayon Maker on my eighth birthday. The process of creating a new crayon was extremely simple take ... Read More
Why I Love My Girlfriend (902 words, 4 pages)
Hearts start to beat faster, palms develop into rain clouds, and hands tremble so vigorously it descends down your legs, shaking the ground. The beginning of love has taken over, with no plans to stop. Flawless as she picks at her face and gorgeous as ever when she when she ... Read More
A Commentary On To All The Girls I’ve Rejected by Jennifer Delahunty Britz (2359 words, 3 pages)
When I heard about college admissions, I used to think that they are genuinely done with no discrimination. I believed that no applicants were rejected after having the right qualifications. Many people apply for admission in different colleges with high expectation of being admitted as per their merit. Many applicants ... Read More
Short Story About a Kidnapped Girl (1521 words, 4 pages)
Have you ever had the feeling your heart was going to jump out of your chest. So scared your face is flushed red. A tingling feeling that moves through the whole body. Heart sinking and beating so fast. Fast enough to feel it through my fingers. I'm only feeling this ... Read More
Love’s Transformation in How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accent and The Curtain Tortilla (2528 words, 5 pages)
"Love can change a person the way a parent can change a baby- awkwardly and often with a great deal of mess" (Lemony Snicket). With that in mind, if love can change a person, and a person can change love, wouldn't it mean, that being open to growth and a ... Read More
Comparing Fahrenheit 451 and Red Scarf Girl (832 words, 3 pages)
Have you ever experienced Communism or government control? Red ScarfGirl and Fahrenheit 451 inform and entertain readers about how thiscontrol suppressed the lives of everyday people. Red Scarf Girl, anon-fiction memoir, is about a young girl who suffers during theCultural Revolution in China. Similarly, in Fahrenheit 451, a sciencefiction book, ... Read More
A Little Girl with Cancer – Creative Short Story (713 words, 1 pages)
Beep Beep Beeeep. That was all I heard in my hospital room. My name is Aubrey. Im six and I was diagnosed with cancer when I was five. I have blue eyes as sparkly as the sea and no hair on my bald, yet shiny head. My mom says I ... Read More
The Theme of Freedom in Anne Frank’s The Diary of a Young Girl (513 words, 2 pages)
While humanity, sacrifice, and courage are seen throughout Anne Franks The Diary of a Young Girl, freedom, or the lack of constraint, resides as the most prominent theme in the book. In this memoir, Anne Frank, a real, Jewish, teenager in the Holocaust, writes, to her trusty journal, about her ... Read More
Trafficking of Women and Girls (769 words, 3 pages)
Why is raising awareness about the trafficking of women and girls necessaryThe trafficking of women for the purpose of sexual exploitation takes place on a wide scale as a result of globalized capitalism. Notably from poor countries to more developed countries. The traffickers focus on women because many men hit ... Read More
Creative Short Story about a Little Girl (892 words, 3 pages)
Hala is six years old, she took paper and pencil to draw, she said I am going to draw Saudi and America. She started drawing and she decided to begin with Saudi. She draw cat sitting on the top of thing that I thought it is building. Hala said, There ... Read More
Short Story About a Girl who Runs Away (7766 words, 23 pages)
When Kelana Star streak was eight she had a run-in with Count Spankulot for not finishing her dinner and getting into an argument with her dad about it. He and his wife were trying to get her eat the gross broccoli, spinach and peas soup. He said, Kelana, sweetheart, you ... Read More
Parenting Boys and Girls Differently (530 words, 2 pages)
Sarah is sobbing all because one person said something she didnt like, Andrea her mother is learning how different her little girl is from her son Dylan. Sarah is way too sensitive and needs more attention, with Dylan all he does is get up and brush it off. People think ... Read More
An Analysis of the Short Story Girl (878 words, 3 pages)
The short story Girl is not about a specific mother-daughter relationship, but rather culturally designated roles for girls in a particular society.In order to fit into a certain society one must uphold the appearance and behaviors that are expected by the societys social standard. The way a woman makes her ... Read More
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