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Political Status in High School Sports (933 words, 3 pages)
Everyone wants popularity, the dream of making the high school athletic program and taking the team to state, a continuous thought for many young athletes. Children start training in the sport of their choosing as soon as they can form the ability to go through the combined motions. Children and ... Read More
A Study of Frequency Patterns for Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries (MTBI) in Most Common High School Sports (431 words, 1 pages)
The Study The purpose of this study by John W. Powell, assistant professor in the Department of Kinesiology, and Kim D. Barber-Foss of Med Sports Systems was to examine the frequency patterns for mildtraumatic brain injuries (MTBI) associated with participation in10 high school sports football, boys and girls basketball, boys ... Read More
The Importance of the Individual in High School Sports (1057 words, 2 pages)
sociologyofsport Im going to have to let you go, says coach Tim Koth to another former player as he adds another notch to his belt. Its nothing personal, I like you, he says, but I have to look at this as a business. Is that what it is? I always ... Read More
An Analysis of Major Business in Today's High School Sports (1743 words, 2 pages)
In society today High School sports are a major business, especially High School Basketball. Major Corporations are making a large profit on high school athletes, selling shoes (Nike, Adidas, etc.), making films (He Got Game, Hoop Dreams, etc.), and books (Sole Influence By Dan Wetzel, Raw Recruits, etc.). High school ... Read More
An Analysis of the Topic of the High School Sports Across the United States of America (610 words, 1 pages)
High School Sports They're NOT That Great All across the United States, students, both male and female, participate in high school sports. Recently, I have noticed that everyone praises them, the sports, for all they do for the students and the school. All these comments have come from ignorant people ... Read More
An Analysis of High School Sports and Its Effect on Students and Their Success in the Future (355 words, 1 pages)
High School SportsDo Students Who Play Sports In School Tend To Be More Successful In The Future?High school is a time for young adults to try and find themselves. Some students decide to be the nerds, or join certain clubs but many students venture into the world of sports. I ... Read More
Drug Testing in High School Sports (441 words, 2 pages)
Drug Testing in High school sports Is it needed? As time has gone on, the sport of Track and Field has progressedtremendously and performances by athletes have become more extraordinarythen ever before. Consequently, drug testing at the professional andcollegiate levels has improved which has led to more athletes being caughtfor ... Read More
The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Privatization of High School Sports (382 words, 2 pages)
Privatization of high school sports is a debate that has existedamongst stakeholders. Privatizing the sector has its own pros and cons andfor this reason, some stakeholders support it while others abhor it. There a number of advantages of privatizing high school sports.Privatizing means that school administrations will have minimalinterference with ... Read More
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