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Article Summary of Is the Internet Making Us Quick But Shallow? (601 words, 2 pages)
Nicholas Carr explores the topic of the enduring negative effects the internet has on our cognitive abilities in his article from CNN Is the Internet Making us Quick but Shallow? and he claims that the multitude of advance technology available to us has offset a severe obstruction to comprehension, understanding ... Read More
The Reasons Why the Internet is Not a Waste of Time (462 words, 2 pages)
The internet is not a waste of time. The internet contains lots of collected information that lots of people find useful in their everyday lifes. People use the internet for many many different areas of their lifes and personal lifes too. The internet can help find information for illnesses. The ... Read More
Restricting the Internet to Protect Minors (404 words, 2 pages)
Restricting Internet to Protect Minors When I first chose this issue I was deeply concerned about the harms of the internet for minors. As we see in the news there are so many children who are being abused everyday.I was so upset about this issue that I decided to think ... Read More
Is the Internet Slowing the Human Mind? (1764 words, 7 pages)
In an era where the Internet is one of the most used technologies in theworld, are humans becoming dependent to it? Are people having troublereading, finding information or solving problems without the web? Thisis what concerns Nicolas Carr an American writer who was a finalist in2011 for the Pulitzer Prize ... Read More
Which Invention Was More Important: The Internet or the Telegraph? (370 words, 2 pages)
The telegraph and the Internet have similar functions--both allowphysically separated bodies to interact in real-time. At a conceptuallevel, Tom Standage, author of The Victorian Internet, argues that theTelegraph is a more revolutionary invention because it was the first mediumthat truly allowed for the contraction of space and time. However, whenconsidering ... Read More
Internet: The Best Access for China to Develop and for Others to Understand China (2118 words, 8 pages)
Today, seven decades after the computer was created, and almost fiftyyears after the Internet was established, we are enjoying life in theinformation generation. Millions of news stories have been created andthey are transported out by an entity called the Internet. Admittedly,the Internet is the fastest way to transmit information, or ... Read More
Social Networking Sites Are Not Responsible for Bullying Acts on the Internet (804 words, 3 pages)
According to author Kate Harding she questioned that social networking sites cannot be blamed for bullying. She stated that, Cruelty Is Not Limited to Facebook or Social Networking sites. Which brings us to reason No. 2 why blaming Social Network Sites for all manner of teen trouble drives me bats ... Read More
Internet: Empire State of Emotions (1199 words, 4 pages)
As far back as in the ancient times, Aristotle said that man is by hisnature a social animal and cannot live alone, in seclusion. In spite oftheir notable time distance, these words of the Stagira philosopherstill hold the truth for the successive generations. In the modern world, where computers, tablets, ... Read More
Internet Privacy (3312 words, 13 pages)
The internet has become one of the most persistent and useful technological tools available. Regardless of age or technological sense, many people use the internet daily for a number of purposes. It is used to communicate with friends and family, research information for work, school or for personal curiosity. It ... Read More
Effects of the Internet (860 words, 3 pages)
Omar Alahmed SherryELC 501051June 15, 2012Overusing the Internet,cs some people feel that there is a lackwc that has to be filled,so they overuse the thing that would make them feel satisfied orfulfilled. However, why would anyone sit in front of a screen for hours?There are a perfect three out of ... Read More
The Role of the Internet and the Printing Press in Civilization (910 words, 4 pages)
Joseph coming from Southern Europe and Ruth coming from Italy asimmigrants found themselves having no cabbage and desprately looking fora job. This took place in Louisville, Kentucky, In the early 1920's.During the 1920's almost 24 million immigrants started coming to theUnited states from many different countries. Some of these immigrantscame ... Read More
The Impacts of the Internet on Society (491 words, 1 pages)
Everyone now knows what the internet is. The Internet is a big world. Now if you ask anyone about anything you want they will tell you, Go to the internet to know everything about it. There are more than a billion websites in the internet. The internet makes live very ... Read More
How Internet Is Impacting Our Lives (908 words, 3 pages)
Today the internet is more popular than ever. You can see many people using the internet everywhere. You not only see teenagersadults using the internet, but also children. Many people use the internet for different purposes .They can use the internet for work, study, or entertainment. Like President Obama used ... Read More
The Danger of the Internet (664 words, 1 pages)
The internet is the most common use for communication in todays world. Business, schools and public places have the internet available to use for various reasons. People get on the internet for work related material, to play games, and to communicate. When on the internet unnecessary advertisements show up. These ... Read More
Benefits and Problems of the Internet (1461 words, 5 pages)
If one were to list the benefits and problems of the use of internet, it would be most likely that the benefits of using the internet would exceed the problems. This statement could be challenged if the user is brought into consideration. Today, the internet is nearly impossible to avoid ... Read More
The Benefits of the Internet for Mankind (1667 words, 5 pages)
The internet is a good thing for people to use. There are several different factors that explain why the internet can be a successful tool. A majority of the world uses the internet to search, buy, market, and do many other wonderful services. This tool is one giant service system, ... Read More
Internet Addiction and Child Safety (537 words, 3 pages)
Imagine this, you are on your way home from work, and you find a car you have never seen in your driveway. Everyone, including the kids are out, and you wonder who could be in your house. You open the door and standing there is a burglar. You call the ... Read More
Comparing Internet and Homeschooling to Traditional Classrooms (810 words, 2 pages)
Jeff sat at home all day earning his high school education through his computer. He took five classes consisting of math, language, science, social studies, and health. He never had any chances to interact with real people, other than his parents. Jeff wasn't very into out of school activities, music, ... Read More
The Advantages of the Internet for College Students (1642 words, 7 pages)
If you were to ask a college student, or anyone perhaps, where they go when they have a question or simply want to know more about a given subject, a good majority of them would say Google. In todays world, people rely so strongly on technology that they do not ... Read More
Literature Review of Mobile Internet Access (845 words, 3 pages)
The growth of social media has introduced new forms of social interaction, which users can affiliate themselves into the communitywhere their interests can be shareable and exchangeable (ITU). Additionally, social network sites are online platforms on the Internet for interaction and collaboration based on ideological and technologicalfoundations of Web 2.0. ... Read More
A Summary of Hate Speech on the Internet Should Be Challenged (888 words, 3 pages)
In the article, Hate Speech on the Internet Should Be challenged''Cooper Cooper argues that the growing Internet makes extremists workmore easier and helps them to spread extremism around the world quickly.He presents the Internet as the main source of hate posting. Cooper.Aclaims that the U.S. First Amendment protects extremists and ... Read More
Spam by David L and the Internet (599 words, 2 pages)
According to an article "Spam," by David L, at First Amendment Center, any internet user can send out an irritating spam. Some people say that laws are needed to stop this constant sending out of spam emails. Others however say that spam is useful. As Coalition Against Unsolicited Email or ... Read More
The Commercialization of the Internet (816 words, 3 pages)
The Internet or World Wide Web has been the subject of arguments inpast few years. Everyday some aspect of the internet being debated, andamong those various aspects of internet being debated iscommercialization on internet. The commercialization on internet hascome under heavy fire by critics. One such critic, Ellen Ullman, in ... Read More
Internet Addictions Amongst Teenagers (448 words, 2 pages)
Internet addiction in teenagers can lead to devastating results. . This is because teenagers are often left to their own devises by overwhelmed overworked parents, who simply do not have time to monitor their childrens internet activities. Even though time spent on the internet can be entertaining and productive too ... Read More
The Positives and Negatives of Internet 2.0 (623 words, 3 pages)
Nowadays in US, most people use Internet 2.0 on different electronic devices such in smart phones, smart TVs, and on computers. There were 245,203,319 Internet users in The US (representing 78.1 of the population) at mid-year 2012. According to Internet World Stats (European Travel Commission, 2012), Internet 2.0 has developed ... Read More
History of the Internet in Egypt (1053 words, 5 pages)
Downloading music andor movies from the internet has lately become aphenomenon. Such reality does not only apply to the industrializedcountries where technology is accessible, but also applies for thedeveloping countries like Egypt. Thanks to IPods and other personalmusic devices, it is undoubted that Egyptian users do illegally downloadmusic without prior ... Read More
Public Relations and the Internet (1237 words, 6 pages)
Blogger Video and Internet PostingsBackgroundInternational lock company Kryptonite found themselves in public relations dilemma when news broke out that several models of bike locks could be broken into with only a pen. This situation led to major public backlash by users and tested the companys public relations measures. Public Relations ... Read More
The Legal and Ethical Ramifications of Internet Piracy (2079 words, 8 pages)
Internet has transformed the online world into a vast, borderless, sleepless market place for goods, including pirated media files. Internet piracy is the unlawful reproduction andor distribution of any copyrighted digital file that can be change hands over the internet. This can be done with music files, videos and movies, ... Read More
The Benefits of Using The Internet (562 words, 1 pages)
The internet. A place filled with endless knowledge and a dumping ground for the most random things imaginable. The phrase the internet has been given a bad rap within popular culture, known only as a place where pornography and sex offenders roam rampant, and not as a vast domain with ... Read More
Imagining Today Without The Internet (544 words, 2 pages)
In the generation we live in today nobody can imagine life without the Internet. The Internet is a helpful tool, but it as well has its flaws. The Internet can be seen in a positive view as well as a negative. With that being said, I will be sharing information ... Read More
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