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A Study on the Music and Art of the Islamic Culture (3674 words, 21 pages)
AbstractThe Islamic culture is one of time-honored tradition and vast mathematical concepts. The following is a study of two aspects of the culture, music and art. The reader will gain familiarity with the main region of Islam, the Middle East, and learn about the social stipulations of music and art. ... Read More
The Historical Background and Impact of Female Genital Circumcision in Islamic Cultures (2398 words, 8 pages)
Female Genital Cutting EssayCulture is an unceasing factor in defining how you live out the vast majority of your life. If in childhood, one sacrificed young women to appease some river deity or whatever maybe one is bound to keep doing that kind of thing later in life because eventually, ... Read More
An Analysis of the Accounts of Islamic Culture in Geert Mommersteeg’s Book In the City of the Marabouts (291 words, 1 pages)
In the book In the City of the Marabouts Geert Mommersteeg talks about his accounts of Islamic culture in Djenne, Nigeria. His main focus though is the Islamic West African religious figure called a Marabout. These Marabouts are scholars and also have a connection with God. Their main purpose in ... Read More
Jinn in Islamic Culture (1424 words, 2 pages)
JINNFrom the looks of the moon I could judge it was past midnight. The sky was very dark and the weather was very windy. The rustling of trees constantly caught my attention as I rode by on my horse. The rhythmic thumps of the hoofs beat straight into my mind ... Read More
An Analysis of Islamic Culture and the Middle East in Covering Islam by Edward Said (1372 words, 2 pages)
In the United States, many students are taught to believe that the media is very biased and intentionally discards happy news that originates from the Middle East and South Asia. Although the media is selective in its coverage of certain issues pertaining to foreign affairs, I do not believe that ... Read More
Women in the Islamic Culture (1826 words, 3 pages)
The Koran is a book following the religion of the Muslim people. In it, many aspects of their ways of life and their attitudes towards different people are addressed. It mentions the strong feelings of the true believers towards Jews and Christians, however it gives a view of women that ... Read More
An Analysis of Islamic Culture and Islamic Virtues (1704 words, 3 pages)
What is the force, so strong yet so peremptory, that lurks behind the voluntary soul slavery of Islamic radicals? What makes the religious passion so superior as to flood, drown and suffocate human rationality? Questions like these can never be answered or analyzed by a five-page article however, I will ... Read More
An Analysis of the Topic of Women and Islamic Culture (1376 words, 2 pages)
Women and Islamic Culture It often seems that in the western world everyone knows about certain religions-- namely Christianity and Judaism. However there are numerous other religions that we, as a society, know very little about even though they are very popular throughout the world. One fifth of the world ... Read More
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