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Advantages of Studying a Language in a Country Where It Is Widely Spoken (288 words, 1 pages)
Studying a language in a country where it is widely spoken has many advantages. It is also a good idea to study English in a country such as Australia. However, I believe it is not the only way to learn the language. In the first place, most students in non-English-speaking ... Read More
A Review of Neil Postman’s Book Amusing Ourselves to Death (1118 words, 2 pages)
Neil Postman's Amusing Ourselves to Death Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business was published in 1985. The theories and concepts described in the book could easily apply to today's world. Postman goes to great detail in his book about the development of public discourse (verbal and written communication) ... Read More
An Essay on the Art of Language and Communication (603 words, 1 pages)
1 The birds do it, the bees do it, even worms and snails do it, and we the people do it. We share the art of language. Language is the universal communication skill all creatures use on this place we call home, planet Earth. Old as the test of time, ... Read More
The Association of the Andeans and the Spanish in the Arts of the Contact Zone by Mary Louise Pratt (979 words, 3 pages)
In Mary Louise Pratts Arts of the Contact Zone, she discusses the association of a less powerful civilization, the Andeans, and a powerful, dominant civilization, the Spanish. The Spaniards lack of knowledge of the Andean civilization prevented them from realizing their true culture and made them assume that the Andeans ... Read More
Invasion of Privacy and Language Barriers as Motifs in Literature and Movies (287 words, 1 pages)
Each story has it's own storyline and contain most of the literary techniques. Each movie has a storyline and contain most of the literary techniques also. Since the beginning of the school year we have read 3 short stories provided by Ms. Alvarez. "Blue's ain't no Mocking Bird", "Lullaby", and ... Read More
Issues of Bilingualism (1096 words, 2 pages)
Bilingualism has had a bad rap lately. Prop 227, the Unz Initiative, successfully passed removing bilingual education from California schools replacing it with English immersion. For some reason, Americans feel that only one language is necessary and that language is English only. Although the general consensus is to remove any ... Read More
The Issue of the Extinction of Native Languages and Its Effect to the Identity of Indigenous People (1226 words, 2 pages)
Contention I Native languages are becoming extinct and there is no support for the teachings of native languages Deidre d'Etremont, editor of Cultural Survival Quarterly stated in summer 2001 that languages are becoming extinct and there is no public support for native languages. "Native American languages are disappearing. In Oklahoma ... Read More
A Perspective on Lost in French-English Translation, a Journal Article by Josh Freed (435 words, 3 pages)
To the Editor of the Gazette,I wish to give my perspective with regard to a recent journal article (Lost in French-English translation,January 24th).The author,Mr.Josh Freed,expressed his joy of how technology can help people understand French even if they do not understand the language. Personally,I believe that people should not rely ... Read More
Intercultural Differences in Study Abroad (1586 words, 6 pages)
Recalling the first day when I came to the United States for studying abroad, I have noticed how it was difficult to survive in such a new community where has differences not only in language, but also in culture. Even though I was confronted with not only interactional norms, but ... Read More
My Experience at the University of Miami Intensive English Program (1519 words, 5 pages)
Many years ago, the United States has been the number one destination for most immigrants. People from all over the world come to the United States either for health benefits, job opportunities or educational purposes. Here in Miami, most of the immigrants come from Middle East, Asia, and South American ... Read More
My Teaching Philosophy (814 words, 3 pages)
In language learning,I feel there are two principles. There are the rules, and contexts in which the rules apply. The rules refer to the grammar and structure of a language. The context in which they apply refers to the culture of origin. What is the difference between a native speaker ... Read More
Major Theoretical Insights around Language Acquisition: Behaviorism, Innateism, and Social Interactionism (6896 words, 24 pages)
This paper investigates the major theoretical insights around language acquisition Behaviorism, Innateism, and Social Interactionism. Each theory has it is own view of first language (L1) and second language (L2) acquisition. This paper is organized as follow it provides a brief explanation of each theory, its design and procedure, and ... Read More
Cultural Differences in Formulating Refusals (2702 words, 9 pages)
I. IntroductionEvery culture has its own unique characteristics by which it is defined and distinguished from other cultures and as a result cultural differences exist. What might be perceived as normal or polite in one culture might be perceived in another as strange, impolite, or might be misinterpreted. For example, ... Read More
English as an Instrument of Cultural Imperialism (507 words, 2 pages)
English, as known worldwide, is an international language and has been dominating the world since the colonial period. There is an undeniable fact that English is spoken by millions of people throughout the world. Thus, many people believe that English is an instrument of cultural imperialism. This is, of course, ... Read More
My Interview with a Music Student (920 words, 4 pages)
I chose to interview a music student at the University of SouthernMississippi. Victor Rodriguez came to Southern Miss five years ago andwas happy to sit down and talk about his culture and the culture he haslearned here in the United States while studying music. In my interviewI first asked the ... Read More
Bi-lingual homes in America (718 words, 2 pages)
Did you know that 1 in every 5 people in The United States speak another language at home other than English? This is the time when I had to overcome my biggest fear was when I had to learn another language. This was very scary to me because learning to ... Read More
An Argument for a Multilingual United States (1517 words, 7 pages)
For many years multilingual has been a controversial issue in the U.S. This controversy deals with whether our society is being hurt or benefited by our multilingual society. Our society has the most ethnic groups than any other place. Multilingual is The reason why there are so many people from ... Read More
My Experience Learning Spanish (585 words, 1 pages)
My attempts to learn Spanish taught me a lesson of greater importance than the language itself. Learning a second language is an important lesson to learn in life. So much so that in high school they require you to take one year of it at the minimum. I do not ... Read More
English-only Laws (1126 words, 4 pages)
People may view the language of the United States in different ways. Many people think that is does not really affect them. What they do not think about is how hard it is to speak with people who do not speak English, or how many immigration problems language causes. Often ... Read More
Disadvantages to Promoting Tourism (283 words, 1 pages)
More countries try to develop tourism sphere that guarantees long-term profit. However, negative sides of this profitable leisure are reflected on other aspects and create new problems for the government. Nevertheless, the trend of attracting tourists increases and more affects on week points caused by tourism.Firstly, stream of tourists can ... Read More
Argument for Education (603 words, 2 pages)
School is important in your life it is the decision, choices that will help you be prepared for your future and your dream goal. Many people go to school for various reasons for a successful future, to learn and get a degree.For instance, students have to go to school to ... Read More
Why Bilingual Education Is a Complex Topic (439 words, 2 pages)
Bilingual Education is a complex topic, because after researching about it, I found out that having a secondary language has great affect in many learning linguistic children in America. A Bilingual person is someone who can speak two languages. After all, around two-thirds of the worlds population are bilingual. Most ... Read More
Language and Culture (972 words, 2 pages)
Language is an essential building block in a society it gives people an identity and fortifies a country. However, when people migrate to America, language is controversially a setback. Many people struggle learning the language and feel that they should stick with their native tongue which usually leaves them verbally ... Read More
Personal Narrative of a Boy’s Struggle to Learn English (670 words, 1 pages)
I came to the United States when I was 7 years old, with my two parents and my little brother and sisters. Ive always been the type of person who has faced a lot of challenges in my life. I would say that my first year was the hardest one ... Read More
An Experience That Changed My Entire Life (523 words, 1 pages)
Im the type of person who is willing to take risks and experience things I never did throughout my life. Achieving the goals I set is essential to me. During my teen years, I had set some goals to achieve, and succeeded to undertake them. I also took a lot ... Read More
A Narrative of My Studies in Learning the English Language (1501 words, 2 pages)
Learning a new language is a tremendously difficult task. It certainly did notcomeeasy.To learn a language fully, it requiresyouto experience it, speak it, and use it on a daily basis.Growing up, it was never like that for me.In Ethiopia, English is not the official language. It is, however, the most ... Read More
Marjorie Agosín’s True Identity as Revealed through Her Writing Always Living in Spanish (207 words, 1 pages)
According to the Websters New Pocket Dictionary, identity is known as the state or fact of being the same (def. 1). An authors identity is often seen in their writing. Marjorie Agosn is one example of exposing ones true identity through her writing Always Living in Spanish.Marjorie Agosn moved to ... Read More
Marjorie Agosin’s Identity as Revealed through Her Writing Always Living in Spanish (298 words, 2 pages)
According to the Websters New Pocket Dictionary, identity is known as the state or fact of being the same (def. 1). An authors identity is often seen in their writing. Marjorie Agosn is one example of exposing ones true identity through her writing Always Living in Spanish.Always Living in Spanish ... Read More
Why It Is Important to Learn English Language (610 words, 2 pages)
Last year, my friend, who did not speak English, went to the USA. When he arrived at the IAD airport, he had a big problem. A customs official asked him, Why are you here?, and he answered, I am a tourist. Unfortunately, he pronounced it wrongly he pronounced it as ... Read More
Why English Should Be the American Language in the United States (1111 words, 5 pages)
The American LanguageAmerica is a nation that was founded by english men, a land of free men, and a land of opportunity. Many people move to the U.S. to find a better life, and since America was founded by English-speaking men, they are expected to learn this language and adapt ... Read More
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