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Societal Views, Moral Values and Civilization in Timothy Findley’s Headhunter and Margaret Atwood’s Cat’s Eye (1351 words, 3 pages)
Society can be viewed as the people who collectively live in any region or period their manners and customs, civilization, moral or material condition all define society. Society is not just people as a group but it is an individual's moral perception of how he lives through apocalyptic paradigm and ... Read More
A Paper on Advantages and Disadvantages of Commercial Databases in Law Libraries (803 words, 2 pages)
There are both advantages and disadvantages to using fee-based or commercial databases within a law library setting. The actual setting of the law library, whether it is academic or corporate, may also make a difference in whether fee-based databases prove to be advantageous. There are many advantages of electronic sources ... Read More
An Observation Record on the Elements of Teaching (904 words, 6 pages)
So you want to be come a teacher. You have probably had this desire for a long time, If someone shold ask you why, are you perpared to answer? Many reason are offered, the most frequent being "I would like working with children", or " i get along well with ... Read More
A Summary of The Case for Good Taste in Children’s Books by Meghan Cox Gurdon (1186 words, 5 pages)
In the article The Case for Good Taste in Childrens Books, by Meghan Cox Gurdon, theauthor strongly claims that many children and young adult literature are starting to offer darker content this dark content includes such as a sexual, profane, wicked, and violent content, which damages many aspects ofculture, and ... Read More
Activities in Mathematics and Literacy To Educate (719 words, 3 pages)
For this assignment I built my activity bag around two main concepts, mathematics and literacy. Because of the wide range of abilities within this classroom each of the topics and activities has varying uses based on different children and family abilities. For example, the card game Skip-bo can be fairly ... Read More
Ones Understanding of Literacy (1010 words, 3 pages)
What is literacy to me? When I first heard of this word I merely thought of reading and writing, but in actuality it can mean ones understanding of what they enjoy. This is my definition of literacy and I recently came up with the meaning when I read Bummer in ... Read More
A history of 1950s American Fashion (1707 words, 7 pages)
When people think of the fifties they think of sock hops and root beer floats. In todays society a lot of the same treads from back in the fifties are still used to this day or they are remixed. What our grandparents and parents would think is fashion we may ... Read More
Development of the HIM privacy standards in the United States (1913 words, 9 pages)
When you think of medical records you think of confidentiality and how to prevent it from leaking. Health Information Management is an organization which manages the records as well as advances the system to keep the records as secure as possible. When it comes to staffs and physicians security rules ... Read More
The Library and The World of Reading (575 words, 2 pages)
I have always been a reader for as long as I can remember, I cannot remember a time when I didnt read. My first grade teacher was one of the first persons who encouraged me to read for pleasure. I remember the day when my teacher took the whole class ... Read More
Developing Good Reading Habits (1803 words, 5 pages)
As a young child some of your most proudest moments, the biggest achievements in your eyes are things like tying your shoe, learning to count and say the alphabet, riding a bike, but I think the biggest of all is learning to read. For me I hated reading, I loved ... Read More
The Consequences of Breaking Laws (398 words, 1 pages)
The librarian will give out the information to the police officer because she is permitted to by the law, however if it was illegal she should not give out the persons personal information because she would have to face the conscious and take responsibility if the person does not turn ... Read More
The Process of Calculating the Earth’s Circumference by Eratosthenes (590 words, 2 pages)
How Did Eratosthenes Calculate the Circumference of the Earth?This essay will explain how Eratosthenes calculated the circumference of the Earth without leaving Egypt. Eratosthenes was born in approximately 276 B.C, and even though he was Greek, he lived his whole life in Egypt. Eratosthenes was known as a pentathlon, and ... Read More
An Experiment Soliciting a Society’s Reaction When Breaking a Norm (1036 words, 3 pages)
The way that we speak with other human beings is sometimes not understood or in how important it is the society conditions us to respond. The environment that we are part of we become a part of it is very indicative of how we communicate with other people. This is ... Read More
A Short Review of the Cockroach as an Identification, an Essay by Peter A. Martin (566 words, 2 pages)
Martin, Peter A. "The Cockroach As an Identification with Reference to Kafkas Metamorphosis." Children's Literature Review, edited by Lawrence J. Trudeau, vol. 193, Gale, 2014. Children's Literature Review Online, Accessed 1 Apr. 2017. Originally published in American Imago, vol. 16, no. 1, 1959, pp. 65-71.The essay The Cockroach As ... Read More
An Argument Against the Censorship of Literature in Schools Due to Racism in the Literary Works (567 words, 3 pages)
Coming from a girl that was raised by a mother who has been a librarian in public schools for twenty-five years, I believe that teachers should be able to teach any literature that meets the objectives in the curriculum. Books have been banned from English high school classes because of ... Read More
The Life and Literary Works of Arna Wendell Bontemps (442 words, 4 pages)
Arna Wendell Bontemps was born on 13 Oct. 1902 in Alexandria,Louisiana and died on 4 June 1973 at the age of 71. Bontemps attendedPacific Union College and went on to teach in Harlem during the HarlemRenaissance. At the age of 24, he married his love, Alberta Johnson andfathered six children. ... Read More
The Role of Artists Throughout History in Artists in Times of War, a Book by Howard Zinn (2243 words, 7 pages)
Howard Zinns, Artists in Times of War, gives us an insight on the role of artists throughout history. Zinn focuses on these artists and how they reacted towards the worlds happenings, most of which are on war. He also shows us that we are more than what we think we ... Read More
Breaking the Freedom of the Press Through Book Censorship (1355 words, 5 pages)
Censorship is the practice of officially examining books, movies, etc., and suppressing unacceptable parts. Nowadays, it is very common for books to be censored in certain libraries to try to keep inappropriate material from reaching children. Be it by deleting inappropriate content from the novel, or even by completely banning ... Read More
The Benefits of Growing up and Reading Books (621 words, 2 pages)
I am very lucky. I grew up in a house where I was surrounded by books constantly. My mother had a special book that she taught all of her kids to read with, with me coming in 8 years behind the last. I don't recall the name of this particular ... Read More
The Life and Fairy Tales of the Grimm Brothers (1540 words, 5 pages)
Once upon a time, two boys were born in Germany in the1780s. These two boys were brothers. They both studied law, following their fathers footsteps, but instead of becoming lawyers, they became librarians and philologists. As men, they eventually published one of the most influential books in history. Their names ... Read More
Independent Reading Should Not Be Bound by Time and Place (912 words, 3 pages)
Independent reading should not be limited or discouraged in schools. Students should be free to explore their interests and curiosities, not be forced to read required material that has little interest to them. Reading has always been a passion of mine, but if I didnt have the means to appreciate ... Read More
The Issue of Banning Books in Schools by the School Boards (388 words, 1 pages)
This is a very long article about the ways high school students (and one small section about college students) have attempted to express their First Amendment rights, but that parents or school employees have believed should be censored. The first part is about banned books, and how school boards were ... Read More
A Report on the Looking for a Poem Project – the Results of My Research (727 words, 3 pages)
At first I figured it would be simplest to try and find the poem by the Boston Public Library, because that's only a ten minute walk from my dorm. I though I could walk to the library, take a picture, and walk back, a twenty minute round trip. That didn't ... Read More
The Application of Ethical Theory and an Evaluation of a Water Quality Issue (2070 words, 7 pages)
If it is in good morals for Lauren to report David to the police is the central ethical issue to be resolved because Lauren must choose if she should of broke the Librarians code of ethics and kept Davids name or if she should have stuck to the code and ... Read More
My Inspiration in Becoming a Clarinet Player in High School (510 words, 2 pages)
Being involved in music since fourth grade has been a wonderful experience, and definitely something I would like to continue with in my education. This is my ninth year as a clarinet player, and I would not be where I am today if it weren't for my first music teacher, ... Read More
The Importance of Communication in the Library Field (675 words, 3 pages)
The Importance of Communication in the Library FieldCommunication is the most important factor in todays society. Communication has helped the world find religions, mathematics, and other world defining things. Language, writing, music, math, and more are all forms of communication. In modern civilization, careers and jobs depend on communication in ... Read More
A Report on Doing My Senior Project (732 words, 2 pages)
The idea of doing a senior project is a daunting task. The senior project is something that has stressed me out since sophomore year. As the years went on at a sloth-like pace, I became a better writer and more confident public speaker. I became more excited for the project ... Read More
The Experiences of the Author and the Influence of Books and Literature on Her Life in One Writer’s Beginnings, a Book by Eudora Welty (537 words, 2 pages)
In Eudora Wetlys One Writers Beginnings, Wetly writes about her life experiences and the way that books and literature have changed her. She writes of her story from her perspective and through personal experiences and her relationships with certain characters that she has communicated with. Wetly writes of her experiences ... Read More
Suggestions for Finding a Job (439 words, 2 pages)
In order to find a job, the more information you have the better off you are at succeeding. The type of information that Carlos needs is information about the job itself, potential future employers, and the field of the career. Information about the career field that would be deemed necessary ... Read More
The Idea of Infinity in The Book of Sand by Borges (279 words, 1 pages)
The Book of SandIn The Book of Sand, Borges again hits on one of his favorite story ideas infinity. A bookseller comes to a mans apartment and offers to sell him some bibles. At first the man isnt interested, because he already has many rare copies of the bible. However, ... Read More
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