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Malcolm X's Management of the Five Motivations of Identity Negotiation (818 words, 3 pages)
How has Malcolm Little managed (or lacked management) between the five motivations of identity negotiation and their opposites? Throughout these first three chapters you are really able to see Malcolms roller coaster ride when it come to him managing between the five motivations of identity negotiations. The five motivations of ... Read More
My Career Goals and Motivations for Wanting to Obtain Research Experience (868 words, 2 pages)
Describe your career goals and motivations for wanting to obtain research experience. As long as I can remember research has always been part of my life. There has always been the question What if? in my mind. What if I mix these two substances at the chemistry lab? What if ... Read More
John Stuart Mill and His Theory of Motivations for Happiness (1060 words, 2 pages)
A famous philosopher, John Stuart Mill, once theorized the motivations for happiness. He explains that there were two classes one was the external motivation from the hope of pleasing other people or God. The other motivation was the internal, which was to fulfill our "duty". He is absolutely right. Everything ... Read More
The Pacifist Motivations of Kurt Vonnegut in Slaughterhouse Five (1277 words, 2 pages)
Examining Vonneguts Slaughter-House Five in order to Discover the Authors Pacifist Motivations. War plays a significant role in shaping human history. The fires of war can temper a man until he is unbreakable, or they can melt him with their heat. For Kurt Vonnegut, the flames of war do something ... Read More
A Description of the Motivations as the Feeling or Ideas That Cause Us To Act Towards a Goal (435 words, 1 pages)
Motivations are feelings or ideas that cause us to act toward a goal. There are four basic theories of motivation instinct (evolutionary) theory, drive-reduction theory, arousal theory, and incentive theory. Instinct theory refers to Darwin's influence that our genes incline us to act in ways that increases our change of ... Read More
The Motivations, Evidence of Class Problems, and the Government's Handling of the 1992 Los Angeles Riots (725 words, 1 pages)
The 1992 Los Angeles Riots seen through "Front-line LA Riot" fit a numerous amount of Professor Banefields theories. They do indicate evidence of class problems and portray the governments handling of its responsibilities as poor and unorganized. There are four motivations that imply a certain character to a riot rampage, ... Read More
The Motivations for Committing Murder and How to Execute It Perfectly (329 words, 1 pages)
1. How does one commit a successful murder? To commit a successful murder you first must have a motive. Then after you have established a motive you must create a plan of attack. You need to come up with a way in which you are going to go about committing ... Read More
An Analysis of the Motivations of Iago in Othello by William Shakespeare (1260 words, 2 pages)
The Benefit of Manipulation Throughout the play, Iago is portrayed as a very jealous and angry person. He is desperately seeking revenge on a situation he has no control over. His vengeful mentality is rooted in his jealously of Cassio, for being promoted to lieutenant and anger with Othello for ... Read More
The Motivations for Gang Actions in The Destructors by Graham Greene (664 words, 1 pages)
The Destructors By Graham Greene Motivations There are numerous different reasons for the actions of gangs today. Whether they are there for destruction, cruelty and violence or to find a place to belong. But what comes along with gangs is delinquency. Each gang has motivations to what they do. The ... Read More
The Prime Motivations in the Conduct of US Foreign Policy from 1898-1941 (2131 words, 3 pages)
What Were the Prime Motivations in the Conduct of US Foreign Policy From 1898-1941? Primarily the United States entered the world political spectrum following its comprehensive victory over Spain in the Spanish-American War (1895-1898) and it was to prove the forbearer of American foreign policy for the foreseeable future. An ... Read More
Philosophical Motivations of the Human Kind (518 words, 1 pages)
Humans are the most superior living beings on Earth, and as such, are on a higher level than that of animals. Men have the ability of reasoning, thought, progress and inventiveness, and thus have formed civilizations. In this view, one would expect that such civilizations are based on cultured and ... Read More
Motivations Behind British Imperialism in Africa (1113 words, 2 pages)
British Imperialism in Africa by Jose Hernandez In the nineteenth century, Britain had a huge empire, extending to many different regions of the globe. Before 1869, Britain only controlled a small amount of land in Africa. The British concentrated on imperialism in other, more profitable places around the world places ... Read More
The Strategic and Tactical Motivations behind Terrorist Acts (714 words, 2 pages)
Reasons for resorting to terrorism vary as much as the types of people who commit terrorist acts. Terrorism generates psychological fear beyond the immediate act. Terrorist acts are a powerful medium because they undermine the rules of the state and international society. This essay will define terrorism before the strategic ... Read More
The Developments and Motivations of Myths Produced by the Media and Government (1603 words, 3 pages)
There is little consensus about the definition of "crime". The media advertises crime by what acts are reacted to by the police and courts whereas a lawyer sees crime as acts that have been defined as crimes by the written law. A myth can be defined as a belief or ... Read More
The Interpretation of the Morals and Motivations of the Roman Emperors According to Tacitus Cornelius (1966 words, 3 pages)
Tacitus Cornelius, born during the reign of the emperor Nero, gives us a grim and cynical narration of Roman history. Despite his political success, he lamented a century's worth of continually reduced aristocratic power. It is from this bias that he describes the reigns of the Julio-Claudian emperors in the ... Read More
A Re-Evalution of Israel's Actions in the Mid-East Conflict and Its Motivations (2719 words, 5 pages)
A Re-Evaluation of Israel's Actions in the Mid-East Conflict Examination of the situations that created and motivated Israel -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Part I-From Partition to War Now it can be told- Western historians are re-examining the troubled 20th century history of Israel and Palestine. Previously published revelations of Israel's military strength and ... Read More
An Analysis of the Protagonist's Motivations in A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce (1847 words, 3 pages)
The Misogyny of the Artist as a Young Man In most novels there are always certain aspects of the protagonist's life that serve as the basis from which the character is motivated to create or to encounter particular events. Often times these motivations are the key that the protagonist needs ... Read More
An Analysis of Obligation and Charitable Motivations in Famine, Affluence and Morality by Peter Singer (642 words, 1 pages)
Peter Singer, the author of Famine, Affluence, and Morality, attempts to distinguish between obligation and charitable motivations. He tries to show that wealthy people should do more to help the people of the world who are needy and suffering from famine. Many people think that giving to famine relief is ... Read More
The Real Motivations for the Ancient Trend of Colonization (1223 words, 2 pages)
Colonization The promise of new riches and the potential discovery of the fabled Northwest Passage were the primary objectives, which fueled the exploration of the New World. Yet these goals were not practical enough when the European nations decided to colonize the Americas. Apparently, "a prosperous and enduring colonial empire ... Read More
The Motivations of Characters in the Play The Crucible by Arthur Miller (858 words, 1 pages)
There is a lot of confusion is the play The Crucible as to what the certain motivations of the characters in the play is. Why are some of the characters lying about sightings of the devil with certain people they are trying to get rid of? The motivations of John ... Read More
The Motivations to Attend College (699 words, 2 pages)
Every person in the United States is required to attend some schooling. Since college is not required, there are so many reasons not to go. Motivation is one of the biggest reasons that people do go. There are so many things that motivate different people to attend college.Probably one of ... Read More
An Analysis of the Important Role in Motivations and Lives of All the Character in a History Plays Throughout All the King's Men (1249 words, 2 pages)
Throughout All the King's Men, history plays an important role in the motivations and lives of all the characters. History's importance is most noticeable, not surprisingly, in the story main characters - Willie Stark and Jack Burden - whose lives focus on and, in some cases, depend upon history and ... Read More
An Analysis of the Myths and Motivations for the Future of Non-Profit Organizations in Public (1304 words, 3 pages)
Myths Motivations and the Future of Non-Profit OrganizationsMyths, Motivations the Future of Non-ProfitsRecent trends appear to be supportive of a greater role for nonprofit organizations. Indeed, we see the continuing increase, expansion and strengthening of nonprofits in the decade ahead. However, their long-term financial viability will remain in question unless ... Read More
The Motivations of Willy Loman in Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller (1812 words, 2 pages)
Since the time of its release in 1949, Death of a Salesman has been the topic of many a heated discussion. No one, not even Miller himself, can fully agree on who Willy Loman is or what his motivations are whether or not he is a tragic hero, or precisely ... Read More
An Analysis of the Motivations for the Cold War between the United States and Soviet Union (2026 words, 3 pages)
The Cold War was a response to the perceived threat by the United States that Communism would interfere with national security and economic stakes in the world. It was a perceived threat by communist countries that the United States would take to the world. During the Cold War, the United ... Read More
The Four Basic Motivations for Reform in the Middle East (582 words, 1 pages)
The main cause of is reform, weather it be political, governmental, or religious. The most common cause of is religious reform because it usually last much longer than the other two types. The fighting in Ireland and Middle East has been going on for a very long time and they ... Read More
An Analysis of the Motivations Behind William Kane's Actions in the Novel Kane and Abel by Jeffrey Archer (658 words, 1 pages)
MotivationWilliam Lowell Kane was born into a family of established wealth and status. As far as Williams father was concerned, the expectation, in fact the reason for his birth, was for William to assume the position of president and chairman of the family bank. In order to understand the actions ... Read More
A Study of the Motivations for Self-Presentations (630 words, 1 pages)
People go to great lengths to manage the impression people have of us. We often change our behaviors drastically to fit some stereotype or just to impress. Thus self-presentation is the process of pushing a certain image to others. According to Goffman (1959), self-presentation is the information management process. He ... Read More
An Evaluation of various Motivations and Strategies to Success (440 words, 1 pages)
Many people are driven and enthused by success tales, recipes and commendations of others. Success, even though it is not yours, feels pleasant. It feels comfy. One lives in that moment and wants to remain in it. Many people on the other hand, are scared of failure. They bury their ... Read More
An Overview of the Alternatives for the Worker Motivations by Max Weber in Bureacracy (993 words, 2 pages)
There are many alternatives that are used to motivate workers beyond the conventional bureaucratic ways that was once thought of as the only way to control workers. Since the 1960's we have learned a great deal of information leading to the discovery of alternatives to bureaucratic organizations. Today, bureaucratic ideas ... Read More
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