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An Analysis of My Unfortunate Experiences in My High School Days (622 words, 1 pages)
Throughout my eighteen years of experience, I have learned that life is not always fair. Sometimes certain unexpected and unexplainable events can change one's outlook on life. Upon witnessing the tragic death of another human being, I suddenly realized just how fragile and unpredictable life can be. It was June ... Read More
The Creative Writing, My High School Days (848 words, 1 pages)
During all of high school, I seemed as if I were hiding behind a mask. When I was at home I was a totally different person. At school I was trying to be a person who could fit in, but the more I tried the more it didnt seem to ... Read More
An Analysis of My Struggles and Experiences in My High School Days (1579 words, 3 pages)
When I was 11 years old, I started to stray away from my familys values. This prompted a whole new set of problems at school. "He is unsupportable, read part of one of the nicer letters that came home from school.My mother had bitterly warned me, that if I didn't ... Read More
An Analysis of the Various Types of People I Encountered in My High School Days (683 words, 1 pages)
High School, it is where you will meet a variety of people. It is one of your first exposures to what you think the world is going to be like. In high school, you have your in crowd, your freaks, and of course your nerds. Pretty much everyone fit into ... Read More
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