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My Biggest Loss: My Mum’s Death (922 words, 2 pages)
The day my world ended, was the day my Mom left me here for good to fend for myself. You see, I always had it hard and had to grow up faster than most kids my age but I was perfectly okay with that. I just never thought that I ... Read More
My Days with Papa (753 words, 1 pages)
I knew him as PaPa--not Grandad, Pops, or Grandpa, but Papa. As a little boy, he was the giant at the top of Jack's beanstalk, Poppa Bear of the three bears, and the Genie in Aladdin's magic lamp. He was my hero, my friend, and teacher of life. Once when ... Read More
The View from My Mound (978 words, 2 pages)
Id like to invite you to a special place, a place where dreams and fantasies come true. It is a place where you can be who you want to be, say what you want to say, or do what you want to do. I call it The Mound. The Mound ... Read More
My Stay at Highfied School (538 words, 2 pages)
During my stay at the school I have participated in many activities ranging from football to inter-form activities, these activities being mainly sports based. I enjoyed playing for the school football team during the first two years at the school, winning numerous trophies. Rugby has been the activity which I ... Read More
An Account of Events in My Typical Work Day (2173 words, 4 pages)
A typical work dayMy typical work day begins at 830 in the morning with a visit to either Credit Agricole Indosuez, a French bank with whom my company has a classified credit facility, or to Janata, a nationalized bank which is considering our proposal for debt financing of an Acrylic ... Read More
My Worst Teacher (392 words, 1 pages)
You might complain that you had a devil for a teacher but none comes close to my seventh grade English teacher nicknamed Mrs. Gulch. This teacher was so mean to me that I dreaded attending her classes. She not only humiliated me before my classmates, but also made me look ... Read More
What Goes on During a Death Penalty (630 words, 1 pages)
Dead. Wrong. Most people do not know what goes on during a death penalty. The following is an eye witness account of an Arizona gas chamber execution given by Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens "When the fumes enveloped Don's head he took a quick breath. A few seconds later, ... Read More
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