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Discovering the Genotypes of Parents by Identifying the Phenotypes of Offspring in Barley Plants (1599 words, 7 pages)
IntroductionIn this experiment, investigators will be determining the parents genotype by verifying what phenotype or physical traits the offspring barley plants have. By determining the pigmentation of the offspring (whether they are green or white), one can determine whether the plant is homozygous or heterozygous. Homozygous (a green plant), is ... Read More
A Lab Experiment to Determine the Zebrafish Genotypes of the Parents of Different Parental Phenotypes (546 words, 3 pages)
Zebrafish AssignmentAbstractZebrafish are excellent model organisms. Not only do they grow and reproduce quickly, but they also have transparent embryos. Due to these features, plus the fact that zebrafish share a high degree of sequence and functional homology with mammals, including humans, they are studied in the field of genetics ... Read More
Differences Between Behavioral Phenotypes Among Populations (952 words, 3 pages)
Differences between behavioral phenotypes among populationsYears of studying evolution among populations in a countless number of species has led to widespread acknowledgement that many physical traits, skin pigmentation for example, differ among humans as a result of an evolutionary process occurring over many generations. Similarly, some scientists have now made ... Read More
An Argument Against the Use of Forensics to Infer Phenotypes from Genotypes (528 words, 2 pages)
Forensics, in past and present, holds true to being a very useful technology. So useful in fact, that professions have been birthed from it. I believe that forensics is a very useful and reliable technology, inside laboratories and also within police tape. However, the topic of discussion is whether or ... Read More
An Analysis of the Phenotype Characteristics of Males and Females (1019 words, 2 pages)
For my human genetics research paper, I have selected , or XXY Syndrome to further investigate. At first, I was stuck on what I should choose, but while searching the web for possible diseases or genetic traits, I came across a lot of useful information and many sites involving . ... Read More
Effects of Environmental Factors on the Phenotype of Pea Plants (398 words, 2 pages)
Aim To investigate the effect of one environmental factor on the phenotype of pea plants Background Information Pea seeds are available with identical genetic information for height - tall or dwarf peas. These seeds can be used to demonstrate the effect of the environment on the final height of the ... Read More
Using the Endophenotype Approach When Studying Addictive Disorders (19010 words, 19 pages)
Addictive disorders have been studied from genetic perspective for morethan ten years. Before, they were believed to be associated withindividual's personality weakness. Endophenotype is a concept that helpsto investigate genetic impact on psychiatric disorders like addiction.The perspective is linking genes and the phenotype of particularpsychiatric disorder on neurobiological, neuroanatomical, orneuropsychological ... Read More
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