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Understanding and Resolving Conflicts (754 words, 2 pages)
I'm part of a generation that unfortunately grew up during fourteenyears of war in Liberia and now is involved with the daunting task oftransforming the country from war to peace. Understanding conflict withan array of analytical tools is vital for its resolution. David Keen'sbook Complex Emergencies'' tends to be a ... Read More
The Role of Communication in Resolving Conflicts (462 words, 2 pages)
Negotiation skills are very important in communication, and necessary to resolve conflicts or get what you want. The easiest way to negotiate is by using the four principles described in Getting to Yes. A good BATNA is also important in negotiations. After learning these skills, I decided to use them ... Read More
The Use of the Peacewheel in Resolving Conflict (744 words, 3 pages)
Peacewheel with FamilyThe peacewheel. I remember back in elementary school, we had a variation of this on our playground to help us solve conflicts. It was big, attached to a table, painted colorfully, and you could spin it. I once had to use it with one of my friends when ... Read More
The Different Ways in Resolving Conflict within an Organization (2013 words, 7 pages)
ReadNow is a national, nonprofit organization that strives to increase literacy rates among children. To do so, ReadNow hands out books to children and families across the United States. ReadNow, because the nonprofit spans across the United States, has branches, or chapters, that facilitate the mission of the organization.One particular ... Read More
An Overview of Autocratic Leadership: The Application and Relevance in Resolving Conflicts in an Organization (2162 words, 10 pages)
An autocratic leadership is one where power is under a single person who holds the supreme control without any limitations. Autocracy can be in the form of either military dictatorship or a totalitarian regime. This form of governance like many others has both its strengths and weakness. This paper will ... Read More
An Analysis of the Issues to Consider when Resolving Conflicts in an Organization (693 words, 2 pages)
IntroductionConflicts are inevitable between different departments in an organization. They arise as a result of poor communication of management policies and decisions, inadequate resources and job or role clashes. Conflicts deter productivity and affect levels of confidence of the departments and individuals involved. If handled effectively, conflicts may help in ... Read More
The Process of Identifying and Resolving Conflict in the Workplace (2643 words, 4 pages)
Abstract The process of identifying and resolving conflict is researched and documented. The topics researched were what conflict is, its causes, how it is managed, and how it impacts the workplace. Not all conflict is negative. Conflict can be positive if resolved properly. The ideas or suggestions derived from conflict ... Read More
Resolving Conflicts before Victimization (715 words, 1 pages)
Stopping the Hate Communities are built out of many types of people. Race, color, religion, and gender are the foundations in which a community is built. These differences can cause conflicts amongst the people living in our communities, which results in issues of unfair treatment, prejudice, and hate. Once people ... Read More
The Significance of War in Resolving Conflicts (807 words, 2 pages)
War has been used since the beginning of recorded history as a means of resolving conflicts, securing more land, gaining wealth, or for ideological changes. This world has become too dependent on war and violence for changes. Since the end of World War II there have been over 40 conflicts ... Read More
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