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An Examination of the Efficacy of Affirmative Action in Our Modern Times (1164 words, 5 pages)
The debate over the implementation of affirmative action at the workplace, school and in national and global politics continues to getcomplicated with demographic changes and gender power shifts take effect inthe world. Affirmative action is based on the principle of implementingfairness and equal distribution of economic and political power equitablyamong ... Read More
The Rise of the Social Problem of Teenage Pregnancy in Our Modern Society (1485 words, 6 pages)
IntroductionTeenage pregnancy is a growing social problem in a society today. It is defined as a teenage girl, usually within the ages of 13 to 19, becoming pregnant. The term in everyday talking usually refers to girls who have not reached legal adulthood, which varies across the world, who become ... Read More
Are Gamers Our Future or the Destruction of It? (1019 words, 3 pages)
Gamers could possibly be the answer to our future or they could be the very thing destroying it. Games strengthen the minds of humans to help face any rougness in the future. On the other hand, these games and devices are taking away from human interaction leaving us uncomfortable to ... Read More
The Issues Surrounding Our Cybersecurity (2924 words, 12 pages)
IntroductionOver the past thirty or so years, our technology has evolved tremendously. We have gone from having to sit in a stable spot to make phone calls with a rotary dial all the way to where a person literally has a computer in the palm of his or her hand ... Read More
A Discussion on the Unnecessary Law of Teens Not Being Allowed to Drive Past 10 PM (585 words, 2 pages)
When someone turns sixteen two things come to mind, a big party and getting a driver's license. Driving is something most people look forward to. Driving allows teens to get places without being driven by mommy and daddy. When a teen earns hisher driver's license, they are not just given ... Read More
The Controversies Surrounding the Issues of Abortion in Our Society in America (1651 words, 6 pages)
Currently, abortion is one of the most controversial issues in our society.The 1973 supreme court ruling of Roe v. Wade allowed for women to legally obtain abortions throughout their entire pregnancy, however, conditions were put into place that allowed for states to regulate abortions during the second and third trimesters ... Read More
The Issue of ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ DADT (847 words, 4 pages)
An effective commander-in-chief is one who is able both to maintain satisfaction and usher improvements throughout the armed forces, as well as serve the general American interests worldwide militarily while maintaining foreign relations and minimizing unnecessary military action. By this metric, Obama's performance can be rated as average, mostly due ... Read More
Our World vs. Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451: One in the Same? (1203 words, 5 pages)
Our World vs. Fahrenheit 451 One in the Same? Ray Bradbury is an American novelist, best known for writingFahrenheit 451. In Fahrenheit 451, a futuristic society is portrayed wherepeople's minds are taken over by media and the government. Books are burnedby firemen to destroy knowledge and thought. Happiness is put ... Read More
An Argument in Favor of Improving Our Gambling Regulations (2573 words, 9 pages)
From my understanding, betterment is any improvements that benefit to people can be defined as better. Betterment on a system can benefit people, and in order to make a system better, we need to define the problem and seek for solutions. In 2007, Americans lost more than 92 billion gambling, ... Read More
The Places Where We Learn Language In Our Lives (1361 words, 2 pages)
Language in Our LivesHave you ever wondered who taught you to talk the way you do? People learn to talk and express themselves everyday of their lives. Starting from the day you were born you used language or some form of it to communicate with those around you. As a ... Read More
The Sexism in Our Laws (1267 words, 2 pages)
Brad WilsonWomen Studies4 page paper101300We live in a republic governed not just by majority rule but also by law. We use law in our country to limit the power of majority rule. The basic reason that we do this is because society can be flawed. This flaw can come from ... Read More
Acid Rain Now Considered a Leading Threat of Our Environment (956 words, 4 pages)
Acid Rain Within this past century, acidity of the air and acid rain have becomerecognized as one of the leading threats to our planets environment. No longerlimited by geographic boundaries, acid causing emissions are causing problemsall over the world. Some laws have been passed which limit the amount ofpollutants that ... Read More
The Internal Scar in My Life (732 words, 3 pages)
"Mommy, I've killed God." You wanted a scar there it is, plain as day(no two-level, deep meanings attached). My scar isn't external, nor, do Isuppose, is it internal. Heck, I don't know what it is but all my life I knowit's been my scar, my burden. I have a problem ... Read More
An Analysis of the Thought of Our World Today (685 words, 1 pages)
Thinking of our world today makes me wonder about tomorrow, a year, a decade, or a century later. I look back at what we did in the past and what we have accomplished as a race, a human race. It makes me realize how much can happen in a matter ... Read More
The Result of Our Feelings (1473 words, 2 pages)
The principle of utility is that pleasure and happiness are valuable, pain and suffering are disvaluable, and anything else only causes the happiness or adds to the suffering. A utilitarian is someone who believes the principle of utility to be correct, and is therefore concerned with maximizing the utility of ... Read More
A Summary of Our Town (700 words, 1 pages)
Our Town is a play that takes place near the turn of the century in the small rural town of Grover s Corners, New Hampshire. The playwright, Thornton Wilder is trying to convey the importance of the little, often unnoticed things in life. Throughout the first two acts he builds ... Read More
An Essay on Our Media-Saturated World (2000 words, 3 pages)
Our world is media-saturated ads, TV, radio, internet, movies, magazines, newspapers, billboards, video games. Media sends messages on several levels written words which people think are most important but they really aren't and images which are much more powerful and create an ongoing debate about whether the portrayal f women ... Read More
A Description of How God Gave His Only Son to Save Us from Our Sins (486 words, 1 pages)
A New Level of Justice On April 19, 1995, the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City was bombed, killing 168 people and injuring more than 800 people. Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols were found guilty of the terrorist attack and were sentenced to death. On June 11, 2001, ... Read More
Our Drive to Write (563 words, 1 pages)
Why We WriteWhy We WriteJessica AngelsonOn Monday nights I get together with a few friends to exchange ideas about writing and to exchange pieces that we have written. A few Mondays ago one of those friends was having the most fundamental of creative writing problems. Why should I ever write ... Read More
Drugs in our Society (1874 words, 3 pages)
I. Thesis and Literature Summary In our contemporary society, the media constantly bombards us with horror stories about drugs like crack-cocaine. From them, and probably from no other source, we learn that crack is immediately addictive in every case, we learn that it causes corruption, crazed violence, and almost always ... Read More
Scars Tell Our Past (2967 words, 8 pages)
Body shaking, stomach throwing everything up and out, she could hardly breathe, all she could taste was vomit, she begin to shake again, she knew the anesthesia was wearing off. Water, Sprite, Mountain Dew, either ended up in the toilet or marble floor or in the puke bucket from the ... Read More
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