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Effects of Tanning (759 words, 4 pages)
Today, people spend a lot of time critiquing themselves and strive to look better. According to popular belief, the quickest way to look better is to have that bronze sheen. Women have been tanning naturally under the sun for years. Yet, combined with the technology today and the need for ... Read More
Indoor and Outdoor Tanning (923 words, 3 pages)
It would be very hard to argue that a big controversy in America is tanning. Many people overlook the productive and contrary arguments of sun tanning. There are many ways to get tan skin, but the two ways that many people tend to argue about are indoor tanning and outdoor ... Read More
How Tanning Beds Are Dangerous (673 words, 2 pages)
Growing up, I heard all about how tanning would make you look thinnerand more beautiful. In the town I grew up in if you were under eighteenyears of age your parents had to sign a consent form to tan. Unfortunately, my parents would not sign for me no matter how ... Read More
Tanning and the Risks of Skin Cancer (1447 words, 2 pages)
Everyone knows the risks that come with ultra violet light exposure and tanning, but does anyone really know the benefits? Only about a decade ago people were going to the beaches to get burnt. They thought it was the means of a good tan. Today however people now know the ... Read More
Tanning Salons May Pose Higher Risk of Getting Skin Cancers (2681 words, 9 pages)
INTRODUCTION Catch the Audiences Attn. The rate of skin cancer in the United States population has doubled over the last 20 years. In the U.S. this year about 65,000 Americans are expected to develop skin cancer. One in seven of todays children is expected to develop some form of skin ... Read More
The Dangers of Prolonged Skin Tanning (582 words, 2 pages)
'The Dangers of Wanting a Dark Tan.' Have you ever been to a beach or water park and seen all the teenagers with dark, almost tropical tans? Though the look is appealing, every time you go out into the sun with unprotected skin you are putting yourself at risk of ... Read More
Analysis of the Work and Life of Dorothea Tanning, an American Painter, Sculptor, Writer and Poet (921 words, 2 pages)
Art History Guardian Angels Dorothea Tanning was born August 25, 1910 in Galesburg Illinois. She was an artist from a very young age, showing interest in her free time, as she worked first in a library, then doing school publications, and finally a booth at Chicagos World Fair in 1931. ... Read More
The Benefits of Tanning (1506 words, 3 pages)
Does Tanning Cause Cancer? Tanning, the process in which sun activates the pigment in your skin which produces a bronze color called a tan. We think that with the new scientific technologies we can have the real look of the tan without the harmful rays of the sun. When we ... Read More
A Discussion on the Negative Health Effects of Tanning (352 words, 1 pages)
The Darker Side of Tanning Public health experts and medical professionals are continuing to warn people about the dangers of ultraviolet radiation from the sun, tanning beds, and sun lamps. Two types of ultraviolet radiation are Ultraviolet A and Ultraviolet B. Ultraviolet B has long been associated with sunburn, while ... Read More
An Analysis of the Dark Truth Looking in Magazines or Watching Television on Tanning Beds (1710 words, 3 pages)
Tanning Beds The Dark Truth Looking in magazines or watching television anyone can see that the latest trend is to have a dark golden tan, even in the winter. Tanning beds are used by people to tan all year around men and women are no longer forced to schedule around ... Read More
An Essay on the Ban on Teenagers from Tanning Salons (1009 words, 1 pages)
Ban teenagers from tanning salonsFive percent of the business at San Diego's Hollywood Tans was from teenagers. The number of teenagers going to tanning salons is on the rise. The annual revenue brought in by teenagers using the salons has reached five billion dollars (California 1). Although it helps the ... Read More
The Dangers of Sun Tanning and How to Prevent Skin Cancer (1828 words, 4 pages)
The Dangers of Sun TanningWhat used to be considered a harmless and relaxing activity to do in the sun, is now considered a dangerous and deadly, cancer causing thing to do. What I speak of is Sun Tanning. Not only is sun tanning dangerous, now, even being out in the ... Read More
An Introduction to the Issue of Tanning Beds and Salons and Their Effects on Human Body (402 words, 1 pages)
Tanning BedsSalons What exactly is tanning? Tanning is your bodys natural response that occurs when your skin is exposed to ultraviolet radiation (UV) such as the sun. Exposure to UV radiation from sunlamps and beds can add to the total amount of UV radiation you can receive in your lifetime. ... Read More
A Discussion on Tanning Beds/Salons (402 words, 1 pages)
Tanning BedsSalonsWhat exactly is tanning? Tanning is your bodys natural response that occurs when your skin is exposed to ultraviolet radiation (UV) such as the sun. Exposure to UV radiation from sunlamps and beds can add to the total amount of UV radiation you can receive in your lifetime. UVA ... Read More
The Harmful Effects of Artificial Tanning on the Human Body (2537 words, 9 pages)
Americas Silent Killer The Risks of Artificial TanningGrowing up, Chelsea was surrounded by many avid tanners, including her aunt and both of her grandmothers. At the age of fourteen, she visited her first tanning salon. Over the next six years, Chelsea tanned between twelve and sixteen times a year. When ... Read More
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