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An Analysis of Teaching Mathematics in Children (641 words, 1 pages)
According to the authors of "Instead of Teaching Missing Addends", a 1998 article published in Teaching Children Mathematics, it is not necessary to give children formal instruction of missing addends, provided they are given other meaningful opportunities to develop numerical reasoning. This assertion is based upon research drawn from a ... Read More
The Methods Used in Teaching Mathematics (1834 words, 7 pages)
Methods of Teaching MathematicsTeaching mentally challenged students mathematics can be a very difficult andcomplicated task. There are numerous methods that teachers use to teach these children, yetsome are much more effective than others. There are different classroom settings that enablestudents with mental handicaps to learn more effectively and others which ... Read More
An Outline of Teaching Mathematics at the Seventh Grade Level in the United States (3891 words, 8 pages)
Teaching Seventh Grade MathThis essay provides a course outline by answering 11 questions regarding teaching math at the seventh-grade level. Teaching MathIIntroductionThis paper doesnt follow our usual format instead, it answers specific questions regarding teaching math to seventh-graders. In working on the outline, Ive also tried to be aware of ... Read More
The Creative Writing, Teaching Mathematics (601 words, 2 pages)
Relating mathematics to students' everyday lives will be a goal for me as a teacher. With the research that I have read and through my own struggle with math, I feel that children need to make connections between the real world and mathematical concepts, so that mathematics becomes relevant to ... Read More
The Methods of Teaching Mathematics to Students (1874 words, 8 pages)
AbstractThis paper offers an examination of a mathematical method of instruction. There are a plethora of different ways to teach mathematics effectively and this paper will cover hands-on teaching. It will specifically cover different entities. The history of hands-on learning will be discussed, the definition of what hands-on learning is ... Read More
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