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A Content Analysis of Student Characters in Educational Psychology Textbooks (970 words, 4 pages)
Introduction Gender bias is defined to be the preconceived notion about the abilities of women and men that prevent individuals from pursuing their own interests and achieving their potential (Best 2010 UNICEF 2010). Title IX of the Education Amendment Act of 1972, states that gender discrimination became illegal in schools ... Read More
Supplementing Textbooks with Literature to Develop a Foundation and Knowledge of the Five Geographical Themes (2612 words, 10 pages)
There are many benefits to gaining geographic knowledge such as understanding current events, developing spatial relationships, and gaining appreciation for diversity, but states, school districts, and teachers need to be willing to take the time to teach this knowledge. Also, state educators who are willing to teach geography need to ... Read More
Tablets vs. Textbooks (1202 words, 3 pages)
With the new days of technology, society has created new devices that help out education wise. The debate on tablets versus textbooks has been a recent issue since more and more people start to buy them for reading purposes. The idea of ditching hard cover textbooks and bringing in small ... Read More
Advantages of Classrooms Providing Textbooks (520 words, 2 pages)
College textbooks are the foundation for the curriculum both for teachers and students. I believe students would benefit the most from a classroom set of textbooks as they are a crucial part of our education. Additionally, it would be helpful both for teachers and students to use for support and ... Read More
Misleading Information About the Civil War Found in Textbooks (2156 words, 3 pages)
Thesis The world today is blinded from the truth about the "Civil War" just like they are the truth of the creation vs. evolution debate. Theyre blinded in the same way as well, misleading text books. The truth is that the North, Lincoln, etc. werent as great as they claimed ... Read More
An Analysis of California School System Textbooks Replacement (579 words, 2 pages)
California School System Textbook Replacement California School System Textbook Replacement AnalysisCalifornia schools to teach fiction as history?School history textbooks in California are sought to be revised by pressure groups to accommodate and extol the hindutva view of Indian history, says Romila Thaper, Professor of History of Jawaharlal Nehru University, New ... Read More
An Analysis of Our Textbooks Which Has a Lot of Information on Richard Nixon (573 words, 3 pages)
Our textbooks had a lot of information on Richard Nixon he did many different things in his life. Since I am concentrating on the Watergate scandal I read the section in the book about that. The information was on pages 775- 781. It discussed what the Watergate scandal was about. ... Read More
Understanding the Process of Recommendations of Personnel Textbooks (3442 words, 5 pages)
On dealing with the premiss that the practice of recruitment and selection is a long way from the recommendations of personnel textbooks, distinction must be taken into account between explicit recommendations and guidelines, on one hand, and, on the other, implicit suggestions stemming from the author's own stance. The implications ... Read More
A Review on Student Textbooks in James Loewen's Lies My Teacher Told Me (1941 words, 3 pages)
High school history textbooks are seen, by students, as presenting the last word on American History. Rarely, if ever, do they question what their text tells them about our collective past. According to James W. Loewen's Lies My Teacher Told Me, they should be. Loewen has spent considerable time and ... Read More
A Proposal for an Online Marketplace for Buying, Selling, and Trading Textbooks for Students of All Three Campuses of Rutgers (6880 words, 18 pages)
Dear Mr. HarelThe Office of Technology Commercialization is known for allowing Rutgers faculty, staff and students a medium for creating change in the Rutgers community. Because the cost of textbooks is rising, Rutgers students have been facing difficulty in buying textbooks. This can lead to students doing poorly in class ... Read More
An Introduction to the Comparison of Physical Textbooks and E-Textbooks (1331 words, 5 pages)
Physical Textbooks vs. E-TextbooksIt is a known fact that being a college student can be stressful. Homework, exams, and pop quizzes are all general contributing factors for increasing a students stress level. However, textbooks are the secret to prevent stress from these factors. Textbooks help us cover material that we ... Read More
A Comparison between the Advantages and Disadvantages of Two Business Models in the Textbook Industry: E-Textbooks and Traditional Textbooks (790 words, 3 pages)
The textbook industry has split into two distinct companies, the e-textbook and traditional textbook companies. These businesses present twobusiness models in regard to the products they deal with. The customervalue proposition for traditional textbook are mainly because it helpsstudents highlight important points using marking pens, students can alsotake notes on ... Read More
Changing the Status-Quo of American History Textbooks in The People's History of the United States by Howard Zinn (1166 words, 5 pages)
In his 1980 American History, republished in 2003, The Peoples History of the United States, author Howard Zinn sets out to challenge the status-quo of American history textbooks and to awaken a greater consciousness of class conflict, racial injustice, sexual inequality, and national arrogance. To this end, Zinn presents the ... Read More
A Look at the Contradictions and Biases in Historic Textbooks in the Book "Indians": Textualism, Morality, and the Problem of History by Jane Tompkins (1497 words, 5 pages)
As children, we naively flipped through picture books detailing Columbuss triumphant journey to the New World, where he was greeted by quaint, native people whose submission granted him access to the lands we now call home. We were told about their simple mannerisms, their elaborate headdresses, and their medieval ways ... Read More
The Unreasonable Price of College Textbooks (3297 words, 11 pages)
Broke and Hungry The Unforgiving Cost of College Textbooks As I log on to check my bank account online, my heart sinks and my hands shake. After paying for three classes at 313 apiece and my rent, I know it is probably a very sad day for my waning checking ... Read More
American History and its Misrepresentations in Textbooks and in the American Educational System in James W. Loewen's Lies My Teacher Told Me (2316 words, 8 pages)
"It would be better not to know so many things than to know so many thingsthat are not so." James W. Loewen's Lies My Teacher Told Me discussesAmerican History, and the misrepresentations and absence present intextbooks and the American educational system. It is an attempt toilluminate many of the discrepancies ... Read More
The Discrepancies and Inaccuracies of History Textbooks in Lies My Teacher Told Me, a Book by James W. Loewen (1702 words, 6 pages)
The book Lies My Teacher Told Me by James W. Loewen focuses on many of the discrepancies and inaccuracies of history textbooks that are used in schools. Loewen insists that many teachers rely on textbooks and are afraid to deviate from the information in the textbooks. Throughout the book, Loewen ... Read More
The Importance of Checking the Source of Our Textbooks (497 words, 2 pages)
Religion vs Evolution Were back Textbooks drive the college education one classroom at a time. However, no one takes a chance to look and see where that textbook was published from. Oftentimes, our textbooks are published from Texas and we never even thought twice about that. Although, with the latest ... Read More
A Comparison of the Textbooks and TV in Children Education (1151 words, 4 pages)
Teaching through Textbooks vs. TVChildrens education has always been a major focus in our society. The standard form of educating children is through school teachers, resources, textbooks. This method is somewhat set in stone as a reliable method for childrens education. With the ongoing advancements of technology, though, the ways ... Read More
A Study on the Expensive Price of College Textbooks (517 words, 2 pages)
Research conducted by the Student PIRGs (Public Interest ResearchGroups) found that since 2006, the price of college textbooks has risen by73, which is four times the rate of inflation. College textbooks aregenerally chosen by the professor or instructor of the class and rarely isthe price of the book taken into ... Read More
The Importance of Providing Textbooks in Colleges (605 words, 3 pages)
Should Colleges Provide Textbooks?Higher education everywhere continues to be very important for our own personal success and for the better of our country both socially and economically. With the rising cost of textbooks, students are paying an average of 1,200 dollars each year on textbooks alone. That is the equivalent ... Read More
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