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The Roles and Responsibilities of the United States President (717 words, 3 pages)
The President of the United States of America has a hefty load. The position he holds is arguably the most important job any American could ever have or want. The Presidents primary job is to represent the people of the United States in a manner of equitability from either side ... Read More
A Comparison of Power of the United States President and the United Kingdom Prime Minister (3092 words, 4 pages)
Brian Moke Dr. Chambers Political Science 245 10 April 2001 Who is More Powerful The US President or the British Prime Minister The comparison of authority between the United States President and the British Prime Minister appears from the onset, to provide some interesting differences. To clearly define who holds ... Read More
The Controversial United States President Reagan's Tax Cuts and Foreign Policy in the 1980s (1357 words, 3 pages)
The Reagan Tax Cuts and Foreign Policy During the 1980's President Ronald Reagan's (our 40th president from 1981 to 1989) domestic policy of a substantial tax cut led to greatly increased economic prosperity for our country. During Reagan's administration marked changes were made to the tax code and economic statistics ... Read More
A Biography of President Abraham Lincoln the United States President (829 words, 2 pages)
Lincoln warned the South in his Inaugural Address "In your hands, my dissatisfied fellow countrymen, and not in mine, is the momentous issue of civil war. The government will not assail you.... You have no oath registered in Heaven to destroy the government, while I shall have the most solemn ... Read More
A Look at the Criticism of United States President Clinton on President George Bush's War Agendas (1025 words, 2 pages)
President George Bush could build an awesome multilateral coalition for going to war with Saddam Hussein, but he didnt know the price of milk. That was the story of the 1992 presidential campaign, in which Bill Clinton sold himself to America as a candidate focused exclusively on domestic policy. Seven ... Read More
A Comparison of the 1912 and 2000 United States Presidential Elections (596 words, 1 pages)
Woodrow Wilson and William Howard Taft in nineteen-twelve were counterparts to Al Gore and George W. Bush in two thousand. There were others running for presidency as well, just as there are today, but for the purpose of this paper, we shall compare and contrast only these four. First, let ... Read More
United States Presidential Management Styles (709 words, 1 pages)
Just as every person has his or her own style about them, each president has had a different way of managing the executive office. Each president has certain values and beliefs which are reflected in the style that is chosen to manage the institution of the presidency. Presidential management focuses ... Read More
A Description of the United States Presidents in Using the Power of Their Office To Establish Policies To Achieve a Goal For the Nation (375 words, 1 pages)
United States Presidents have used the power of their office to establish policies to achieve a goal for the nation. One of the first major national goals achieved was Abraham Lincolns Emancipation Proclamation. The Emancipation Proclamation was issued by Abraham Lincoln on January 1, 1863, during the American Civil War, ... Read More
An Analysis of the New Deal Developed of United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt (385 words, 1 pages)
The New Deal was developed of United States president Franklin D. Roosevelt. It was a program that took effect between 1933 and 1938 to help work with the effects of the Great Depression. Roosevelt developed many new federal programs and agencies to help reduce unemployment and restore the economy. His ... Read More
The Powers and Limits of the United States President (1569 words, 3 pages)
Presidential Use Of ForceBrooks RockwellPOSC 423Asignment 1Presidential Use of ForceWhen the framers of the Constitution constructed the executive branch of government, they envisioned a president with certain limited powers. Having delegated to the president a specific type of authority, the framers would probably be surprised to see that they had ... Read More
An Outline of the Role, Significance and Limitations of the United States President (246 words, 1 pages)
The PresidentArticle II of the US Constitution grants the president numerous powers and responsibilities, but the the authority granted to the modern presidency far exceeds the constitutional definition of office. And through the years, a variety of presidential roles have evolved that were not originally or specifically outlined in the ... Read More
A History of the United States Presidential Elections of 1896 (1377 words, 2 pages)
Times Were A-Changin'All elections have many issues surrounding them. But none have had as many as the election of 1896. In my mind, the Depression was by far the largest issue in the election, but there were many other smaller issues, such as the gold vs silver standard, also played ... Read More
A Biography of the Third United States President (677 words, 1 pages)
Third U.S. president born in Albermarle County, Va. Son of a surveyor-landowner and a mother who was a member of the distinguished Randolph family of Virginia, he graduated from the College of William and Mary (1762) and read law under George Wythe. After several years of law practice, Jefferson was ... Read More
An Essay on the United States President and His Personal Affairs (1124 words, 2 pages)
Assuming that it is true that a United States President may conduct his personal affairs in a way which does not jeopardize his capacity or duties as a political leader, should a United States President be accountable for his personal affairs by the American people whom he represents? This is ... Read More
An Analysis of Republican Ideologies of the Mitt Romney Campaign in the United States Presidential Race (648 words, 1 pages)
This paper investigates the literature on the current political situation in the United States and examines how Presidential candidate Mitt Romney can sustain a strong campaign against President Barack Obama. It identifies a campaign slogan that will resonate best with Mitt Romneys policies and at the same time criticize the ... Read More
An Analysis of the Life of Lee Harvey Oswald and His Assassination of the United States President John F. Kennedy (3132 words, 5 pages)
John F. Kennedy was the bright future for the American people. He brought youth to the White House for the first time in our nation's history. Not only did John F. Kennedy bring youth, but he also brought change and new ideas to improve the nation. Kennedy, during his first ... Read More
The Reason Why the State of Florida Should Have a Revote for United States President (1174 words, 2 pages)
The state of Florida should have a revote for our United States PresidentIt s November 9th and the United States still does not have a President-elect. The nation is divided and in absolute disarray-some even feel disenfranchised. It seems as if the choice of our new president has fallen exclusively ... Read More
The Solemn Oath of the United States President (1694 words, 8 pages)
Richard Nixon and the Notion of Presidential PowerActions which otherwise would be unconstitutional, could become lawfulif undertaken for the purpose of preserving the Constitution and theNation. The idea that certain actions are not illegal if used to preservethe best interests of a nation has drawn sharp criticism from the time ... Read More
A Biography of Theodore Roosevelt a Former United States President (1515 words, 3 pages)
Theodore RooseveltTheodore Roosevelt could be considered the best president of the United States because of his efforts made in 1904 to 1909 during his full term of being president. Not only did he help the country while president, but he also was a commander of the first U.S. Volunteer Cavalry ... Read More
A Discussion of the Changes of the Role of the United States President (366 words, 2 pages)
The modern president has many powers the founding fathers did not want it tohave. The presidency has grown in power ever since Franklin D. Roosevelt set upthe New Deal. The great increase in power of the modern presidency since WorldWar II has produced a variety of responses regarding the balance ... Read More
A Biography of Thomas Jefferson a United States President (845 words, 2 pages)
Man of the People Thomas Jefferson was born, April 13, 1743, at Shadwell, in what is now Albemarle County, Virginia. His mother, Jane Randolph Jefferson, came from one of the first families of Virginia, and his father, Colonel Peter Jefferson, was a large landowner as well as a noted explorer. ... Read More
The 2000 United States Presidential Election: Al Gore, George Bush and Ralph Nader (979 words, 4 pages)
The 2000 United States presidential election included two major candidates AlGore and George Bush. Another man by the name of Ralph Nader also played a majorrole in the outcome. Nader is a democratic member and he took away many votesfrom his fellow democrat, Al Gore, which could have really helped ... Read More
An Analysis of the Assassination of Kennedy, United States President (1325 words, 2 pages)
Adolf Hitler, the Nazi dictator of Germany during World War II, once said, "The bigger the lie, the more people will believe it." Although this may sound ludicrous, we can see many example of this in the world's history. One example would have to be the John FitzgeraldKennedy assassination. For ... Read More
An Analysis of the Assassination of John F. Kennedy a United States President (1622 words, 6 pages)
November 22, 1963 The Loss of A PresidentOn November 22, 1963 at 1230 P.M., the 35th President of the United States,John F. Kennedy, was shot and killed while riding through the streets of Dallas, Texas inan open limousine with wife Jackie Kennedy, and Governor John Connally. This singleevent in history ... Read More
An Analysis of the Character of Andrew Jackson a United States President (1727 words, 3 pages)
Andrew JacksonI cannot be intimidated from doing that which my judgment and conscience tell me is right by any earthly power. This quote by Jackson underlies the fact the he was a selfish, tyrannical ruler. He did not make decisions based on the interests of the whole nation but on ... Read More
A Biography of Franklin Delano Roosevelt the United States President (1638 words, 3 pages)
Biography of Franklin Delano RooseveltRoosevelt was born at his familys estate at Hyde Park, in Dutchess County, New York on January 30,1882. He was the only child of James Roosevelt and Sara Delano Roosevelt. James Roosevelt was a moderately successful businessman, with a variety of investments and a special interest ... Read More
The Impact of the Lieberman Factor as Al Gore's Running Mate in United States Presidential Election (627 words, 1 pages)
The Lieberman FactorThe repercussions of Democratic Presidential candidate Al Gores seminal selection of Senator Joseph Lieberman as his running mate are not only helping to decide the presidential election, but also are being felt on the wider national Jewish and political scenes. The Vice Presidential selection was a transparent attempt ... Read More
History of George Washington as United States President (570 words, 2 pages)
George Washington On April 30, 1789, George Washington, standing on the balcony of Federal Hall on Wall Street in New York, took his oath of office as the first President of the United States. "As the first of every thing, in our situation will serve to establish a Precedent," he ... Read More
A History of John Adams the Second United States President (1607 words, 3 pages)
John Adams, who became the second president of the United States, has been accused by some historians of being the closest thing America ever had to a dictator or monarch (Onuf, 1993). Such strong accusations should be examined in the context of the era in which Mr. Adams lived and ... Read More
An Examination of the 2016 United States Presidential Candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton (1591 words, 5 pages)
The people of America have a choice to make, vote for Hillary Clinton or vote for Bernie Sanders in the 2016 presidential primary to determine who gets the democratic nomination. Clinton, a former First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State is competing against an also politically experienced candidate, Sanders, a ... Read More
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