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Advancements in Technologies and Its Impact on the Modern Society (1079 words, 2 pages)
In the present day, technologies are often utilized among people. However, do humans truly understand their characteristics and aspects? Due to the past advancements in technologies, the daily lives of humans have become more accommodating. Without the comforts of technologies, most people today would have no idea on how to ... Read More
Why Are Legal Adults between the Ages of 18 and 20 Denied the Right to Purchase Alcohol? (667 words, 1 pages)
Turning 18 is a major event for all Americans because they are now considered legal adults. Being a legal adult, one can legally buy tobacco products, vote in an election, own firearms, be tried as an adult in court, enlist in the armed forces, serve jury duty, and even purchase ... Read More
A Report on the Painting, A Girl Receiving a Letter by Gabriel Metsu in the Timken Museum of Art (677 words, 1 pages)
My favorite painting in the Timken Museum of Art is "A Girl Receiving a Letter". The size of the painting is 10-18 x 9-58 in. The medium of the painting is oil on panel. The painting was created by Metsu, Gabriel in 1658. Metsu was born in January, 1629. He ... Read More
Reading Passage and the Issue of Social Network in Human Communication (259 words, 1 pages)
The mine idea of the reading passage is how social network such as Facebook , MySpace, and Twitter have negative effect in our social life, And the information in the listing passage contrary to the information in the reading passage . First of all, according to the reading passage social ... Read More
Malcolm X’s Management of the Five Motivations of Identity Negotiation (818 words, 3 pages)
How has Malcolm Little managed (or lacked management) between the five motivations of identity negotiation and their opposites? Throughout these first three chapters you are really able to see Malcolms roller coaster ride when it come to him managing between the five motivations of identity negotiations. The five motivations of ... Read More
My Experience as a Writer (492 words, 3 pages)
I use writing in my everyday life, such as communicating, writing letters,emails and notes. I use writing when I am at church, taking notes of the sermon, putting programs together and bible study. I find these essential to my everyday life because I need to have organization of what I ... Read More
The Reasons Why the Internet is Not a Waste of Time (462 words, 2 pages)
The internet is not a waste of time. The internet contains lots of collected information that lots of people find useful in their everyday lifes. People use the internet for many many different areas of their lifes and personal lifes too. The internet can help find information for illnesses. The ... Read More
The Dark Side of Science in Frankenstein, a Novel by Mary Shelley (1489 words, 5 pages)
Science has ignored morals and ethics many times in the last century, from the Nazi experimentation of Dr. Mengele to the Tuskegee Institute purposefully infecting African Americans with dangerous diseases in search for a cure. Mary Shelleys Frankenstein acts as a cautionary tale that science can outstrip moral limitations and ... Read More
The Negative Impact of Social Media on Relationships (1381 words, 6 pages)
The world wide web has completely revolutionize how we interact with others across the globe. We no longer have to go through the struggle of hand writing letters and waiting many days for our snail mail to reach our readers. If its impossible to see our loved ones, technology has ... Read More
A Short Review of Collateral Beauty, a Film by David Frankel (1831 words, 6 pages)
Collateral Beauty falls under the genre of Drama and Romance perfectly, due to its ability to intertwine with deep meanings that reveal the definition of true beauty. This film was directed by David Frankel and written by Allan Loeb. The 97-minute film brought in 75.6 million dollars into the box ... Read More
My Own Definition of Describing My Family (827 words, 3 pages)
Everyone has their own definition or their own way of describing family. Family doesnt generally have to blooded related, it may be people you spend the greatest nights of lives with, it might be trust worthy people, maybe even people who have been there through everything, and it may also ... Read More
The Art of Formal Complaints in Colleges and Its Lack of Use by Students (336 words, 1 pages)
An art that is not often utilized is the art of using formal complaints. College students are full of complaints, whether it is about their teachers, their jobs, their food, their housing, their parents, their friends, and much more. However they are not often aware about the power of a ... Read More
Digital Literacy as the Key to the Future (1000 words, 4 pages)
Key to the FutureEver since the birth of the Internet, life has steadily begun shifting to majorly, if not fully, revolve around technology. A majority of daily functions almost completely rely on some form or use of technology and cannot be done without it. Many are under the impression that ... Read More
A Personal Review of the Film The Time That Remains (707 words, 3 pages)
The Time that RemainsThroughout the past four weeks, we have read several interesting and challenging texts. Though the readings were fascinating, I found the film that we watched, The Time that Remains, to be the most memorable pieces that we have encountered in the class so far. This is because, ... Read More
An Analysis of The Solution to World Poverty by Peter Singer (655 words, 2 pages)
The Solution To World Poverty AnalysisSaving a childs life or saving a luxurious vehicle is the dilemma Bob faced in the text The Solution To World Poverty by Peter Singer. The utilitarian philosopher provides his audience with a detail, situation based solution on how employed citizens could end poverty. Throughout ... Read More
The Importance of Living Life by the Moment (592 words, 2 pages)
Living life by the moment, what the futures held for them, they didnt know. Within the fraction of a second, they could have been dead. They lived a daunting life with effects that would last them a lifetime. On a quiet day a day without attacks- the men would be ... Read More
The Argument Between the Banker and Lawyer in The Bet, a Short Story by Anton Chekhov (535 words, 2 pages)
Anton Chekhovs The Bet is a short story that starts out as a conversation between a few people at a dinner, which then turns to an argument between two young and enthusiastic people. The banker and lawyer disagree on the form of punishments, capital and life imprisonment. The banker says ... Read More
The Importance of Mastering Rhetoric for Our Everyday Life (851 words, 4 pages)
Writing letters, arguing on the phone, asking questions in class, all these different forms of communication can be examples of discourse a conversation or debate. Everyone should master persuasive communication, or rhetoric, because it can affect you on a daily basis. During discourse if the individual is familiar with rhetoric ... Read More
A Short Comprehensive Analysis of The Breadwinner, a Book by Deborah Ellis (1045 words, 3 pages)
The title of this book is The Breadwinner. It is written by Deborah Ellis. The book is written in first person by Parvana in chronological order. The genre of the book is coming of age. This story explains the life of a young girl Parvana who lives during the time ... Read More
An Analysis of the Plot, Characterization, and Themes Addressing the Vietnam Era in Across the Universe, a Musical Romantic Drama Film by Julie Taymor (1416 words, 4 pages)
Across the Universe EssayAcross the Universe is an American musical romantic drama film directed by Julie Taymor. When it comes to films, it is often hard to represent a certain Era or time period in a thorough way while trying to tell a story. The movie Across the Universe does ... Read More
A Report on The Honor Flight Network and Writing Letters for It (394 words, 2 pages)
Honor FlightWhat if you had a chance to see something you never thought youd be able to see? Do something you never thought youd be able to do? The Honor Flight Network is an amazing organization dedicated to making the dreams of World War II, Korean, and Vietnam veterans a ... Read More
The Importance of Writing in My Personal and Academic Life (625 words, 2 pages)
To me, writing is a form of expression. In creative or personal writing, the author or narrator can portray themselves or others as any character or creature. Writing is also a task that I find challenging. Unless prompted by a subject I feel strongly about, I find myself staring at ... Read More
The Early Life and Business Lifestyle of Benjamin Franklin (961 words, 3 pages)
Ben Franklin The First AmericanA penny saved is a penny earned. That well known quote is from none other than the famous Benjamin Franklin. Franklin was born in Boston on January 17, 1706.1 Josiah Franklin, Benjamins father, was a candle and soap maker who was born in England. In Josiahs ... Read More
An Overview of the Legalization of Gay Marriage in Arizona (1212 words, 5 pages)
Legalization Of Gay Marriage In ArizonaIts not a choice. Marriage is marriage, no matter if youre black, white, yellow, or even green with purple polka dots. According to the constitution, all men are created equal. In 1924 the society for human rights in Chicago became the countrys earliest known gay ... Read More
The Naivety and Victimization of the Characters of Ophelia from the Play Hamlet by William Shakespeare and Eveline from Dubliners by James Joyce (745 words, 3 pages)
Ophelia, Eveline, and the Great Glass CeilingBoth Shakespeares Ophelia and Joyces Eveline are naive and victimized women, taken advantage of by the men in their lives. This life of repression and control is a physical, mental, and emotional reality. Both Ophelia and Eveline are dominated by the men in their ... Read More
Males are Dictating the Narration of the Story in Frankenstein by Mary Shelley (515 words, 2 pages)
In Frankenstein, Mary Shelley is the only woman is allowed to tell her own story. The story of Frankenstein is told primarily through the perspectives of malecharactersRobertWalton, Victor Frankenstein and the monster. Even when female characters speak in Frankenstein, the words spoken are not necessarily their own due to the ... Read More
Overcoming Oppression in The Color Purple by Alice Walker (3988 words, 11 pages)
Overcoming Oppression in Alice Walkers The Color Purple Women have been fighting to have an equal amount of rights as men throughout history. We have been thought of as property as well as simply being thrown to the side without much consideration in discussion. We have had to fight tooth ... Read More
Human Relationships in the Modern, Technologically Advanced World (286 words, 2 pages)
As the world becomes more advanced in science and technology, individuals are empowered to soar higher in their fields of work with ease. However, what is becoming of human relationships in the midst of techno-savvy life?Todays generation is pretty occupied with gadgets and hardly can focus on important family moments ... Read More
The Life and Heroism of Robert E. Lee (1993 words, 7 pages)
Do your duty in all things. You cannot wish for more, you should never wish to do less. In all aspects of his life, Robert E. Lee superseded all expectations of what it is to be a true American hero. During his service in the Mexican War, his dedication to ... Read More
A Comparison of Earth and Soldiers by Hino Ashihei and the Idiot by Sakaguchi Ango (1305 words, 4 pages)
One does not have to look far to find horrifying depictions and descriptions of the detrimental pain caused by war. Other than propaganda almost universally decried as sensationalistic and absurd, virtually no works in modern or post-modern eras champion war as being beneficial to anyone except those who are at ... Read More
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