How To Write a Follow-up Letter

How To Write a Follow-up Letter

A follow-up letter can be an essential form of business communication in a variety of situations. After an interview, a great business meeting, or after making a good business contact at a trade show, a follow-up letter is an effective means of consolidating a relationship between the recipient and yourself. It provides a platform for the continuation of communication, as well as an opportunity to accent specific points discussed at the previous encounter. A well-written follow-up letter can make all the difference between success and failure. But, of course, to achieve this purpose, the letter should also be properly spelled, grammatically correct, and carefully structured.

A follow-up letter is often written during the early stages of a relationship and therefore the writing style needs to be fairly formal. At the same time, it is aimed at people, so it should have a distinctly human touch. So, the trick is in the balance of personal and professional.

Then again, thorough proofreading is essential to the success of your letter. So, before you begin to write, make sure that you have the tools available to make the letter worth sending. These tools include but are not limited to a grammar checking tool, a comprehensive spell checker, and a dictionary. By using Elite Essay Writers, you receive all of these essentials and more in our seamlessly integrated interface.

Some tips to help write a better follow-up letter in any situation:

  1. You are using a follow-up letter to re-iterate your attributes and the positive aspects of a new relationship for each party. If you are representing your business, your goal is to make a short sales pitch. Although if you are applying for a job, you must remind the potential employer of your key skills.
  2. Don’t retrace your steps: you can avoid this by offering new insights to add to your appeal.
  3. Make sure that your follow-up letter is sent within two days of the encounter; this will help to keep things fresh and will promote the continuity between your performance in the last meeting and your letter.
  4. In your letter, be sure how you would like to proceed from this point on.
  5. Do not convey any negative sentiments in your follow-up letter
  6. By using these tips and Elite Essay Writers’ powerful English editing capabilities, let’s look at an example of a follow-up letter, and then improve on it.

Original Follow-up Letter

Johnny! I loved speaking at your event couple of weeks back. As I said then, I would be interested in the new conferences, too. I believe I could help you cash in more money if you invite me to the next event of the same kind. Plus, I am happy to share some tips on promoting the upcoming events in the social media — after all, this is totally my thing. But, I must say, I am a bit concerned about your event manager and me not seeing eye to eye when it comes to outlining promotional campaign. Dave

The Same Follow-up Letter after Elite Essay Writers

Hello John, Thanks for hosting such an amazing event, as well as the opportunity to be a speaker at your last conference. I truly felt that the speech was a success, and the feedback from you and the audience was inspiring. As a matter of fact, this feedback gave me plenty of new ideas — ideas I would be thrilled to share at one of the upcoming conferences. Speaking of the upcoming conferences, I would be happy to share some insight and professional connections when it comes to promoting new events in the social media. As you know, this is my area of expertise, and should you need any assistance, do not hesitate to contact me directly. Best Regards, David Smyth

In the first example, we see a rough draft with ideas. In the second examples, we describe the same information but use professional language. As you can see, our program provides a unique solution for your letter writing. With our professional writing and editing team, your sentences will not only be checked to prevent errors but will also be enhanced using synonyms, adverbs, and adjectives. Your letter will become expressive and persuasive. We have already helped hundreds of professional writers from all over the globe to craft amazing follow-up letters and, as a result, strengthen their professional network.

Even if you write within a specific discipline, like law or medicine, we can still offer a solution that would be fully tailored to your needs. We currently have four specialized Elite Essay Writers modules available: Business Writing, Creative Writing, Legal Writing and Medical Writing. With Elite Essay Writers, any letter, business communication, or job search text you need to compose will be the best it can be.

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