Writing a Grant Proposal: How to and Tips to Getting a Winning Proposal

Writing a Grant Proposal: How to and Tips to Getting a Winning Proposal

What is a Grant Proposal?

All people at one point or another look for support or encouragement from others. This happens a lot when they face difficult situations or experience stress. On the contrary, there are those who are strong and can handle such situations by themselves. They can solve even the most complex matter that comes their way. There are still those who even when it is apparent that they have failed, they won’t acknowledge it. This represents the variation that is common to people. All in all, there is no need to put pressure on people unduly. Even when it is apparent that they are failing, we ought not to discourage them to the point of despair.

In light of the above scenario, we can draw similarities to astute businesspeople. One admirable trait that such businesspeople have is how they don’t shy away from financial assistance. They understand that getting the right assistance at the right time supersedes all risks that may be associated with it.

Writing a grant proposal involves crafting a document in which one requests for funds or services for specific use. The money that is given to the requesting party cannot be withdrawn unless some binding rules are broken.

These grants are typically issued out by governments or public entities after the requirements are met. Those who would wish to receive the grants are required to fill the required forms and wait for a response. Their proposed projects should have a direct bearing on the needs of the company. When some positive correspondence is received, they can submit final copies of their projects with an accompanying cover letter.

Outline of a Successful Grant Proposal

In many respects, such a project mimics a business plan. It starts by presenting an overall description of an idea and further elaborating on its intended implementation. A working outline may be requested to check the flow of work. Thus, it may be prudent if one is created in advance.

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As regards the format of the outline, the following can be adopted:

  • Title Page - This page shows information about the author, dates, subject, etc.
  • Abstract - it gives a summary of the paper and a short overview of the objectives of the project.
  • Introduction - this gives the mission of the entity and the specific role that it plays in society.
  • Needs Statement - this statement shows the various needs that need to be addressed in the proposal. It utilizes statistical data to ascertain relevant information.
  • Objectives - these are the intended ends and goals of the project at hand.
  • Strategies - these are the means by which certain goals and objectives will be achieved.
  • Team - this provides the overview of the personnel and their portfolio or credentials.
  • Budget - this is a presentation of the project in terms of figures. It includes descriptions and details of expenditure and revenue.

There are various types of projects that exist today. A good example is scientific grant proposals or research grant proposals. Writing a research grant proposal is crucial. It can be used when the end goal is to establish a research facility. It can also apply to similar institutions that will have the same function. Your goal could be that of gathering the minds and expertise of bright minds all over the globe.

It is proper to note that grantors are profoundly observing. You need to demonstrate that you’ve done extensive research before embarking on a particular project. Your project should also prove that it has relevance to some audience. It should help someone or a group of people in society.

Your personal attributes are also of great importance to the grantor. You need to put your best attributes for show. The grantor has to see that you are capable of steering the project to success. They have to see that you are a visionary and someone with ambition. You should also demonstrate good interpersonal skills and the ability to lead a team of highly qualified and competent team players. Your action plans should show that you can successfully implement an idea into action.

When drafting your budget section, a lot of care should be taken. The figures that are posted and forecasted should be realistic. They should not be inflated lest the grantor thinks that you are out to fleece him/her. The funding needs should be rational and reasonable such that any person other than the grantor can endorse these needs. We know you wouldn’t wish to be branded a fraud.

Writing grant proposals is not an everyday encounter. It is normally the reserve of business people, governments, non-governmental organizations, and other public or private entities that do significant projects. Thus, many people may not have encountered this type of writing. If you are in this lot, worry not.

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Tips for Writing a Grant Proposal

To start with, we can all concede that the people who call the shots around the world are the ones who have noble ideas. A closer look at their lives shows that it is not only their ideas that led to their success in matters. Their diligent efforts, extensive research, numerous trials and failures, and commitment to excellence is what contributed to their success. Indeed, it takes a lot of money and time to achieve a certain desired goal. Dreams are often realized with considerable effort on the part of individuals.

Even when one has the most ingenious idea in the world but lacks funds to actualize it, the idea is more or less a story. It can offer no real value to anyone unless it is actualized through financial support. This is where grantors come in. Grantors provide the needed financial backing that is required to operationalize, achieve and implement ideas into tangible results. There are many people out there who face the predicament of insufficient finance. They can find great utility in grants. To ensure that they secure these funds, they inevitably have to write a successful grant proposal. Let us consider some tips for writing a grant proposal.

There are various types of projects that may require financial aid. Thus, it is important for one to know the exact type of project so as to present the right pitch. It also requires one to know the circumstances under which financial aid is given to people. Perhaps, certain people are more likely to get finding than others. You should do your research to identify this kind of people so that you tailor your grant proposal paper to embody these characteristics.

In the case of NGO’s, as a grant proposal example, the central thing is to demonstrate that the project is going to help as many people as possible. Grantors would also want to know that you will use funds from other sources in case you deplete your finances.

When applying a grant for a small business, it should look like a business plan. Thus, you may find utility in knowing how to write a winning grant proposal. Initially, you should carry out extensive market research. This enables you to gauge your firm’s competitiveness. You also have to prove that your business won’t be heavily dependent on funding and the business will be self-sufficient within a stipulated period.

Perhaps you belong to a certain school in a less privileged district. You might find it useful to apply for funds that may improve the quality of education in the school. In this case, you have to demonstrate why your institution needs the facility more than the other institutions. You would be required to elaborate on how the money will be spent and how it will transform the personal and educational lives of the students. If perhaps your goals were to open a scientific laboratory, then your grant proposal should be filled with scientific data. Do adequate research on the subject and the primary goals of carrying out research.

Some lenders are known to give financial support for extended periods when they know they can benefit in one way or another. A good case is where some researchers can find a scientific marvel or make a breakthrough in science. This may include even discovering cures for diseases. This gives the rationale for grant writers to stress the importance of a particular project. It even comes as an imperative for team members to prove their worth in terms of experience and expertise.

We may all do our utmost in writing a grant proposal that embodies all the factors that have been highlighted above. However, not all grant proposals are bound to be successful. This is not a call for despair, but an objective presentation of what goes on. At times, the grantor may have a certain specification that he/she thought you did not meet. Also, there are many other equally compelling proposals that the grantor has received. So it’s more of a scenario of who has presented their case most compellingly and persuasively.

If your proposal doesn’t see the light of day, don’t give up just yet. Conventionally, grantors reject proposals with reason. They normally give these reasons either by word of mouth or in writing. If you get wind of the reasons or grounds in which your proposal was rejected, you can try and reapply after taking corrective measures. This should be done swiftly so that you still stand a chance to secure funding. At EliteEssayWriters, you can count on us to rework your document. We will tweak and make the necessary changes needed for you to present a compelling document. Our writing service is available 24/7. We also welcome all types of orders, such as writing term papers and the likes. If you need any kind of writing, don’t hesitate to place the order. We will work on it promptly.

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