Literature Writing Review Help – Here and Now

Literature Writing Review Help – Here and Now

The literature review is an essential part of any dissertation. At first, it seems to be one of the easiest parts of dissertation writing. However, when students start the literature review part, almost all of them face certain difficulties. First of all, many students tend to follow the examples they find online blindly. But it is not possible to create a proper review based on examples without understanding the requirements a literature review has. Some students try to draw conclusions at this stage. It is vital to see the difference between a literature review and a separate research paper. Your thoughts, conclusions, and ideas about the material you have read are suitable for a research paper. They are in no way needed in your literature review. At the stage of writing a review, all you have to do is to summarize the ideas you found in the credible sources you work with.

Thus, a literature review can't resemble a research paper, but it can be a part of it. It adds some credibility to any piece of academic writing, so it is not used only in dissertations. In the review, the sources may be presented from an unexpected perspective, which can let you set your research on a completely new course.

Why the Literature Review Is So Important

A literature review of dissertation is essential for a number of reasons. This part gives you an opportunity to generalize the knowledge in the field which you extract from the best sources you can find on the topic. The review is used to allow your reader to get familiar with the main theories and data you will analyze further in the process of writing your dissertation. This section should demonstrate that you have selected the most important information for your analysis and can present the summary of it. The very fact that you have an excellent literature review in your paper means that you did your best writing the dissertation, as this part needs one to be very accurate and detail-oriented. The skills required for writing a literature review will be useful throughout your studies and, likely, in your professional career.

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How to Write a Literature Review for Your Dissertation

When writing a literature review, there are rules you are to follow if you want your paper to be credible. Before you start writing, select the literature you will work with. Mind that the sources you use have to reveal the topic you have chosen from different points of view. The sources should be reliable and contain enough evidence to prove your point. So, reading articles and forums online certainly helps you get the general understanding of the issue, but such resources are not trustworthy to be cited in your dissertation and/or to be mentioned in your literature review. You can get access to online libraries in which you may find reliable resources. However, you may still have to go to the library yourself.

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Some students want to be as accurate in their work as possible. So, they decide not to use the Internet resources at all. This approach is wrong. It is true that most of the information you find simply browsing for it will turn out to be inappropriate for academic writing. However, the opportunities of the Internet can't be neglected. A good online resource will provide you with up-to-date facts and the newest research findings which can hardly be found in all college and university libraries.

The libraries, in turn, are good for working with long texts and old data which has been already systematized for you. Journal articles, which are the best sources for dissertation writing, are often collected in miscellaneous books. Such volumes are very convenient to work with, which will save you a lot of time even compared to searching articles on the Internet.

Once you have chosen the sources you are going to use, it is time to process them. There are different ways to do it. The ways depend on the level to which you are familiar with the sources. In most cases, students have scanned a couple of resources before, but have never read all the others. If the majority of information is new to you, the best way you can choose is reading, summarizing, and referencing each piece individually. Then, you can subdivide them into categories according to their topic and/or the main conclusions they bring.

Don’t forget that besides summarizing sources, you have to cite them properly. This is done in a number of ways, depending on the format of your paper. Ask all the questions about formatting your dissertation and your literature review before you start writing. Remember that this aspect is very time-consuming, so don’t waste your time hoping that a superficial approach to formatting will do. It won’t! You’ll have to do it once again and again, and again - until you do it right. There are many helpful resources on the Web containing the information and tutorials about different formatting styles. Once you have consulted your teacher, you may use them as well.

The checklist below is created to demonstrate whether you have succeeded in writing dissertation literature review. Ideally, all the answers are positive. If not, try to edit your literature review.

  • Are the works you have chosen pertinent to the subject matter of your dissertation?
  • Have you specified the most important sources in your review?
  • Are they cited properly?
  • Will the sources you have mentioned in the literature review help you prove your thesis statement?
  • Is your literature review coherent?
  • Can your work contribute to this particular field of knowledge?

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