Chicago Style Citation Generator to Help You Format Your Paper Appropriately

Chicago Style Citation Generator to Help You Format Your Paper Appropriately

Has your professor assigned you to format the references in your paper in Chicago formatting style? Do you find the formatting requirements confusing? Well, you don’t have to worry about appropriate formatting anymore. You can format all your citations correctly right here. We have an automatic Chicago style citation generator for the benefit of anyone who struggles to have all the references in a paper properly formatted.

This online tool generates not only references but also in-text citations and title pages in strict accordance with all the relevant guidelines. We have analyzed all similar tools and eliminated all their flaws to make our citation generator the fastest and the most accurate. As such, you no longer need to spend your precious time and effort making sure that you got all your citations and references correctly because our generator will do it for you.

But don’t have our word for it. Learn more about Chicago formatting style and to see how our citation generator operates. It’s more reliable than you think!

What is a Citation Generator?

Making references to the books, articles, websites, and other sources are required to help the readers to find the extra material that you have used to create your work quickly and easily. However, different sciences, as well as different paper types, assume using different citation styles. Some of the most popular ones are MLA, APA, Chicago, and Harvard. Although there are some shared features, each of them is different and, in this post, we will tell you more about the Chicago citation format, when and how it is applied, and share some helpful tips on how to make proper citation quickly and easily.

It is an online tool designed to help students and anyone else who may need to get all the citations in their papers appropriately but has no experience or time to check the accordance of each quote to the format requirements themselves. Whenever it is critical for you to have all Chicago style formatting requirements met, you are welcome to use this tool. It is especially handy when you are short on time and need to get all the references right on short notice.

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Has your tutor referred you to Chicago Manual of Style for formatting guidelines to your research paper? If all these requirements leave you somewhat confused and distract you from your research as such, we are here to help you. This Chicago style citation generator is beneficial for all sorts of academic papers, including essays, research papers, and whatnot. It is an invaluable tool to make sure that you have all the citations and references in your paper correct so that you don’t need to worry about those yourself. We have made sure that all the latest requirements of the 17th edition of the Chicago Manual of Style (2017) are observed.

If you have not done much academic writing before, all these formatting guidelines will understandably leave you uncertain about how you should cite your sources in a paper. It may take you quite some time before you can do it automatically. If you need more clarification, then your first most logical solution is to address all questions to your professor. Using our automatic Chicago style generator, however, can speed up your writing process a great deal, now that you don’t have to distract yourself to stop and check if your citation is correctly formatted.

Brief overview of Chicago Formatting Style

Surely you have come across footnotes or endnotes when you read books. They use superscripts for listing the references numerically. This allows you to find the source of a particular piece of information referenced swiftly and easily.

If you want to check the info about any given source, you simply move to the bibliography section (aka reference list) and find it there. In the bibliography section, the sources are also enumerated and formatted in a particular order to avoid any possible confusion. For example, there are commas to separate publication details, and there is also a set of distinct abbreviations for the reader’s convenience, such as:

  • chap. = chapter
  • ed. = edition
  • et al. = and others
  • n.d. = no date
  • pt. = part
  • rev. = reviewed
  • trans. = translated
  • vol. = volume

These are only a few details that the Chicago Manual of Style specifies – the ones that you can notice at first glance. In reality, there are much more detailed recommendations, enough to comprise an entire manual. As a student, you may think that the content of your writing is the only thing that matters in your paper. It does matter, but failure to adhere to the relevant formatting guidelines can result in a fatal blow to your final grade. Naturally, you are much more interested in the subject-matter of your paper than in placing all the commas correctly. The latter may be an annoying distraction. This is why it only makes sense to have all the citations and references generated for you automatically by our Chicago citations generator. It ensures the correct formatting of your paper and is absolutely free and easy to use. Simply enter all the relevant details of every source that you need to reference, and an appropriate citation will be ready that same instant. These details may include:

  • names(s) of the author(s)
  • title (of the book or the article and the newspaper or magazine where it was published)
  • publication date
  • publishing house and the city where it is located
  • page number
  • URL

All these details are required by the Chicago Manual of Style. Having all these details in your reference list adds to the credibility of your paper and honors the authors who have influenced you in your writing. And saves you from non-intentional plagiarism!

Feel Free To Try Our Chicago Citation Generator Now!

As we have mentioned, it is completely free of charge, so you are welcome to see how it works even if you don’t have a paper to write at the moment. This way, whenever you need to have your paper formatted in Chicago style, you can just come back to us and have your paper correctly formatted in seconds - instead of wasting countless hours making sense out of the Chicago Manual of Style and then putting each of your sources in order, meticulously checking the placement of every comma. Leave those troubles in the previous century! Today, we are happy to enjoy all sorts of technological advancements, including those allowing you to save tremendous amounts of time and nerves by taking care of having your academic papers correctly formatted, - like our ultimate Chicago citation generator!

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