Writing a Perfect Descriptive Essay and Get High Grades

Writing a Perfect Descriptive Essay and Get High Grades

The importance of writing a descriptive essay

Description is quite a widespread process in many fields of modern reality: scientific research, advertising, medicine and many others. We use all of our senses when we deal with the description of something, which is why the most professional writers pay so much attention to it.

Creating this kind of paper is really interesting, inspiring, and difficult simultaneously, which makes it unique. There is no secret that many writers try not to focus on the narrative to make the creation of descriptive parts filled with intrigue. In case you are to write a description of another person, you should really be familiar with this person. Knowing his or her character, interests, life views, and tastes is absolutely necessary. These are the bricks you can build your description on. Remember, that every detail counts.

One of the most complicated things in writing a good description is to focus on the things that will be catchy not only for you but for your future audience as well. It is really hard to entertain a reader without making him interested in reading your text. This is the main reason why a good writer has to be very attentive and choose the details and events that are to be described thoroughly. The more detailed and unusual your description is, the higher the chances that your readers will appreciate it.

There are certain reasons why such type of assignment as a descriptive essay is still popular in academic circles. On the one hand, such tasks are aimed at making students notice facts and interesting things that can be seen around in the daily life. On the other hand, students manage to study the ways of making common things look more unusual within the text. This helps to add more color to the text and turn even the most typical settings into something remarkable. Also, knowing how to write a good descriptive essay helps students to master the skill of embodying their thoughts into words. Such a talent is vital for any writer. It is also helpful in various fields of professional activity, though.

The process of writing a description essay

It is not easy to write a good descriptive essay. It requires creativity, a sense of taste and writing skills that can catch the reader’s attention. These are not the traits that are inborn. They come with practice. Nevertheless, a number of students are often puzzled when it comes to telling a narrative essay from a descriptive one. In some cases, descriptive passages may be incorporated in the narrative text. As opposed to that, they can be two different tasks. Keep in mind the main distinctions between both types of essay. This will certainly help you create the right sort of writing.

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The ultimate goal of this kind of writing is to make a clear image of people or objects you write about. This is not an easy task to do, as your work should produce the feeling of presence in the reader’s mind. You have to literally make your reader a witness to the story you write about. These factors are essential, no matter if you write a descriptive essay about a person or a place. The reader should feel him or herself a part of the world you’ve created.

As you read various descriptive essays examples, you may notice that they have a certain structure which has to be strictly followed. In some ways, it resembles a five-paragraph essay. The introductory part is aimed at presenting the reason why you write the essay. This is a straight way to move towards the main body of your text, in which you present the essential parts of a descriptive aspect of your essay. This is the field where you can exploit all the stylistic devices you are handy with to picture the things and people you want to describe. Your goal is to involve the reader in the world of your text and to chain his/her attention to it. All the details should unveil gradually to make the process of reading more intriguing. Don’t forget to spice your text up with a necessary amount of action to make it dynamic and entertaining.

The secret of creating a good descriptive essay is to show your reader the objective reality of the world you create. In case you have to describe a particular location, do all your best to present every detail of it from. Ideally, try to involve all of the five senses in the description. Geographical position, season, part of the day, the weather, the people who are present there, animals, plants, smells, etc. – all these details are of the highest importance. Don’t forget to use various writing techniques to make the whole tissue of your text more diverse and interesting.

At last, here comes the final part of your essay proving your thesis. You are to bring your reader to the logical end of your essay. In some cases, you may leave the open end of your story to make the reader think it all over.

If you wish to write a perfect descriptive essay, make enough time to edit and proofread your paper. Let your writing sit there for a couple of days, refresh your mind, and then read it again to see if there are any flaws in the text. Try to be as objective about your essay as possible. This will help you find out if there are any unnecessary parts of your writing and get rid of them.

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