The Best Journal Critique Writing Service

The Best Journal Critique Writing Service

What is a Journal Critique?

A journal critique is a type of analytical writing that has immense value. In a broad sense, it is a scholarly paper that analyzes a particular article or paper. The paper does this with the aim of presenting information about a specific subject under scrutiny, with objectivity and candidness.

As part of academics, journal critiques are given to develop a student’s analytical skills and the ability to critique. If you are a student, you can expect your professor to give you journal critique assignments to analyze scientific articles, popular literary magazines or academic journals, etc. Your professor can source for articles in virtually any field. But even so, the underlying idea is to present an objective analysis on the subject of the article.

When writing a journal critique, two factors come into play:

  1. The specialty of the student
  2. The goals of the critique

Both factors will largely determine the final form of the journal Critique and possibly the path taken to come up with the critique. The premise though is to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the story in question, coming up with its plot, presenting the plot, identifying the most critical events and focusing on them, presenting the findings and lastly evaluating the influence of the article or paper on its readers. You can also go further to gauge how the article can influence the public, notable figures or the wider globe.

How to Write a Journal Critique and its Formats

The format of writing a journal critique will largely depend on the article being considered. Thus, knowing in the first instance, the type of article and in extension, journal to be written, is of the essence.

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How does one determine the type of journal to write?

First, you need some general information about the article. These include the title, names of author(s), volume, date of publication, number of pages, etc. Knowing this information gives you a rough background of the subject to be considered.

A problem statement should then be formulated. This will assist you in forming the content and completing the paper.

Writing journals further requires a thorough analysis of the text from the article. You ought to take note of the relevant and intriguing facts so that you can use them afterward.

To help you in analyzing a text, come up with objective questions. This will come in handy when writing the critique. Analyzing the content of the article is quite important as it gives you a thorough understanding of what you are required to do. It also pushes you to get more evidence to prove or reject your statement.

At the end of a critique paper, one is required to provide a summary that would act as a concluding text. It should embody what has been talked about in the paper and should have some usefulness to the readers. You may also tweak it up a little to show how the points highlighted in the paper have practical application in the future.

Even with the above guide to writing a journal critique, it takes practice to get well acquainted. To aid you in this, take a look at various academic journal examples. They will expose you to many techniques of writing these journals.


When we revisit the issue regarding the format of the journal, we find that most of the time they are dictated by the institutions or the professors. However, majority of them are written in APA style. If your professor requires a different format, then he/she will specify the guidelines and modalities to follow. To follow the guidelines to the letter, ensure that you have a formatting guide with you just in case. Refer to templates to get clear illustrations of what is required.

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