Problem Solution Essay Topic Ideas

Problem Solution Essay Topic Ideas

problem solution essay topic ideas

Finding a great topic for an essay may sound easy until you have to write it. Then your mind goes blank or nothing really sounds quite right. You finally end up overthinking it. If you are trying to find your next great essay topic, this article is going to help you in so many ways. Keep reading to discover new topics about relationships, sports, family life, socialization, education, and, of course, college life. There are even ideas on driving and transportation so you will be able to find something that you can write about.

What Students Need to Know about Writing an Essay

After you have carefully selected your essay topic, you need to know how to start a hypothesis. You will accomplish writing a paper that is unique as well as organized in essay form. Before you begin, go through the list below, carefully thinking each topic through and discovering which one you are most interested in. If you aren't interested in the topic, writing about it will seem like it takes forever so find something that you like.

Topic Ideas on Relationships

  1. How to take the next step when you are friends
  2. Can you stop bullying on social media?
  3. Ways you can help someone who is suffering from depression
  4. Freeing yourself from an unhealthy relationship
  5. Five ways to deal with overbearing people
  6. Saving your friend/roommate from bad choices in life
  7. Should women take the first step in a relationship?
  8. Texting vs face-to-face relationships: what is the long-term effect?
  9. Defining "real relationships" in today's world
  10. Can we end stereotyping and racism? How can we make a difference as individuals and as a whole society?
  11. Understanding the differences in culture, race, and social status
  12. Group barriers need to be broken. How can it happen?

Problem Solutions When Writing Essays

  1. Describe your problem in great detail. Don't leave any details out so your readers will be able to see the issue through your own eyes, just as you see it.
  2. What's the solution to your problem? Every problem has a solution or solutions that can range from the most practical ones to the most difficult ones. You have your readers’ attention. Now give them something that will have them thinking about what you are presenting as a solution.
  3. Get it all out in the open – the argument, the solution, how much it will cost or how much it will take to solve this issue as well as how doable this plan is.
  4. Tell your readers why your solution is the best choice out of all the other solutions.

Social Problems That Should Be Addressed in Essays

Remember, now is your chance to grab someone's attention and to open their eyes on what is often overlooked. We can solve these problems if people are aware of them. Sample cause and effect essays can help you to reach this aim.

Solving Poverty Topics

  1. Addressing the need for help for homeless people starting with your own community
  2. Can we prevent students from dropping out of high school? Everyone needs to stay in school and graduate
  3. Come up with the best way to put a stop to teen pregnancy
  4. Experimenting with illegal drugs should never be on a child's mind. Find ways to make it more difficult for children to have access to drugs
  5. How to stop people from drunk driving?
  6. Teenagers need to be more cautious on the road. How do you raise awareness?
  7. Can divorce be prevented and if so, how?
  8. Children of divorced parents can do better in school, have meaningful and productive relationships, and succeed in their adult lives including marriage. How?
  9. Wiping out racism completely
  10. How to help victims of family violence
  11. Improving the welfare system to break the generational cycle of poverty
  12. Illegal immigration and how to handle it
  13. Stopping gun violence once and for all
  14. Rehabilitation process for prisoners to productively function in society post-prison
  15. Everyone in the world can have health insurance
  16. Improving literacy
  17. Preventing human trafficking
  18. Reducing the negativity your children are exposed to, including violence and pornography in video games, on the Internet, and in movies
  19. Convincing society to live without smoking, poor eating habits, and exercise regularly as well as maintain a healthy BMI
  20. Finding the perfect balance between free speech and avoiding insulting or abusing
  21. Make your favorite city pedestrian and bicycle friendly
  22. Reducing terrorism: is it possible and if so, how?
  23. How to control the way celebrities are portrayed in the media?
  24. Online data – how can we protect it from data brokers who are selling our information to anyone who will pay for it?
  25. How can we as a society improve employment opportunities?

Sports News and Information Topics

  1. Placing limitations on steroid use in sports
  2. College athletes – should they be paid or not?
  3. Colleges teaching students to find balance between education, athletics, and work
  4. Young kids in sports – is there a limit to how much they should be training?
  5. Introducing talented young athletes to the sports they are most interested in to offer them insight, advice, and coaching
  6. New ways that coaches can show their athletes encouragement throughout the season
  7. Local sports teams need more compelling challenges and practices to display true talent and ability in the season just as much as they need fan support
  8. How to prepare to be a better athlete in one's favorite sport
  9. Sports media can improve how they cover your favorite sport. What can they do to make it better? Cover the announcers, interviews with players, and what networks should cover it
  10. Increasing the number of fans that attend a sporting event
  11. Coach and player interviews should be handled more productively following a game loss
  12. Mentally preparing players for a loss that seems imminent
  13. Professional players can prepare for retirement as soon as they are signed – just like they should prepare for retirement in a case of a professional injury
  14. Estimating the payment for your favorite sport. Include your thoughts about salary caps
  15. How to fairly divide the money made from a game between the players and the owners
  16. Improving your venue
  17. Can sports injuries be prevented? Gear this toward football
  18. Ways to improve coaching in the high schools
  19. Players can prevent many injuries from happening even in the most competitive sports
  20. Parents and coaches that push their kids too far in sports – how to handle it or even stop it from happening

The Life of a College Student Topics

Paying for Private College

  1. Simple ways college can become more affordable for those interested in attending it
  2. Effective study tips that will undoubtedly improve your grades
  3. Avoiding procrastination: tips for college students
  4. College students can eat healthy even while in college on a shoestring budget
  5. Staying in shape in college even if you aren't playing sports
  6. Balancing college classes, study time, working, and even social life
  7. Handling that not-so-great roommate
  8. Increasing the effectiveness of requesting money from your parents
  9. How parents can give their college kids a little bit more freedom and why they should do that
  10. How college students can show their parents they are growing independent
  11. Loud neighbors in the dorm/apartment – how to handle them effectively
  12. Can you make a long distance relationship work if both of you are in different colleges?
  13. How to handle a suicidal friend and psychological insight into reducing suicidal tendencies in general
  14. Narrowing down and finalizing one's major
  15. Which college is right for you?
  16. How to handle rejection of a college admission, scholarship, or special program you wanted to attend
  17. Improving test-taking skills during the first years of college
  18. Are there any new ways to get more students to attend classes regularly?
  19. Getting college students more involved in politics and elections
  20. Making colleges safer for students and faculty
  21. Preventing sexual assault on college campus
  22. Do parents need to know the grades their kids get while attending college?
  23. Students failing – what can colleges do to help them get back in the game
  24. Teaching students to handle stress while in college
  25. Being more productive while in class
  26. How students can deal with homesickness
  27. How college students can prove to their parents that they can handle money in the most effective way
  28. Can college be made more affordable for everyone?
  29. Finding more ways government can assist in supporting college education
  30. College sorority or fraternity. Should students consider joining?

The Endless Topic – Education

If you are doing a problem solution essay on education, your topics are endless so you may find it hard to narrow it down. Remember to focus on what you feel is more important or what you want to see addressed. If you want to know how to write a book review, you can discover our blog.

  1. Improving education for those who may be struggling
  2. Addressing childhood obesity in schools – ways to make students active
  3. Improving special education needs for high school students
  4. Allocating money and resources for additional programs such as fine arts and sports
  5. Effective ways schools can address behavior problems
  6. Improving programs for gifted and talented students in schools
  7. Addressing the need to improve education for students who may be failing
  8. Preparing home-schoolers for college
  9. Schools need to take improved action to stop teasing, bullying, and violence
  10. Are students learning what they need to while in school? Should a full year be based on a nationalized test? In what other ways can testing be handled to improve the education?
  11. Schools should adopt a no-cheating policy and talk about ways teachers can prevent it from happening
  12. Should foreign language studies be a requirement or an elective? Which languages should be taught?
  13. Should schools consider digital textbooks instead of traditional?
  14. Should students use iPads and laptops? Adapting education to technology
  15. Should schools accept common core curriculum? What should it include?
  16. Should the US Educational system switch to a European style system instead?
  17. Should physical education be made mandatory in schools?
  18. How can schools improve the chances of having a healthier society
  19. Attracting educated teachers to public schools
  20. High schools should offer a technical track in order to prepare students for employment after school
  21. Providing online courses in high school to offer students a flexible alternative
  22. Addressing pregnancy in high school: can sexual education class solve this problem?
  23. Addressing dress code: should school uniforms be mandatory in all schools?
  24. Concealed weapon permits for teachers and administrators
  25. Can placing undercover cops in schools, including classrooms, help to prevent shootings, violence, and drug spread?

Addressing Family Life in Modern Times

This topic can also be narrowed down. Here are some topics of interest:

  1. Parents’ rights – addressing social media issues with a child
  2. Are parents the reason a child is obese? If so, what should be done?
  3. Parents can influence a more positive body image, thus reducing the chances of eating disorders developing in children
  4. The adverse effects of parents pushing their child too hard in sports, fine arts, academics, and other areas
  5. How to socially promote adoption, finding the right parents, improving adoption opportunities for older children
  6. Minors who age out of the welfare system without finding families to call their own
  7. Helping families cope with a child who has a mental illness
  8. Top ways a parent can teach their child how to manage money even when they aren't good at it
  9. Discipline for children – how to improve it and be more effective
  10. How parents can instill honesty in their children
  11. Teaching faith to a child in and out of school: should it be done in our society?

Topics on Transportation

  1. Texting and driving is wrong. What should be the punishment for someone getting caught? What can an individual do to persuade everyone that it is wrong?
  2. Parking on campus is always difficult. What are some ways that you can improve it?
  3. Training better drivers in school: should colleges introduce extra driving classes?
  4. Can changes be made to improve getting around in your town?
  5. Reasons why public transportation should be considered over individual driving. Make public transportation more effective
  6. How to launch a campaign that raises awareness and helps students be better drivers?
  7. Which traffic laws can be adjusted? Is there any need for adjustment?
  8. How to get to a place you have never been to? Cover using GPS or Googling the location as well as asking for verbal directions
  9. Worst traffic violations and how to prevent them
  10. Does your local drivers’ education program need to be updated or changed? If so, what changes do you want to see addressed?
  11. How to prevent drunk driving and deaths because of it

More topics examples you can find at history essay topics page.

Coming up with Solutions to Any Problem

You have the opportunity to make a difference with your essay. You are writing about something that means something to you. This essay may influence someone else who will then make a change. It's a chain reaction starting with you. That is why it is so important to pick only problem solution essay topics you feel passionate about – this is the surest way to actually make a difference with your paper.

However, choosing a topic you like and feel strongly about is not the only thing that determines your end-result. Here are a couple more pointers on how you can ace any essay or even how to write a dissertation chapter.

First, try to choose a very specific topic question and stick to it in your paper. Remember that the subject should be neither too broad nor overly narrow. Sure, this will depend on the number of pages you have to write but on the whole, sticking to one particular question is always a good idea.

Next, take some time figuring out your thesis statement. It is presented in the final paragraph of your introduction and it is the main assumption that will be further on analyzed in your work.

Ideally, your main body should have from three to five paragraphs, but depending on the size of your paper, this number can be either increased or reduced. Whatever your case may be, make sure each of the body paragraphs analyzes a separate aspect of your topic. At the same time, make sure each new point logically leads to the next one.

Finally, do not make a common mistake a lot of students make in the concluding paragraph. It may seem logical to quickly summarize everything you have written but to get an A+, you will have to try harder than that. The most important thing you'll need to do in the conclusion is restate your thesis and prove it either right or wrong. This is the whole point of writing an essay and this is how it is supposed to end.

If by now you feel that this whole undertaking is too much for you, no need to worry. You can always contact a custom writing company just like ours that will do the job for you. Since we hire only best essay writers with a variety of degrees in both social and natural sciences, you can stay absolutely confident that your paper will be written by a qualified expert. So, of course, it will help you improve your grade – not to mention, take the trouble off your hands!

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