Types of Sentences and Punctuation

Types of Sentences and Punctuation

types of sentences and punctuation

At a very early age, when they learn how to write, students start studying the four types of sentences as well as the functions exerted by punctuation marks when it comes to establishing and devising those distinct varieties of sentences.

Here are the four primary forms of sentences acknowledged in the English language:

  1. Declarative sentences
  2. Imperative sentences
  3. Interrogative sentences
  4. Exclamatory sentences

The aforementioned sentences can end with one of the following punctuation marks:

  • Period
  • Question mark
  • Exclamation mark

By utilizing distinct varieties of sentences and punctuation marks, you have the possibility of tweaking the style of your writings, such as essays or other types of academic papers. Moreover, this way you can convey a vast array of viewpoints and feelings.

The purpose of a declarative sentence is that of presenting an assertion or illustrating a perspective. To put it otherwise, this type of sentence can be used to make a statement. At the end of the sentence, you need to add a period.

Here is how a declarative sentence should look like

“I wish to become a great book author.” (conveys an assertion)

“I believe that George R. R. Martin is a fantastic author.” (illustrates a point of view)

The purpose of an imperative sentence is that of giving an authoritative order or making a demand. As a rule, an imperative sentence ends with a period. However, in some situations, it may also be a good idea to use an exclamation mark.

Here is how an imperative sentence should look like:

“Please get out of the room.”

“I want you to get out of this room right now!”

You can use an interrogative sentence when you want to pose a question. In general, interrogative sentences start with the following words: what, why, how, when, do, where or who. Moreover, this type of sentence always ends with a question mark.

Here is how an interrogative question should look like

“At which point do you plan on telling him the truth?”

“Did you check the weather forecast for next week?”

An exclamatory sentence is utilized for illustrating a feeling, like enthusiasm, shock, pleasure or exasperation. This type of sentence ends with an exclamation mark.

Here is how an exclamatory sentence should look like:

“I hate being stuck in this place!”

“I just won a prize of one thousand dollars!”

By understanding how these distinct forms of sentences and punctuation marks can be utilized, you’ll be capable of strengthening your writing skills, as you’ll gain the ability to illustrate distinct varieties of facts and feelings in your papers

How to Assist a Kid in Comprehending the Varieties of Sentences

In case you want to help your kid learn the distinct forms of sentences, you have a large number of options. For instance, you can take some time to read them their best-loved stories. Ask your child to detect assertions, queries, orders, and exclamations. Alternatively, you may also read them sentences from sources such as newspapers, online pages or even music lyrics.

Next, we’ll talk about an activity that can be very useful if you want to make your child understand the way in which punctuation marks influence the meaning of a sentence. Ask your child to read or devise an exclamation. Then convert the exclamation into an assertion by substituting the exclamation mark with a period. Talk to your kid about the way in which the replacement of that particular punctuation mark modifies the style and message of the sentence.

It might also be interesting to try to have a discussion with your kid by utilizing a single type of sentence. Choose a subject that your child is passionate about and inspire them to express their creativity when giving answers. This fun game will emphasize the significance of distinct varieties of sentences.

Special Classes Regarding Varieties of Sentences

In case you feel like your kid needs to learn more about sentence types, you should know that we can provide a personalized online writing course which is suitable for elementary, middle or high school students. The elementary school course is an excellent solution if you want your child to learn how to devise and examine examples of assertions, orders, queries or exclamations.

The middle school and high school courses can aid students in strengthening their essay writing abilities by comprehending and utilizing punctuation marks to devise distinct varieties of sentences.

All of our courses are held by qualified professors who offer helpful comments for each writing task, ensuring that your child’s writing abilities are greatly enhanced. To find out more information, check our website.

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