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Book Editing & Proofreading Services

Book Editing & Proofreading Services

It’s pretty obvious that all book manuscripts — without a single exception — need editing. However, editing one's own text is next to impossible — even the best, already established writers never think of that. Hiring a skilled editor, on the other hand, is one of those aspects that can make a difference between a successful book and a not-so-successful one. Obviously, this difference will reflect greatly on your writing career.

Our company understands the subtle difference between a successful and a poor book all too well. More than that, we do realize that self-publishing authors cannot afford to spend a fortune on editing services. That is exactly why we made quite a lot of arrangements to keep our book editing and proofreading services affordable. Some of the best editors from established magazines and publishing houses work with us at reduced rates. This, however, by no means affects the quality of their work. Our mission is to achieve the best results — with minimum expenses for the aspiring authors.

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Affordable book editing, customized for your needs and budget

Pick a plan that suits you best:

Standard Editing

  • A careful editing plan that focuses on grammar, spelling, and logic of your manuscript
  • Proofreading your paper for spelling, grammar, and overall consistency
  • Correcting grammar and linguistic mistakes, verifying the correct use of punctuation
  • Ensuring consistent logic flow and providing a review assessment
  • Turnaround time: up to 2 weeks

Advanced Editing

  • An advanced editing type that includes going over stylistic issues, the tone of your paper, and presupposes suggestions on how to further convey your message
  • Reducing redundancies and improving the overall sentence and logic flow of your manuscript
  • Reviewing the plot, the characters, the narration flow and other crucial details that make a great work of fiction
  • Proofreading your paper for spelling, grammar, and overall consistency
  • Editor’s independent assessment and review report
  • Turnaround time: up to 3 weeks

How it Works

  1. Choose the book editing plan that matches your needs
  2. Upload your manuscript in doc (docx) file
  3. Get your reviewed manuscript and independent assessment in estimated time

Why trust us?

Sleepless night spent on paper writing and it doesn’t look good?
Looking for best proofreaders and editors? You’ve found them!
  • Affordable cost: if you compare our prices to current market offers, you will see that we are VERY affordable. In fact, you may get your book edited at half the average market cost. Why so? Mostly because we do not set up any minimal fees — you are charged for each page of reviews text so you can stay absolutely confident that you are getting the best value for your work.
  • Quick turnaround: while the speed of our editing services will mostly depend on the length of your book, we generally review all manuscripts in 1-3 weeks. We do understand that self-publishing authors need their manuscripts as quickly as possible and strive to deliver the best results even on a tight timeframe.
  • Highest quality: we are more than a simple proofreading service that points out your mistakes. Our seasoned editors take time to carefully review your manuscript, eliminating all the errors and pointing out ways to make your book even better. Most of our staff have years of editing experience and have already worked with a wide range of best-selling authors.
  • Full security: you can stay absolutely confident that your book contents will never be revealed to third parties. Neither will any part of your manuscript leak online before you self-publish it. Our editors will complete your book in due time, boost your chances of a highly successful publication, and will happily answer any of your questions regarding their input/corrections.
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