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Expert Copy Editing For All Types Of Writing Projects

Expert Copy Editing For All Types Of Writing Projects

Copy editing is often confused with simple proofreading, even though the difference between the two is enormous. While proofreaders focus on grammar and spelling errors, copy editors pay additional attention to style, flow, and the overall logic of any paper.

While it is crucial to pay attention to typos and grammar inconsistencies, it’s flow and style that make any writing perfect. Even if you have some amazing ideas in your paper, it will be hard to understand them if the author has trouble conveying his/her thoughts in the most comprehensible, easy to follow manner.

Our company offers proofreading and copy editing services for all kinds of writing projects. It is true that most of our clientele are students; however, we also welcome professionals in a variety of fields to make the most of our expert copy editing services.

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Copy Editing for Academic, Professional, and Personal Use

Our qualified editors work in a variety of fields, including academia, publishing, business, and media. Our staff consists of highly experienced professionals (most of which are university professors), which is why we can tackle projects of any complexity.

As of today we have helped thousands of writers polish up their assignments, including but limited to:

  1. Literary articles and books. We help aspiring and established writers get their papers publication-ready. Even with the vast spread of digital publishing sources, in-folio publishing is still a tough, highly competitive area. That is why we do our best to help all writers polish their articles, books, manuscripts, and novels to perfection.
  2. Academic assignments. We are happy to offer a helping hand to any struggling student out there. As of today, we have gone through thousands of theses, dissertations, research papers, and even simple essays. As a result, our student customers get the highest grades possible.
  3. Business documents. We help business owners and professionals all over the globe with their contracts, business reports, case studies, white papers, presentations, and even blog and PR content. After all, to stand out in a noisy business crowd, you really need some top-notch material.
  4. Personal writing. Resumes, cover letters, even simple emails — we will gladly go through these, too. Our staff understands how important it can be to convey the right message across, and there is no job that is too short, or too personal for us.

Copy Editing Types and Services

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  • Standard Editing. This type of editing presupposes proofreading your paper for grammar, punctuation and mechanical (typos) errors. In addition, it includes editing your document for style, word use, and the overall tone. With standard editing, we also pay attention to the formatting requirements, crucial for publishing and the academe. All in all, this is the basic type of editing to start it, and it is suitable for all kinds of writing projects.
  • Advanced Editing. This type of editing can be especially useful for research papers and journal publications. Apart from pointing out your style inconsistencies, we will revise your paper for flow and logic, offering you useful suggestions on how to make your writing more convincing. And the best news is, with this type of editing you get a one-full-year cycle of free revisions. Since many publishing companies require additional, pre-publication editing, this is the perfect service type for new and established authors.
  • Premium Editing. This type is an extension of the advanced editing services. The additional perks include post-publication support, including answering to comments and helping you out with any author-to-publisher emails.

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