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English Language Editing Services

English Language Editing Services

There are plenty of reasons why one may have difficulties with publishing a paper. The one thing that definitely shouldn't get in your way is your level of English. Our website is aimed at helping writers to match up the highest standards of English grammar and style. You should turn to us if your level of English is obviously low, or you are an ESL learner, or you just want to be 100% certain that nothing will prevent your work from being accepted. Whatever language issues you might have, our editors will solve them, helping you to create a research paper of the best value and quality. Our team constitutes of the top-level professionals only, not to mention that they are all native speakers with a university degree.

All you need to do is send your work and pick a turnaround date and wait until our editors submit a tailored version of your paper back to you.

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Our editing services are based on the five major principles:

  • the assistance of professionals trained in the best schools of the country;
  • the attention to the topic details by the editors with the highest level of expertise in your subject matter;
  • two options for editing based on the required level;
  • a well-managed turnaround. No delays are possible!
  • and a reasonable and clear pricing policy.

As mentioned above, we offer two levels of editing your text. Neither of them is of lesser quality than another. The only difference is the number of features they include. The Basic-level Editing, first and foremost, presupposes correcting spelling and grammar mistakes, some phrasing, and typos. Such editing is conducted by a specialist experienced in the particular discipline, who also checks the terms you use in the paper to make sure that it will be accepted.

In addition to the basic features, the Upper-level Editing entails vocabulary enhancement and paraphrasing. The editor working on your paper verifies your choice of words and stylistic mistakes. In this case, each sentence is adjusted to length and syntactic requirements. If you use this editing option, you have literally nothing to worry about.

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Our team will do everything possible to enhance the quality of your paper. This is the main reason all our clients are happy to get our assistance. Nevertheless, there is one important issue to discuss. We only deal with the English Language editing and in no way can take responsibility for the content. Editing is not a remedy to any misconceptions in the scope. So, it is vital for you to send the paper that contains already approved content. All the mistakes enumerated above will be corrected for sure. This, however, is not a 100% guarantee that your work will be accepted. There is a slight chance that the level of an edited version will be still insufficient for your publisher in terms of any language aspect. In this case, we will edit your paper one more time free of charge.

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