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ESL Academic Editing & Proofreading Services

ESL Academic Editing & Proofreading Services

Writing is a challenging sphere, even for the native speakers. When it comes to ESL (English as a second language) students or authors, submitting an academic assignment or preparing a journal article for publication gets even more challenging. Choosing the best words to convey your meaning, keeping track of all English grammar rules, following the academic/publishing formatting requirements — all of those can be quite intimidating. And the worst thing is, even if you know your subject perfectly, your paper will still be judged not only based on the ideas you present, but also on the way you present them.

So, if you want to make sure your paper gets the recognition it truly deserves, we are here to offer you a hand!

We have worked with over 60,000 ESL students and writers all across the globe, helping them take their writing to a completely new level. Our editors have extensive experience in a variety of subjects, so any paper you submit to us will be taken good care of. Our staff has a perfect understanding of English grammar and style, and even if you do not, we will ensure that your document meets the highest educational/publishing requirements. We will proofread and edit your paper for style, grammar, punctuation, format, and even logic. As a result, you get a perfectly clear document that conveys your best ideas in the most coherent, easy to follow manner. And of course, it will be written in perfect, native level English, with not a single mistake in the text.

Our Editing Process

  1. Finding the perfect editor for your document. First, we make sure your paper gets the editor it deserves. By this, we mean that we find an experienced pro in your particular writing field — be it economics, biology, or marketing.
  2. The actual editing. Once we find the professional for your work, he/she carefully goes through the paper to eliminate all flaws and make sure the end result is up to the highest academic/business/publishing standards.
  3. Revision. Once the editor is done with the paper, we submit it for your revision. On this stage, you can ask any questions or offer any suggestions you like. We do not consider our jobs done until the customer is fully satisfied with the result.

Types of ESL editing to choose from

  • Standard editing: designed for writers who are confident in their writing skills and only need a fresh pair of eyes to go through their document. This basic editing plan involves careful language check; that is, your document will be reviewed for grammar, spelling, punctuation and word choice. In addition, you can contact your editor with any questions you may have
  • Advanced editing: for writers who want to collaborate with their editors every step of the way. This plan includes standard grammar/spelling proofreading AND modifying your paper logic, if necessary. It’s perfect for writers who want to improve their writing style and flow. All customers benefit from a full year of free revisions, so if you want any modifications after the assignment has been checked, you’re free to request them.
  • Premium editing: designed for writers who need a post-submission support and guidance. This type of editing features all of the perks of standard and advanced editing, with yet another benefit on top of that — post-submission support. With premium clients, we take extra time to go through all of your e-mails with the publisher, and if you’re publishing an article online, we will revise all of the future comments for you.

As of today, we have helped thousands of ESL students boost their academic performance and guided plenty of ESL authors through their journal publications — and we’re ready to help you, too!

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