A Biography of Hitler during World War I

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"You don't seriously believe you can stop me, or even delay me for half an hour, do you?" 2 Adolph Hitler shouted at Chancellor Schuschnigg of Austria in February 1938, at the start of his big plan to take over Europe. Although people generally tend to believe that WWII was caused as a result of the injustice of the treaty of Versailles, the passive political philosophy of the league of nations, the hopelessness of the depression period, and the tolerance of appeasement, all this was only giving Hitler the chance and the power to start it. None of the factors mentioned above could have been the sole cause of WWII. They served as supporting elements to Hitler's anger and evilness. After WWI, 1919 the winning countries (mainly Britain, France, and the USA) made a treaty that would punish the losing countries, and would make up for the war. The treaty was exceedingly harsh on Germany and practically crippled Germany to nothing. To Germany it was a 'Diktat' a dictated peace, Germany had to sign it. The treaty made sure that Germany lost land. Alsace - Lorrain was to be given to France, Saarland was to be given to the League of Nations, and some land to be given to Belgium Poland and Denmark. In addition to this, Germany's military was to be limited no air force, no submarines, and their army had to be cut down. Furthermore Germany had to accept the War Guilt Clause, saying that they were guilty of starting the war. The treaty also stated that Germany couldn't have the freedom to join Austria which was called "Anschluss". Finally they had to pay reparations of ,600 million. This treaty caused many Germans to develop hatred towards the creators of the treaty. In 1925 German Corporal Hitler expressed his feelings toward this treaty "what would I like to do with the Treaty of Versailles! Each one of the points of that treaty...

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