A Company Profile Overview of American Online (AOL)

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The Industry I. Introduction The Internet revolution has been compared in size and influence to that of the industrial revolution. Within the past decade, a tidal wave of online interactive services has hit the ocean of our economy. Many have failed to keep afloat, but those who have found favor in the eyes of web surfers have reaped great rewards and mighty companies have been established. At the forefront of these mighty companies is America Online, Inc. II. Competition While at the forefront of the revolution, America Online is not alone. AOL has competitors in all areas of its operation. A few competitors for subscription revenues are Microsoft Network, ATT WorldNet, Prodigy Internet, ExciteHome, Road Runner and Juno (Annual Report). AOLs stiff competition in advertising includes global media companies, online services, and Internet access services. Competition in making and selling new technology comes from television based interactive services, digital services offered by satellite and wireless companies, and cable Internet access services (Annual Report). America Online realistically analyzes the potential effects of this competition and strives strategize for the future. The Company I. Company's Background Since its beginning in 1985, in Dulles Virginia, America Online, Inc. has grown to a position of leadership in the interactive services, Web brands, Internet technology and e-commerce. America Online, Inc. now operates America Online, CompuServe, Digital City, ICQ, iPlanet, Mapquest, Moviefone, Netscape and Spinner (Who we are). Each facet of America Online Inc. is the best in its field. With the help of CEO Steve Case and Chief Operating Officer Bob Pittman, AOL has become the world's first 6.9 billion multi-brand new media company and has taken a leadership role in its industry (Who we are). II. Company's Mission The mission of America Online is two-fold. First of all, AOL wants to offer superb customer service to its members. AOL offers service support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year via phones, email, and chat rooms. To...

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