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Its funny how relationships work. Within that same relationship, diverse emotions may arouse. A relationship can be progressing prosperously, and cause happiness and closeness. This is when the two persons of the relationship feel love for one another and are content in the present state. This causes the relationship to escalate and grow to be something more than one can imagine. But at the same time, the couple may feel sadness or even hate for the relationship. The couple may start to move distant from each other. This may be due to lack of communication, honesty, respect, andor trust. The couple might not be just emotionally distant but also physically. And unfortunately, the relationship may end in something the two may have never thought possible, separation. Youre sixteen years old, and you and your boyfriend or girlfriend have been together for five months. At this age, your relationship is basically consisting of late night conversations on the telephone, and holding hands between classes. And possibly, an occasional outing to the movies on Friday night, coming home by 1200 midnight of course! Is this love? Or is this just a close friendship that youre not accustomed to having with the opposite sex? Or is it even a close friendship? Maybe the two of you just have the title so you dont feel supposedly, because all of your friends are hooked up. As said by Stephanie H. Meyer, an author on Teen Relationships, Kids feel they need to fit in and by doing that, they feel they have to become a part of a couple. But maybe you two actually like each other. The two of you decided on your own (without any peer pressure) that youre going to become boyfriend and girlfriend. Its now senior year of High School, and you have a new boyfriend or girlfriend. You like him more than your last boyfriendgirlfriend. Your phone conversations consist of more than just, What are you...

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