An Essay on History of Beer

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In our society, beer can be many things. For many people drinking is done in a positive sense, it can give release from every day work life to just a form of celebration. This aspect and many others are what we may or may not have in common with the history of beer. About 8,000 years ago the invention of beer was created. Around 6,000 B.C. the Sumerians created beer from a process using bread (Benton, DiYanni 32). As the years went on other cultures found their own way of producing beer. With this, beer has become a wide range of different tastes and traditions not only with the consumption, but also as a product used for sale and distribution. One comparison between the past and present is our love for the intake of alcoholic beverages such as beer. In the past, around 3000 B.C., a poet wrote, "I feel wonderful, drinking beer, "in a blissful mood with joy in my heart and a happy liver" ( Benton, DiYanni 32). Also, during the Babylonian times beer was so valued to people that it was used as part of a workers' daily wage (Raley). Times of today have changed, and only few can have a cold one while on the job. Although, this may be true drinking beer is definitely not forgotten. The World Book Encyclopedia states that throughout the world, people can drink about 22 billion gallons (83 billion liters) of beer annually. Another fact is that one person in the United States on average can consume about 24 gallons (91 liters) of beer in one year. So, if you break that statistic down, it means that every person will consume two gallons of beer every month (with the exception of non-drinkers). A huge contrast between the past and the present is the distribution of beer and how largely people use it as a profit and even as a career. In the past, Sumerians...

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