An Introduction to the Analysis of Volunteerism

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Volunteerism Not A New Concept at CatholicGathered in Philadelphia this past month to promote a radical movement toward community involvement, political leaders past and present banned together to set a national precedent of service at the Presisdents Summit for Americas Future. Spear-headed by Gen.Colin L. Powell, the Summit was an urgent plea on behalf of millions of under privileged youth that are threatened by the decay our prized American dream. There werent only political figures on hand to support the optimistic cause celebrities like John Travolta and Brooke Shields made appearances to express their own views on the importance of aiding our youth through volunteerism. Oprah Winfrey, T.V. talk show queen, served the Summit as master of ceremonies. This campaign is not just about getting the American citizen to spend time volunteering, it is a clever ploy to draw corporate America in the movement as well. Speaker after speaker insisted that although the purpose of the gathering was to promote the importance of a personal commitment to the volunteering effort it is not to give the federal government freedom from this domestic issue. Spokespersons for the Summit reiterated that their goal is to educate the American people as to how imperative their assistance is in order to give these at-risk children the hope of having a productive and rewarding future. General Powell appealed to everyone when he emotionally stated,All of us can give an extra dollar. All of us can touch someone who doesnt look like us, who doesnt speak like us, who may not dress like us, but, by God, needs us in their lives. This is by no means the first attempt to encourage the citizens of this country to ban together to help stafe off a growing threat to our future. Lyndon Johnsons War on Poverty was also operated by private, nonprofit agencies. And the Bush administration headed the Thousand Points of Light campaign, also aimed at increasing volunteerism. President Clinton...

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