An Overview of the Sport of Soccer

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Introduction Soccer is a game played by two different teams of eleven playerseach. The players try to get the ball into the net of the opponent teamwhile using any body part apart from the hands or arms. Anybody wishing tobecome an excellent football player should follow these essential stepsthat other players have followed and realized their dreams of becomingprofessional soccer players. Hard Work Hard work is a fundamental quality that all top players in everysport must possess. If a player expects to get better and progress insoccer, he must be willing to work hard. In this case, working hardinvolves understanding the game and spending many hours perfecting ballcontrol, as well as keeping fit. A player can keep fit through running orattending the gym. One cannot become a good football player without workinghard there are no shortcuts. All the successful football players haveworked hard to get to their professional status. Professional soccerplayers play for the best teams in the world, which is the dream of everyplayer. Commitment Keeping fit is a sign of commitment, because it shows that the playerhas sacrificed his time to work on a particular goal. In addition, for aplayer to commit, he must have self-discipline. That includes thediscipline of choosing to do the correct thing always. Furthermore, aplayer must be...

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