Analyzing Survival in Night by Elie Wiesel

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In the earliest days of World War Two, unknown too much of the world, millions of innocent people were gathered up and placed in concentration camps. There were entire families parents, children, grandparents all removed from their homes, separated and cast into prison. There was starvation, thoughts of suicide, despair but still much hope that the gates would open and these families would be reunited. In his compelling memoir, Night, Holocaust survival, Elie Wiesel, represents the fearful journey through fear of not knowing what is going to happen next, fear of dying, and fear of losing his father.The memoir begins with Wiesel in a village with his family and friends. One day all foreign Jews are expelled from Signet. The Jews do not know what is going on or where they are going. Although they are hearing of different places they may be going, they did not want to believe such horror. Wiesel experiences fear of not knowing what is going to happen next. When the Hungarian police cram them into cattle cars, Elie states Tell us. Tell us whats happening! Say something (Wiesel 13). Wiesel has no idea what is going on. Where are they taking him, what are they doing to them? There is a rumor going around that they might go factories. Being a young boy not knowing what is going to happen next is terrifying. Hearing the horror stories from Moishe the Beadle of where they might go, or what they might do is scary. He does not know if he is going to survive, Elie states My throat was dry and the words were choking me, paralyzing my lips (Wiesel 15). At this point Wiesel is choking up because he knows something bad is about to happen. All that is going through his head is am I going to survive? All he knows is he wants to stay alive and stay with his father. Along with the fear of not...

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