Ancient Inca Religions and Rituals

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Level 2 Question The Villac-umu, or high priest was in charge of what important activities and why?In Ancient Inca, in the regions of Peru, this civilization had worshipped a pantheon of gods and goddesses, not to mention their ancestors. They additionally had to pay many respects to the gods and ancestors through rituals for instance sacrifices and mummification which could only be done through the hands of a priest. The most important priest of all was the high priest called Villac-umu. Villac-umu was a large part in the Ancient Incas society he was in charge of most of the religious and ritual ceremonies that happened in Ancient Inca.Incas civilization had many important shrines and temples for every god, where the public could go for daily worship or sacrifice. Out of all the high class Incans, Villac-umu had power over all the shrines and temple (Incan Empire). Even over the emperor, Villac-umu inhibited all the shrines and temples, where he coordinated the religious commemorations. He furthermore was in control of other substantially vital activities such as His powers included appointing and removing priests (Emily). This gave Villac-umu power over all priest and religious actions. He was consequently given this dominance over religion and ritual activities because two main reasons. The high priest was called Villac-umu, the sorcerer who speaks, and was also related to the first Inca and was greatly respected (Emily). Villac-umus name meant the sorcerer who speaks exhibiting how the Incans thought he had extraordinary sorcerer powers making that the first reason why he was appointed high priest. The second reason was because of his heritage, he was, like the emperor, thought to be related to the first Incan giving him noble heritage. This dispensed him an advantage against the other priests and Incans. Having such a noble birthright made Incans feel obligated to give Villac-umu a higher ranking than the other...

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