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Architecture is a procedure and product of plans, designs, and constructions. Architectural products in the physical state of buildings will be perceived to be of cultural symbolism and art works. Historys civilization will be identified through the existing architectural achievements (Rowland, 2009). The Architecture discipline therefore refers to the art or science of designs for the erection of buildings or different physical structures. It will also relate to the offering of professional guidance relating to the designs and constructions of buildings and their environments. The Architecture discipline describes activities for designs of any systems and the related information technology. As it relates to buildings, the architecture disciple relates to the plans, designs, construction forms, spaces or ambience reflecting the functions, technicality, sociology, environment or aesthetic factors. It calls for the creative manipulating and coordinating for the materials, technology, lights and shadows. The discipline will encompass pragmatic concepts for realization of buildings or structuring that detail the schedules, expenditure estimations or constructions administrations (Rowland, 2009). Documentations by architects basically in the form of a drawing, plan or technical specification will define the structures and behaviors for buildings or different types of systems for construction. The architecture discipline ensures that any quality building should be durable, utilizable and beautiful. Architects will ensure that their designs will result is constructions and systems that will be lasting into the unforeseeable future. The mechanics involved in the coming up with plans for the foundations of constructions must be so well considered that any resulting end product will not easily be dissolved regardless of the forces used in the dismantling. The structure and behaviors for buildings and systems must be done in such a away that their products remain in the best condition all the time. The idea of durability of the architectural outcomes is what gathers respect for the profession (Rowland, 2009). It therefore forms a foundation for the nature and kind of end results expected from the last...

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