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Martin Luther king once said " I have a dream that one day thisnation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed "We holdthese truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal." Mr.King was a very influential person in fighting against discrimination.It is a painful and an unacceptable issue no matter what kind ofdiscrimination it may be. Whether gender, racial, social, or any otherkind of discrimination, is wrong and detestable. For instance, racialdiscrimination was very severe in the past. It caused segregation amongthe whites and the blacks. Also whites wanted to be dominant and inpower, they feared for themselves that that would change with blacksentering society. After the civil war, millions of formerly enslaved AfricanAmericans hoped to join the larger society as full and equal citizens.Although some whites welcomed them, others used people's ignorance,racism, and self interest to spread racial divisions. By 1990, new lawsand old customs in the North and South states of America had created asegregated society that treated Americans of color to second classcitizenship. They were separated from whites by law in transportation,public accommodations, prisons, armed forces, schools, and churches. Itwas an unfair yet unavoidable part of life for black people. Secondly, white people considered themselves to be dominant, andpowerful. They wanted to stay in that position and have everything undertheir control. All the positions belonged to white people, in thegovernment, in society, and in every aspect of life. No one other thanwhite people ever reached those positions. They considered the blacksnot worthy of such responsibility and they were frowned upon. That's howthings worked back in the day. And black people were forced to endurethis discrimination and being mistreated because no body dared todiscuss it and stayed quiet in order to avoid trouble. These two examples really show to what extent...

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