College Wellness Programs and Stress

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Introduction and Overview The Purpose of this project is to develop a wellness program that uses humor as a basis for healthy recreational activities at Southern Connecticut State University. HumorHealth will serve as an interactive, simple, and creative way to help a community reduce stress with recreational activities based in humor to stay healthy. This program will be suitable for a medium sized New England university. HumorHealth is a program series that provides different activities, involving laughter, to help relieve stress. In essence, it is provides humor as therapy to meet the needs of different communities. The four programs include laughter Yoga, improvisation, icebreakers, and entertainment. These four activities cater to a variety of skill levels. The Programs will be designed to run 45 minutes to an hour in length unless they include the showing of a movie in which case, the time will vary. Each activity can accommodate any number of people, spaces, and purposes. For example, it can be adapted to work in a small neighborhood recreational facility. These programs could be implemented at a summer camp outdoors. It could be used at a corporate convention in meeting rooms and multipurpose rooms. The underlying argument for this project is that everyone has a sense of humor it might be as complex as a well researched scientific joke, or as simple as watching someone get pied in the face. The point is that whatever you sense of humor you can utilize it to help reduce and relieve stress. This idea of laughter therapy involves recreational activities that make us laugh and generally feel better which, in essence, leads to better wellness. The effectiveness of this is demonstrated in an article entitled The Effect Of Mirthful Laughter On Stress And Natural Killer Cell Activity. (Bennitt, Zeller, Rosenberg, McCann 2003)Reports have demonstrated the use of humor to reduce stress, relieve pain, or as an adjuvant therapy to improve overall quality...

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